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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. This isn't totally true. Looking at upcoming shows in Toronto, Bad Bunny, Tyler The Creator, and Bieber sold out pretty much immediately and The Weeknd/Doja are on their way there.

    Anyway, I don't think anyone is saying that this is surpsing or that Gaga is suddenly not sellable, just that selling massive venues two years after an album launch will require some work.
  2. Sure, there are exceptions. I wonder if the Toronto market is just different? The Bieber tickets here went onsale in 2020 and there were still many available for his show here up until the day of. The Weeknd tickets are nowhere near soldout. Gaga's Los Angeles and San Francisco shows are both doing well and when I logged on had 2,000+ people in the queue.
    Slow ticketing is a good method regardless if some shows are still selling out instantly. If all your tickets are bought up the day they went onsale, they were just priced too low.
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  3. I still wonder when that became a thing, moreso legal for ticketing platforms.

    EDIT: Just read the article linked above (thanks for sharing) and I don't buy that's how it works. They basically want the resell coin for themeselves. It's outrageous.
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  4. If I'm a scalper I'm not going to buy a $700 ticket because there's a possibility it won't sell. But a fan will buy the $700 ticket because it's all that's available and its presented to them as a face value. Ticketmaster gets that extra $400 from "dynamic pricing" that would normally go to a scalper. It's outrageously greedy but its corporate America.
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  5. Can't make it to the new Paris date - I kinda was waiting on the rescheduled dates to get a refund, I really can't be bothered going anymore. We'll see her on the next tour if there is ever another one ddd
  6. Just spent wayyyyy to much for the Little Monsters Pit package in DC. Hope Mom doesn't make me regret it.

    As much as I'd seethe if it ends up being a tweaked version of Enigma, the endorphin rush of finally seeing Government Hooker live might pulverize me into submission.

    Who am I kidding, even if it IS just Enigma in a Chromatica wig, Government Hooker would be cut and I'll just sit and eat my oreos.
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  7. The thing is I was checking Vegas Gaga tickets the other day, months after they went on sale and all the good seats were priced ridiculously high under "dynamic pricing", which raised a red flag and prevented me from buying since it was clearly not face value. It's not about pricing high on release week and then hoping for the best. It's an absolute scam up until they have no other choice than to lower the insane prices days/weeks before the gig. Do you know if it's only happening in the US?
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  8. RMK


    Dynamic pricing is such a greedy solution. Scalpers ruined it for everyone, but in a matter of hours tickets I bought in the hundreds were in the thousands for others. There is a lot at play for this solution, but how about eradicating the resale feature, and only offering refunds. People who want that profit will always find a way to get it, but doing it via Ticketmaster is just enabling the process and making it easier.
  9. I’ve got no experience with the ~dynamic pricing but it sounds like an absolute hell.
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  10. I bought 4 tickets for me, my boyfriend and my 2 other friends and now they've gone and booked a holiday over the tour dates. Hoping I'm actually going to be able to sell on these tickets now... Sounds like they aren't flying off the shelves?
  11. Not just the US unfortunately! Currently a 5th row(ish) SINGULAR ticket for Christina Aguilera in London in August is priced at £520.. the face value of said ticket is £100.
    Not sure if that's by Ticketmaster themselves or a 'fan" attempting to resell though
  12. Welp, after two years of complaining about the album I'm *airplane emoji* going Chromatica Ball in Atlanta. My friend bought really good tickets and then told me after two of them are for my fiancé and I.
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  13. I've just watched my boyfriend fail to get any tickets while feverishly refreshing 3 devices for the past hour for the Saturday London date. One second the Googs can't sell, suddenly the sell out is she!

    Or Ticketmaster is just being shit as per standard.
  14. Attending Düsseldorf, Paris and the 2nd London show. Will also try to find tickets for the 1st London show tbh. Now release a video for Alice to build up hype Gaga.
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  15. Golden Circle and General Standing went very quickly this morning. Ticketmaster seem to be adding a few extra every so often but they don’t last long.
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  16. Didn't have any plans to go to this tour but I metioned it to my sister who lives in the Netherlands and she said she would love to go and see Gaga's show (she's not really a stan) so I got us Golden Circle tickets to the Arnhem concert! I'm coming all the way from Mexico to see her (we were born in Venezuela).
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  17. Gaga Promo ddd

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  18. Went ahead and grabbed some nosebleed seats so I can save the extra dollars on the copious amount of booze I'll be consuming that night. Also, I feel better about levitating high above Chromatica.
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  19. Not her posting about this a whole year after it launched nn
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  20. I wasn’t planning on going because I refunded my tickets from 2 years ago, but my best friend who’s a casual Gaga fan randomly bought the tix and booked an AirBnB for the Chicago date ddddd. Googs got her coin after all…
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