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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. I audibly said 'Oh fuck' when I saw her Instagram post. HEDI SLIMANE?! V?!
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  2. Cover ONE? Okay!

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  3. With no tour book, at least we will have this.
    Edit: ops, only digital?
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  4. Curious as to why the Houston date's on the cover when... it hasn't happened yet...
  5. Three different covers represent the final three tour dates and Houston is the first one.
  6. Sam


    Ask my man Hedi at Yves about Emi
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  7. Homie I got plenty.
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  8. There's only 2 shows left tho, Houston and Miami.
  9. Ddd, yeah, my bad.
  10. Can't wait for some hard-hitting inquisitiveness on the fleeing of dancers.

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  11. Donald Mustard (Chief Creative Officer) of Fortnite changed his Twitter location to CHROME
    It may be happening after all.
  12. Listening to Rina Sawayama's album and I would honestly totally love Gaga to make Clarence Clarity and Stuart Price lead producers of next album.
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  13. Interesting. A final Chromatica video coming ?

  14. I still can't believe this tour is ending tomorrow. As much as I hated the "era" itself, this tour has been an incredible way to end it on a high note even though I didn't get a chance to witness it in person.
  15. The tour has flew in, it's hard to believe tomorrow is the last show. I'm glad that shes been able to finish this tour and it looks like her and her team have found the winning combo of less dates/more rest days for her tours going forward to minimise her health issues.
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  16. This is in absolutely no way shady, but is the first tour she's completed with no cancellations?
  17. This tour was such an all around triumph, I wish she could continue and visit more continents but I understand it's better to keep it short and sweet for the sake of her health. I wonder if she's relieved it's over or she wishes she could keep going. The outpouring of love has been insane.
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  18. The Fame Bal, The Monster Ball, and artRave were not canceled though.
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