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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. I mean when i logged on there was 3 ahead of me in the queue so..
  2. Sam


    I just got 2 golden circle tickets absolutely no bother. Excited!
  3. I think most dates only had presales going on now, and dates that already existed were on sale when they were announced. Wonder how the regular on sale will go.
  4. I love Chromatica aswell, it got me through lockdown! Summer songs!
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  5. Resales are when the most sales happen / with the most rabid fans though dd. Anyway I'm sure she'll be fine.
  6. It'd certainly help if they even tried to push tickets. One Instagram post isn't going to sell out stadiums ddd. The Weeknd's show in Toronto went on sale at 10AM today and is damn near sold out; Gaga's show looks to have about 75% of tickets still available.

  7. The Weeknd's tickets have been on presale for a week. He's also touring with another superstar. These dates will do fine in the long run.
  8. There were 666 people ahead of me in the queue - Whore of Babylon confirmed.

    Got two seats so I at least have something but going to try for pit tickets next week!
  9. Also The Weekend didn't spend two years making sure people forget he sings dd.
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  10. That's exactly my point, she's gonna need to do something to shift tickets in some of these markets. Her only notable activity over the past several years months has been Patrizia Gucci cosplay.
  11. She has a single coming out
  12. The Top Gun song or a different one?
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  13. Yeah Top Gun.
  14. I don't see her having an issue selling these tickets. Yes it might not be an instant sell out like some of her previous tours, but I imagine the dates will end up near enough sold out come the time of the shows.
  15. I mean yeah those dates (especially Canada + US) are not gonna sell themselves. The album and the last hit are 2 years old. She needs at least to do some interviews or something. Maybe Hold My Hand (if that's still the title) can help if it's a smash hit.
  16. I’d imagine they thought that rebranding this to have a “Summer Stadium Tour” subheading would probably renew some interest
  17. RMK


    Don't really understand the discourse over the tour name. She could've named it the Plastic Doll Tour and people would still buy in; she's a household name.
  18. Even pre-pandemic, shows stopped selling out in two seconds. Dynamic pricing and slow rollouts are where profits are now.

    The Grammys, Top Gun song and remaining award shows will get buzz going.
  19. Just wait until the Osc… wait.

    But yeah, these will sell one way or another. They don’t need to panic now. It’s also just unlikely she’d want to add more dates. They can slow burn.
  20. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    If the dates sell poorly then she'll have to cancel them

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