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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. One of the most courageous things she's ever done was choosing to wear that big, brown wig to perform in for two hours knowing damn well Freddie didn't possess the ability to keep it on her head.
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  2. Nevermind me, I'm just a puddle in the corner

    The younger generation finding love for Gaga makes my heart melt
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  3. Not this sounding like some Gaga quote straight out of the ARTPOP era.
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  4. The Aphrodite wig was everything. I missed her having long hair / even one wig change on this tour
  5. I really haven't been able to stop thinking about the show since I saw it. Everything about the finale that seemed to be lacking on the livestreams worked so well in person, even Hold My Hand. 911, Replay and Engima should become live show staples. Someone take me back to Chromatica!
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  6. Uploaded a bunch of videos from Düsseldorf, Paris and both London shows onto my tiktok and will still upload more if anyone is interested
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  7. The Aphrodite wig looking more and more precariously plopped on her head just as the A*TPOP era unraveled further and further into chaos. Iconic.
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  8. I did love all the variations of the Aphrodite wig during all her Applause candid fashion moments on the streets for Applause.
    Ha! You are not wrong!
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  9. My friend went to the tour and got me the t-shirt where she’s doing the “Bride pokes out Elle Driver’s other eye” pose with her hand and it looks like she’s gripping at my right nipple when I have it on.
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  10. Her fans are really talented, I'm impressed.

    Though they really need to make smarter shot cuts as it's a little chaotic (and not in a good way), let some shots breathe.
  11. I just left the Chromatica Ball. I cried during Always Remember Us This Way and bawled when The Edge of Glory started. I haven’t cried since 2015
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  12. The Toronto date sucked despite me seeing zero footage of it and my evaluation of it has nothing to do with the fact I wasn't there and I'm super at peace with that and happy and like I'm in a really good place in my life so I wasn't even thinking about the fact I wasn't there and I know everyone who was there had a really bad time and wishes they spent their saturday night alone like I did and yeah I'm super sad for all 50,000 people who were there when I wasn't!
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  13. Legends only!
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  14. Did any DC Little Monster Package holders get their instructions on when to enter and all of that? I got the general email, but nothing with specific info on VIP.
  15. Felt like I was having a seizure with how many cuts there are. But the quality looks official recording level. The colors really pop. How the hell did they film this?
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  16. Gaga is back in tour bus

    Let's keep an eye on if some producers are with her.
  17. Yeah. The footage itself and the camera shots are great but legit they need to let them breathe.
  18. Madonna impact
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  19. It’s been a decade since I last saw her live so I felt a lot more emotional going into the show than I expected nn. I’m so happy this tour finally happened and I’m even happier the show is so incredible. I missed her.
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  20. Wow the power of Gaga to bring these Canadian legends together! My literal childhood right there.
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