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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. I am enjoying seeing every video from this show. It looks like such an experience and I'm somewhat jealous I'm not seeing it but I also don't want to risk anything. It looks like she's having a blast though, which is refreshing to see!

    Love Nick Knight but hate that he's doing NFTs. Keep them away from Gaga. Release a Gaga x Knight book instead.
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  2. I could write a huge post about this weekend, and especially last night, but I think this says it all from my perspective:

    (Self promo I know hehe)
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  3. Shallow is fab. She really hit gold with that song.
  4. I’m pretty sure this is just one of his “remixed” images. It’s giving daft punk femmebot with a wig.

  5. I don't mean to be hyperbolic, but this entire performance/routine has to be one of the best of her entire career. It's sad to think what could've been had the song gotten a video.
  6. It's a moment and I love it but it'd be great if Richy didn't just reuse bits of choreo from other songs choreo...
    But also, it'd be great if she just worked with a new choreographer.
  7. I feel like it's intentional considering how self referential the show is, honestly.
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  8. Of course, but it's not limited to just this show, Richy reused bits when he choreographed the Joanne Tour and Coachella as well.
  9. Doesn't every choreographer re-use stuff? I doubt Gaga has time to learn completely new routines for every song...
  10. aux


    Lady Gaga was - and I suppose is - an integral part of my life. It really hadn’t hit me until yesterday, but she has been there at every step of my life. This is the same for a lot of other artists, except I think my relationship with them hasn't been damped in the same way with Gaga. She has been intrinsically linked to my queerness in many ways. With that said, I haven't been that enthused with her career - Chromatica didn't really click with me like her previous records, I don't really care for her jazz albums and her last single was dead-on-arrival for me... This aside, I was still incredibly excited to see her. Even if my relationship with her at the time wasn't great, from 2008 and that following decade, I was in love with her and I was there for that.

    I don't know, I wasn't expecting the concert to hit me in the way it did, but from the moment "Bad Romance" began, I fucking started to tear up which is not something I predicted would happen. I cried like five times during the entire show. It's my first time seeing Gaga after she cancelled my date in London for the Joanne Tour. Starting with three huge hits was a ballsy move, but it pays off insanely. It just kicks off the show in this relentless way that gets everyone up from their seats, screaming every song and hyped for what's next.

    Chromatica shines a lot more live than I expected. The songs are allowed to be rougher and grittier, some are extended, it breaths new life into the record. "911" and "Sour Candy" are two songs in particular which I love, but felt significantly bigger in a live setting. "Replay" was already a highlight on the album, and it particularly pops the fuck off live too. The piano section was actually really effective both nights. She cut out "The Edge of Glory" on Night 1, so I'm grateful I got the chance to hear it on Night 2, as it is one of my favourite Gaga songs ever.

    Seeing her live when she's at her best, it really reminded me of that Gaga I fell in love all those years ago. A daring performer who knows exactly what she is doing on and off stage. I've been revisiting her catalogue like crazy because of it and it's really hit me how integral her music has been to my life. I really hope that energy on stage translates into the next album, because truly, that was a special show.
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  11. Replay having a bit of a moment at the moment is giving Middle of Tour Single Release - do it Stefani! I know it’s because of its placement in the show, when the choreo finally appears and thematically after all the restriction of the first act, but it really worked so well. Same with Monster coming right after. Most of the TikToks/clips being shared are of the Replay choreo.
  12. Replay definitely deserves to be a single. But her team loves to self sabotage so it’s never going to happen x
  13. Replay and Babylon totally shine at the tour and now scream 'Please give me video !'.
    I could totally also imagine a Sour Candy music video with Gaga surrounded by the BlackPink girls making the tour choreo.
  14. I wouldn’t even mind if they did a live music video for “Babylon” or something. But film it the way Janet did for “You”

    actually a whole concert like this would be great
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  15. Was London actually filmed on night 2? Why would they not have recorded on both nights
  16. Babylon choreo need some kind of official video release. She does it so good.
  17. Oh, and I can't ignore the Babylon performance.

    With rumors of Enigma being extended and revamped and her newfound passion in performing, she could do something truly special in Vegas.
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  18. The Japan exclusive CD will include the following:

    - 7-inch tri-origami jacket
    - Tour poster (folded and enclosed)
    - 7-inch booklet
    - 40-page 7-inch fan magazine
    - DVD (contains interviews, music videos, making videos)
    - Japanese lyric booklet
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  19. The paper mama.
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  20. Cannot figure out a way to order this - the website won't translate and from what I can copy and paste over it won't allow a US zip code.

    @mindtrappa you're usually good at helping with releases from Japan...could you post if you found a way to do it?
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