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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Sam


    meeee!!! On the train to London from York thank fuck. Apologies to whoever has reserved the seats I’m sat in xxx
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  2. Omg come say hi if you see me!! xxx
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  4. I am!!! Are you early entry or standard? Would be great to meet some PJ members, I'm on my own also.
  5. I’m just standard entry and aiming to stand at the right hand side of the stage!
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  6. I’m golden circle this evening too. I was hoping that having a seat last night would help me pick where to stand, but I’m still none the wiser.
  7. Sam


    I’m standard entry and I’m bringing my mum lol

    see y’all there!
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  8. Does this work? Doesn’t for me.
  9. My sister is taking the piss out of me for going absolutely feral during Stupid Love, a song that I've taken every opportunity to shit on over the past two years. I deserve this.

    So many of the Chromatica tracks went off in a live setting honestly, to the point that I left wondering what the ones that were left off would have sounded like.
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  10. The tour has made me finally fall in love with Enigma and even Fun Tonight
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  11. Yes Stupid Love works brilliantly live, I think for the reasons it doesn't work on record - it has a dance break instead of a chorus. Which is absolutely fine in a stadium but less fun when you're sitting in your bedroom.

    I'm a huge fan of Hold My Hand already but I hope it makes sense to people more now. I, in turn, have come to make space in my heart for 1000 Doves (piano only though!)

    The crown jewels in her recent discography remain the best though. Enigma and Replay are just those girls and it's been an honour to witness them live after the long wait.
  12. Highlights for me were Telephone (purely because of the look of sheer commitment on her face), Born This Way, Fun Tonight, Replay, Babylon and Stupid Love. I mean it was all bloody amazing but those were the moments I almost left my body.
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  13. What struck me about last night was how affirming the whole experience felt as a queer person - not just thanks to Gaga but the other fans as well. On a little more personal (raw) note, this year has been quite significant for me in coming to terms with how much I've struggled with being gay and, from there, beginning to put in the work to soften the shame and trauma around that and to love and live my authentic self. So to finally go to a Lady Gaga concert meant a lot - particularly off the back of immersing myself in another superstar's love letter to the LGBTQ community, RENAISSANCE (with appreciation that Bey's work celebrates the black queer community specifically).

    (It's also a full circle moment of catharsis for me to sing along to the likes of "Enigma", "Stupid Love", and "Fun Tonight" with thousands of people in a packed stadium; a few of the Chromatica tracks became constant companions for me during the first phase of COVID lockdowns and restrictions.)

    tl;dr I had fun tolast night.
    Not me moving to Turnpike Lane last year and ending up just a bus ride from both Tottenham Stadium and Ally Pally, dd.
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  14. I had zero issues getting back into central London actually. Walked to Tottenham Hale which took about 20 minutes and was on a tube within a few minutes.

    It was so much easier than the nightmares I’ve had from Wembley in the past.
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  16. Anyone got some spare tickets still LOL
  17. Anyone want 3x tickets for tonight? Obviously cos they were £1 each you can just have them, bought them thinking I’d be able to change going home today but train strikes said no..
  19. Noooo, can't believe I missed it! If anyone got a pair or more, I'd be happy to pay a little more for them.
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