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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. ...Anything music related, honestly.

    Hopefully being able to tour for the first time in years will reignite some spark in her and the big crowds of fans will remind her of the connection she once shared with us more deeply, and how can she manage to have that connection again- without compromising too much of her mental state. She's yet to find a good balance between basically being BFFs with fans and swearing us and all of social media out of her life. Hopefully the tour will bring about some positive things for her seemingly back and forth pondering of "Do I want to be Pop Star Lady Gaga anymore?"
  2. Looks like the Arnhem date is not selling well… Shame

  3. She knows it's happening!
  4. I know it’s included here but I really hope she leaves that blue wig back in some Vegas drawer where it belongs.

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  5. Hopefully the moths in her dressing room ate it up over the last two years
  6. Does anyone know how long does ticketmaster UK take to answer via online form? It's been 5 days and all I get is automatic replies about the high volume of queries. I'm asking for a refund but do they have like an expire date to ask for a refund since the day they announced the new dates? Should I call them?
  7. I got a refund within two days. Maybe try again?
  8. My tickets were showing as cancelled the next working day and the funds have already gone back to my credit card

    @totalhate I'd definitely try again just incase something went wrong last time!
  9. K girls it was bit of a struggle but I decided not to go. The prices combined with cities the tour's happening in is kinda unfortunate for me. I have my fingers crossed she's gonna return to Vienna or Prague in the future (and yes I'm still gonna be bopping like a 35 y.o. cig I'm prolly gonna be till then)
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  10. Ticketmaster have released some extra standing tickets for London night 1, if anyone here is interested. £70
  11. Finally got my tickets for the Paris date in the Golden Circle!
    It will be my first time seeing her, soo happy!
  12. Since there were some talks of poor sales
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  13. Seems like only the Arnhem show didn't do extremely well (in Europe). I'm not fussed about it selling right away; feels unlikely to put new extra dates and the prices have been swinging like crazy. It will be a sold out on the day it happens.
  14. Arnhem is such a strange and random choice (nearest airport is 70km away), should have done one date in Spain...
  15. Or Italy. I will never understand why both countries are always paid dust by most touring acts.
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  16. Holland is quite a rich country and large music market, while having not that many inhabitants, so that means quite some capital on music per person. That translates to expensive gigs (which artists likes), add up that it's also not that far from Dusselforddorf... Johan Cruif Arena in Amsterdam was probably not available. Lots of concerts happen in the GelreDome in Arnhem.
  17. It was probably the only available stadium in Gaga's allowed 3 days of touring.
  18. Is that enough time to get the production back and forth?

    Christ it's really going to be Engima on wheels isn't it?
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