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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Pat


    If that's the case, this person is streaming the show:

    I guess guests would be most likely during the piano section? Although, I guess that means the guests also have to move through the crowd?
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  2. The fact that he’s streamed like every show so far! The dedication.
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  3. Natalia Kills and
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  4. Oh my god, the new Isabella Blow/Phillip Treacy headpiece during "Free Woman"?

  5. So curfew is in 15 minutes did anyone show up yet?
  6. Sam


    No but she cut The Edge of Glory
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  7. Sam


    I’m there tomorrow beb!
  8. Sorry!!
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  9. What time did she get on stage luvs x
  10. Not that @isshehungry-esque headpiece! DYSTOPIA is coming etc.
  11. Her best concert EVER!!! MY GOD, I cried when she said something along the lines of "My hand may be limp but I'll always be there" at the end.

    Fuck me up a lot GaGa..
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  12. LTG


    Omg sorry girlies if I was too much of a mess near anyone this eve x

    I’ve ascended
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  13. LTG


    About 8:40
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  15. LTG


    I hate the top gun song but it worked so well with the fire
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  16. I cried 4 times.

    I’m not even talking about a tear rolling down my face. I mean full on sobbed.

    There was one point through COVID that I never thought I’d be at a big stadium gig like that again.

    Tonight was so special.
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  17. I have just stood at the barrier at my first ever Lady Gaga concert after 5 failed attempts. I’m trying not to cry.
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  18. I had never heard the Top Gun song before today so I awkwardly stood there during the encore with no idea what was happening dddd
  19. She was incredible. Ascended when she did Monster.
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