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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. She did one jazz show with Tony then he had to cancel so instead of the Albert Hall she did a little impromptu at Ronnie Scott's. So, besides a few Joanne promo moments, yes this was her first headline gig since late 2014 in London (she did the Joanne shows in Birmingham).
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  2. I neeeeeeed a live album of this tour. Free Woman with the extended outro is everything
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  3. I really loved the cinematography at certain parts. For example around Alice.

    They really did some cool shots that they showed on screen.
  4. Last night was incredible, so much fun, a really memorable concert. Replay really popped off, the crowd went wild for it! Telephone was also a highlight, and Babylon.
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    I felt like it was the opposite in Golden Circle. At some points I felt like the only one truly going for it during the Chromatica songs. My feet barely touched the floor nn
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  6. I really hope it’s not another 8 years before I see her again. She was outstanding and I hope she’s been inspired out on the road seeing the fans again to make another album soon.

    She’s the one. I haven’t really been interested in her over the last year or so or listened to her discography for a while but the second she was on that stage she had me eating out the palm of her hand like I was 17 again.
  7. I feel like a local saying this but, having let it all sink in, I feel like Telephone was my highlight, even though I did love most of the Chromatica tracks (911 was sublime but too short). She just went completely off when performing it on Friday and so did the entire stadium. The only time I’ve seen something similar was Madonna’s Like a Prayer at Sticky and Sweet.
    It was by far the most anthemic experience I’ve had at a live show- literally all the ballads felt like they were unifying everyone. And, obviously, her vocals during the ballads were other worldly.
  8. You definitely weren’t stood next to me, then!
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  9. This video is a ride and accurate lol

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  10. Night 1 I felt this in the gold circle too? Felt like I was the only one around me singing the Chromatica songs
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  11. This is adorable.
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    omg this is the girl who vogued in Hermione drag. What a fucking icon
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  13. I don‘t know what came over me but I cried like a baby during Always Remember Us This Way.
  14. What an incredible performer!
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    I keep thinking about last night and getting choked up (yes gay yes queer!!!). Like … I will actually never recover from this.

    Getting to share it with my mother - the woman who’s been my fiercest supporter, advocate, ally in absolutely everything I do - was just so momentous. I keep thinking about watching her getting her life to Born This Way and my heart could honestly just burst.
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  16. It's such a weird feeling now that I have finally got to see, in person, one of the most influential artists in my life. Someone who has had such an impact on my youth, who I have bonded with others over listening to her music, someone who has been a soundtrack to so many nights out, parties and good times.

    A night I will never forget, and hopefully it won't be too long until we get to see her in concert again. So special.
  17. Nick Knight has apparently joined Twitter.

  18. I need that look recreated - I miss long hair Gaga. I never appreciated how good the Joanne tour wig was

    And that jumpsuit > the current Babylon look
  19. He did, and please not this. NFTs are legit a scam and an environmental nightmare.
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  20. I keep going back and watching my video of Shallow clearly just for the vocals because I was so far away but the way she had everyone singing along with her was such a moment!
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