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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. I just realized I have a wedding I need to go to on the rescheduled date for the Toronto show… guess I’m getting a refund now.
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  2. To be truly honest that fans loves it or not, that show was totally self conscious about how 'grotesque' it was. And I actually loved this.
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  3. Waiting for them to answer me as well... Does it take too much? I guess a lot of people are asking for refunds...
  4. Keep an eye on your ticketmaster account as they've cancelled mine on there but they haven't emailed me to say refund request accepted!
  5. R92


    The era may have been lackluster and the VMA performance and Enigma aesthetic aren't giving me a ton of optimism about the tour aesthetic... but I cannot wait to get every inch of my life to "Replay" and "Enigma" in a stadium setting.
  6. Got my Golden Circle tickets for Arnhem from the local presale, was pretty easy. Any idea how many Golden Circle tickets there usually are? The presale sold them out? The area looks pretty big on the map though.

    I treated my friend to upgrade her regular standing to Golden Circle - Gaga only comes every 4 years or what not... So it's worth it! And it is as a thank you for all her help she gave me for my house! Can't wait to surprise her - it will be her first Gaga concert and she will probably drive us so I can drink teehee.
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  7. Got my boyfriend and I tickets for the Saturday date. It was relatively easy phew
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  8. The decay!
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  9. Yeah its super easy to get them! Just looked through live nation presale and only 14 people were ahead in the queue and can get gold circle straight away!

    Wonder how well it will sell, considering the first London date sold out pretty much immediately 2 years ago when first on sale
  10. Hopefully Eli Russell is not involved
  11. Eli’s staging for Enigma was great, though. The show’s lack of creativity with musical direction and styling is the problem. And that’s something that falls on Nicola, Michael Bearden, and Gaga herself.
  12. forgot all about the presale going live this morning. just popped on there and grabbed four golden circle tickets. They’ll need to do some promo for this tour. thing are different than they were even two years ago for her dd
  13. I mean, a tour for a two year old album that she didn't promote? Of course there's no interest. I'm surprised they haven't rebranded it as a hits tour. Does anyone but the most hardcore even know what a Chromatica is?
  14. This tone of this thread is...a lot.
    Lady Gaga released an album you all didn't like...she's not suddenly an unsuccessful flop indie girl with a hidden album era? What even is this??
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  15. I actually love Chromatica (one of the few), you can go back and read my constant defenses of it. It's the fact that it was done in the blink of an eye and two years later they're naming a tour after it that I find puzzling.
  16. People don't really care about the name of a tour, though. If they want to see Lady Gaga, they'll go. It's not like she's suddenly going to name the tour "Poker Face Live!" and tickets will start flying. People know that she does the hits regardless.
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    did you sleep through the whole pandemic?
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  18. No but neither did Dua Lipa or The Weeknd who are also trying to sell tours now!
  19. To say Chromatica doesn't ring a lot of bells as a term with most people is not as dramatic as you make it out to be. Gaga has selling power and everybody here knows that. It's just that branding her tour Chromatica will not really help (but also don't hurt).

    Some people here always overestimate how much the GP cares about a popstar's entire catalogue after their imperial phases. People know Gaga will put on a show no matter what and drop some hits they love. That's why they buy a ticket.
  20. If people can score Golden Circle hours after the sale... the seats on Levels Heaven & Beyond must be flying off the shelves.
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