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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Stage was so low even though I was in gold circle

    The stadium felt magical when she sang Shallow. She's going to be in her bag for life with that one
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  2. Screaming
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  3. Which one of you was this?

  4. That was so amazing! I literally was in awe the whole time. The whole piano section was my favourite.

    Also I don’t know if it helps anyone going tonight with trains after the show.. I am so rubbish with them so this was my boyfriends idea (some others did the same) but everyone seems to go Southbound after and the queue is massive.. if you go Northbound for one stop and then cross over at that station, don’t tap in with your card and then go back on yourself.. not only is it quicker but you get a seat on the train and everyone then piles on when you get back to White Hart Lane (in crowds that we would’ve been in but managed to avoid!).
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  5. Isn‘t overground closed today though so it won‘t operate White Heart Lane?
  6. Echoing what everyone else has said, last night was just incredible. She was absolutely on fire and her vocals were out of this world! She made the 2 year wait absolutely worth it!

    The only let down for me was drunk fan in the row directly in front of me. The more drunk he got, the more of the show he spent facing me and actively trying to get in any photos and videos I took. It ended with him just staring intensely at me which made me quite self conscious and uncomfortable.
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  7. Why would someone do that? I'm sorry you had to go through that.
  8. Sam


    Set off for the station and left my tickets at home. Went back for them and now my second train from York to London’s been cancelled

    off to a great start girlies!

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  9. Get on any Grand Central train, they're still running beb.
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  10. Sam


    Nn it’s one of those that cancelled but there’s another after 15 mins. life saver, thank you!!!
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  11. Thank god. You can't be missing GaGa at all! I'm still not over it...
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  12. Love reading everyone's reviews of last night.
    This has to be her best vocal performance of Shallow
  13. Who’s golden circle tonight girlies?
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  14. Last night was just incredible! The 2 year wait was definitely worth it and I’m just so glad it wasn’t an enigma rehash.

    Her vocals were nuts and you could tell how much fun she was having on the stage. The atmosphere was electric! I wish I could go again tonight.

    Very gutted about no tour programme cos I would have loved one.
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  15. Meee!
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  16. Last night was incredible. I have a bit of a crowd anxiety problem - exacerbated massively by covid of course - and at one point I was wishing I had sold my tickets. I'm so glad I didn't. I felt really calm and comfortable the whole time. She really makes you feel at home. Her music and the adoration she generates in a crowd of people feels like a safe place even for my normally panicky monkey-brain.
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  17. Me too again.

    I plan to leave after Rain On Me tonight though hoping there is less crowd going then.
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  18. I know in my heart my tweet had nothing to do with it but it’s still special for me- I’d tweeted her over a week ago begging her to play Fun Tonight as I have a liver condition which has made me struggle with my energy, so the song resonates a bitsy. I had to delete the tweets yesterday because of work’s social media policy but before Fun Tonight she said something like “This is for people who struggle with their energy”- I know it was sheer coincidence but that and the song (which she fucking killed) just had me flying. It was perfect.
  19. See you there!!
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