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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Apple have been pushing it again, I think. My friend who is a dedicated Apple follower(?) sent me an event at a store a few days ago, the same as they had when it launched.
  2. I did not realize the London stadium is so far away from the city. I think I‘ll book a hotel close to there.
  3. See you there!
  4. It’s about 30 mins on the tube from Victoria
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  5. Not me thinking it’s at Twickenham instead of Tottenham!
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  6. Oh really? It seemed so far away when looking at the map ddd.
  7. LTG


    The Victoria line is a fast icon.
  8. It's really not far. There's nothing exciting around Tottenham Stadium if you want to drink or party after the show
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  9. London's transport system is great so you don't need to stay close to it. Tottenham is not that cute so it's worth staying elsewhere. Anywhere down the Victoria tube line or within one change of it will be totally fine.
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  10. R92


    I'm so glad I didn't open this thread to see Victoria Line slander.
  11. Anyone know what it’s like getting back from Tottenham after the gig?
  12. Good if you leave in the middle of the last song.
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  13. Like most stadium gigs if you leave before the end you'll be able to beat the rush. But Tottenham is well connected by tube/bus/overground rail to get elsewhere to go out afterwards, or head back to wherever you're staying. Curfew is probably about 10ish and the Victoria line runs late on weekends so you won't have an issue being stranded.
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  14. RMK


    I watched The Monster Ball special a few nights ago after buying tickets, and honestly the drive she had is so commendable. Her abilities as a performer have grown, that comparison alone is crazy, but you can tell back then the entire thing was an adrenaline rush for her. She wasn't sick of the big singles yet, unreleased song titles were hidden in stage props, she was so excited about Born This Way, and the somewhat corny storyline was sold really well. There was no detachment from her catalogue. She'll always deliver an amazing performance, but it would be great if she was excited about what she was performing. I just kept flashing back to Enigma, where a somewhat similar storyline took place and it seems obvious for die-hard fans that nothing is landing the same.
  15. This Victoria line you speak of... don't you have to schlep thirty minutes to


    from the stadium?
  16. Nope! You could walk if you wanted, but it's easy otherwise. Snatch the orange Overground line at White Hart Lane (2 minutes from the stadium) and change at Seven Sisters on to the iconic miss Victoria. Or just stay on the Overground which goes back down into Hackney and then Liverpool Street.

    Pretty much all the buses southwards from the stadium head to Seven Sisters too so very easy to just hop on one of those for a few stops.
  17. Just download Citymapper
  18. Just don’t go to Heaven after the concert because it’s awful nn. Two Brewers is where it’s at
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  19. I’ve never been to Two Brewers but might give it a go!
  20. It looks like the Saturday London show is now pretty much sold out? Only a few crusty tickets left at the very back. That changed quickly!
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