Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Amazing night. Having been to both shows I think the energy was even better tonight. But maybe that‘s just cause I only took 2 videos and enjoyed the rest of the night.

I screamed at the Vogue Shoutout.

She also sang Edge of Glory tonight and she started around 8.20 already.

Saw no signs about filming.

We left just before Hold My Hand but still many left too but it was much more managable tonight.
She also adressed that she had to „cancel“ Chromatica ball 2 years ago and even Joanne Tour before. She made a emotional speech how her sister couldn‘t see her anymore but she sees her now (as she was taking off her alien head of course ddd).

So were this really her first shows since Artrave? Or did she do some Jazz show in London?
LoveGame was a real highlight for me. I’ve never seen her perform it live as my first time seeing her was the Artpop tour and it went all the way off live. Her screams and giving it the full original choreography had me ascending.
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I went last night as a casual to medium fan and must say it completely surpassed my expectations. My seats were pretty far back, so I’m not sure if that helped mask any deficiencies in the show, but her dancing was the best I’ve ever seen it. Was there a different choreographer for Stupid Love/Rain on Me? Cos those routines are pretty terrible compared to the rest of the show.

Some points to note:
- I was gagged that she didn’t take so much as a step until the 5th song. That has to be a pop concert record?
- When she finally walks, her legs are up in the air more than they are on the actual stage, from all the jumping in Replay
- Her outfits were insane. When I say 10/10, I mean 100/10.
- The interludes were literally Windows Media Player projections with her silhouette thrown in a couple times, sorry gworls
- The flame throwers burned away my sins
- Act 3 was truly pop concert perfection
- The production values oddly just weren’t there? An occasional prop or confetti during ROM would’ve been nice

Overall I’d give it 4/5. Normally I don’t like stadiums but it was well organised and I was happy not to be in the pit. I even popped out for some chips during the piano section and ate them at my seat. The comfort!
To be fair there were a lot of like… Getty image flower videos and also graphic distortions of a female figure that looked a little cheap… in addition to the proper video interludes

OH like the "911" stuff. I was a little confused, like there were full films. Hello! I think that was the stuff she was doing the motion capture for

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But. And I hate that there’s a but. But.

Something is massively off with the staging off this show. We were General Admission to the right of the B Stage, about 4 or 5 people back from the gate. We arrived in the queue at about 2 in the afternoon. Now, I’m a tall-ish 6 foot* tall guy. Never in my life - literally never - have I not been able to see the person on stage. But I am sorry to say that I did not see the person on stage. Or the dancers. The stage is so fucking low. I don’t know what’s happened? An absolutely massive flaw in the design has occurred. Like, I was one of the tallest around me, and if even I didn’t see her, no one else stood a chance. I’ve stood in General Admission for Stadium Gigs before and the issue has always previously been that they’re just really small, not that we can’t see them at all. Literally not a jot. It’s fine because there’s plenty of screens and it’s about the music and the atmos etc. I wish I could say it didn’t detract from the experience a bit, but it kinda did. Everyone around us was talking about it, and the general mood was slightly disgruntled. There were people around us who had queued since 7 in the morning who were really kinda pissed off.

Then she arrived on the B Stage which we were literally right next to, and we were like finally this is our chance to have our moment with her - but that fucking tree trunk piano blocked our entire view of her! It was almost comical! It was like that fucking Mike Wazowski gag from Monster’s Inc! Her face was literally constantly blocked. She was ten feet away from us and we could not see her one fucking jot because there was a fucking log in the way.


I literally have to laugh. I’m sure there were people on our side who could see her face through those damn branches, but I know there are plenty who couldn’t. And if you were on the other side, I guess you could only see her from the back! Just use a normal piano, and maybe have it rotate or something so that everyone can see her from all angles. It was honestly just funny. We were just like guess we aren’t meant to actually see her at all tonight then.

But yeah. It did kinda put a slight dampener on the night, but at the end of the day we were at a massive fucking Lady Gaga gig in a stadium so we still had the time of our lives. And we did see her closely on the B Stage when she was stood up during the uptempos, so it was all good. Considering there was a period where it looked like a Gaga gig may never happen again, I consider myself super lucky to have seen her last night, and we all had a really fucking great time.

Oh and Tottenham is fucking hell on Earth to get back from. I really hope this does not become the norm for concerts because Tottenham does not possess the vernacular that she thinks she possesses. She wants a seat at the table with our best girlies Wembley and Olympic but I hope she never gets it.

*5.11 lol

Gaga was AMAZING tonight!! Haven't seen her live since The Monster Ball. Her vocals and star power just shone through. Glad we got "The Edge Of Glory" tonight too. "Lovegame" really went OFF. I loved that.

Couldn't agree more with you @scottdisick94 with regards to the staging though. My friends and I were all struggling to see (including my housemate who is 6ft)... and that AWFUL branch piano. Whoever came up with that idea needs sacking. It looked great on the screen but nobody on the right hand side could see her. I'd understand if it was a rotating b-stage but it wasn't so the view was blocked for most of that section. Another person I know who was in the lower tier couldn't see her properly either. So even though she was right next to us, we spent most of our time looking at the screen.

But she was still amazing. So glad I've finally got to see her again... and I'd love to go to her next tour! The "Chromatica" album is SO strong. It really deserved more singles. "Alice" is just superb.
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I went last night and the Mexican wave by those in seating was cringe, but the show was incredible from beginning to end.

I did love the non-reaction by casual attendees only knowing the first two eras, Shallow and perhaps Hold My Hand.


Okay I’ve had time to process

After 3 festivals and several gigs in the last 6 months to make up for the last 2 years, that was without a doubt one of the best things I’ve ever witnessed. The energy was incredible, the crowd were eating out of the palm of her hand, the Chromatica songs went the fuck off (yes even Stupid Love!!!!). The staples felt fresh with the live band, extended intros and her being in her rockstar bag. I don’t think I’ve seen her move like that in years? Hearing 43000 people roaring along to Shallow felt like such a moment. I cried after 911. I wept after Born This Way. The only criticism I have is that the stage was a little low and my poor mam could barely see, but that’s it.

It’s sad to think that this may be her last outing in the UK for what might be years, but what a fucking way to bow out. 10 years after seeing her for the first time at the Born This Way Ball feels so fucking full circle. I’ll be riding this high for a month.

Oh and dddddd at me going to an after party wearing a skeleton t-shirt and someone asking if I’d been to see Phoebe Bridgers. No bish!!!