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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Sam


    We’re probably never gonna get it
  2. It was rumoured to be out in December but someone from ATRL said its no longer happening I think. So maybe it's 2023 or...never.
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  3. Can y'all not. Please.
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  5. Sam


    Just being realistic beb x
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  6. Taylor's reputation tour ended Nov 2018 and the Netflix special came Dec 2018. Madonna's tour specials always take years. It could be soon or it could be months but I wouldn't write it off just yet.

    None of the streamers have it on their slates for next year though.
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  7. Probably around the time they officially announce the next Vegas show. Makes sense as it would build some hype I imagine
  8. I can't imagine they'd release it "too soon". Even the Monster Ball was recorded in February for a May premiere and then DVD only came in November 2011. I also thought it could be a case of recording and then shopping it around for a platforms, but I don't think they would have all this work without someone already backing on the release. Especially after Joanne.

    If nothing happens in 6 months then I hope it leaks like everything related to Chromatica. Xx.
  9. Tour merch is now on sale from her web store with some new designs.
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  10. There’s a “rumour” she has a sound stage at WB that’s not related to Joker? I don’t believe it but it’s going around on twitter… @mindtrappa ?
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  11. Not sure. I don't really ask about her anymore, if I'm being honest. Although I kind of doubt it.
  12. The sound stage:

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  13. That's what I thought, but Twitter loves to show me random stan twitter theories for some reason. I'd sooner believe it's a commercial for a holiday line at Haus Beauty.
  14. Why did this depress me? Ddd.
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  15. The original source is someone from ATRL.
    The girl said she made a big set built at Warner Studios for something on her own (not linked to Joker). The set apparently has big rectangular windows on one side.
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  16. Has she already started working on the Joker musical? Will she write any original songs for it?
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  17. A total guess but she spent time in the studio lately with her regular pianist and friend, Alex. She said it at that DJ set night she made few weeks ago. I guess music needs to be done before they are filming anyway.

    I really hope there's original music. Such a dark and twisted movie could give us some great original Gaga music.
  18. RMK


    She's never really been one for big surprises. We always get let down. This is either fake or a feature film for Haus Labs.
  19. It's been confirmed they start rolling at end of this month I believe, and I can't see her passing the opportunity of a fourth "Best Original Song" nod. But I also think she'll probably be trying hard to distance herself from the "singing" and focusing on the Acting, so wouldn't be surprise if it's 90% re-recordings and then 1 new song throw in for a chance.
  20. I don’t see another active thread right now but Bloody Mary is going through a period of virality and it’s turning into a solid hit for her
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