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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Seeing as I was very vocal last night and can’t hold a tune to save my life, I’ll apologise in case it was me
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  2. Personally, if I wanted to experience a show as an audience member, then I’d actually attend it live. Concert films are an opportunity to deliver a new experience, so I’m open to the experimentation in editing/filming if it’s done well. I especially prefer this when it comes to more “dressed up” and theatrical shows. Unfortunately, I found the Monster Ball recording to be kind of boring because it was so static.
  3. Pat


    I still hate that they cut the interludes from the Monster Ball DVD. They felt so integral to the show.
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  4. I would much rather experience it in person but since I am unable to attend it I hope they film it (and include all the interludes). Thankfully "lauiiiiii" is doing gods work and filming all of them (so far).
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  5. Um, is she actually singing “Vogue” during “Babylon”? I-

  7. No video yet, but…

    Also Rina was there in the audience

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  8. I screamed when she said “Strike a Pose” she’s so messy
  9. Sam


    Holy fucking shit
  10. It’s crumbs but imma nibble on it for at least 5 years

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  11. I am distraught that this tweet won't load
  12. It’s back! They deleted for some reason
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  13. We know they're friends now, so if she doesn't get Madonna as a guest for at least one of the dates...
  14. If she has no other guests, but manages to bring Madonna out in LA…
  15. I’m pretty sure that will never happen (sadly).
  16. I've wanted to see them on a stage performing together for at least a decade and although you probably aren't wrong, I have reached a point where I refuse to entertain the idea that it won't ever happen

  17. I know Madonna would love it, not sure if Gaga would be down dd. But imma manifest that Madonna finds her way up there anyway.
  18. Part of me completely understands why Gaga would possibly be hesitant, but at the same time, she's admitted to and been literally photographed hanging out with Madonna multiple times in the last few years so I also kinda need her to get over it fhlhdsa;gl
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  19. Its also worth noting that Madonna is the only person she follows on TikTok other than the Haus Labs account and Bobby. I hate feeding yalls delusions but I feel like they might be closer than we think.

    Babylon x Vogue performance would be such a serve (or a hilarious mess).
  20. I would be here for it not only as a massive stan of both, but also for the reactions from a certain segment of their respective fanbases that still won't let 2012 go. The levels of copium would be unprecedented
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