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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Happened with Madonna’s Rebel Heart as well. Love a Japan soundboard moment.
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  2. Doesn't that happen with basically every show there?
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  3. The opening interlude has her mic feed on it, and so you can hear little fragments of her talking to the dancers backstage right pre-show.

    It's a really cool document to have of her at such a peak as a performer and very sweet to hear—even if it feels like eaves-dropping! It reminds me of the way the HBO Monster Ball special was edited to give us the split between backstage and on-stage.
  4. Is there a train ticket available for the Japan Chromatica shows or is the venue difficult to get to?
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  5. Absolutely insane.

  6. A touring force! Hope they book more football stadiums for her next show. Think they were testing the waters in some markets, and she definitely showed the demand is there

    Coming for that billion dollar gross!
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  7. So, uh, her LA show is the highest-grossing show for a female in US history ddd. Not bad for a fad.

    The way she's probably going to hit $1b in box office gross before she does in touring gross. What a multi hyphenate.
  8. Don’t play with my emotions like that.
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  9. “Soon”
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  10. I hope it’s not Apple TV because we all know how lost concert specials get on their site. It would get dropped on a random Thursday with a few days of hype and then shoved to a bottom menu somewhere.

    On an unrelated note, I hope Billie Eilish is doing well…
  11. Her power.
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  12. I think the only options are Netflix, Apple, or Disney for someone in her position. Paramount, Peacock, and HBO are dead in the water as streamers go. Disney usually only does original concert content so it's probably between Netflix and Apple.
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  13. I think Interscope has some sort of a deal with Apple though. I guess it will be on Apple Music just like Billie's Happier Than Ever film.

    I don't mind the platform as long s it sees the light of day.
  14. Sam


    Now tell me why the fuck I’m in bed crying over videos of this tour again

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  15. Gaga was spotted going to a music recording studio yesterday

  16. For Joker 2 allegedly.
  17. I still maintain that a Paparazzi/Alejandro/Judas medley in the second act would have gone off.

  18. I'm furious we never got this full remix.
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  19. RMK


    I wonder if/when they'll release the tour special? Maybe they're holding off until 2023 now?
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