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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Maybe Gags will join Rina onstage next weekend at Coachella?
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  2. Jazz and piano show the day of her set.
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  3. Wait so gaga has tricked me into seeing a rina Sawayama set. She got me gal!
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  4. Sydney isn't too far from Tokyo!
    Come to Aus, please!
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  5. If she's on the DJ set as an opener please bring Madeon, Boys Noize or Tchami instead. Those are totally doing some crazy live shows.
  6. Purple Disco Machine would be incredible.
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  7. My eyes are on Tokyo if she's not doing Singapore again. Lemme get my Visa application ready. I haven't been to Tokyo since many, many years ago so I can't wait.

    I guess she really won't cancel this tour. The commitment sounds full!
  8. I hope the stage is exciting
  9. The fact that Gaga has already been rehearsing so far in advance gives me hope for a mostly brand new show and not Enigma: The Chromatica Edition.
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  10. RMK


    Pre-covid she was adamant about them being different. I doubt that would change, or they'll recycle much from one another. My only worry is that the costumes will be same caliber, but hopefully she's going all out. We need more Joanne World Tour vibes, and less Enigma.
  11. Where did she talk about the shows being different before COVID?
  12. "It will be nothing like Enigma" from the Lady's mouth herself

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  13. I don't think they've started rehearsals yet. Auditions for dancers were supposedly earlier this week, even though I'm pretty sure she'll just end up using the same ones she always has.
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  14. Oh you’re right, my mind is playing tricks on me for some reason I thought she had with the bathroom post the other day!
  15. Rehearsals will start in Düsseldorf two days before July 17 dd
  16. I feel like she’s always done this with tours. I remember during Joanne World Tour she started like five days before first date? dddd
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  17. Yes I remember the tour I had tickets to three shows and they all got cancelled.
  18. I'm surprised how calm and relaxed you seem about this memory

  19. Yeah, she never rehearses more than a couple weeks before the tour starts, and never has to, because the dance routines and music direction hasn't really changed since 2009 nn. Plus she usually ends up doing her own thing anyway.
  20. RMK


    I'm curious what songs will make the setlist outside the classic singles. I could see her giving Born This Way or ARTPOP a little more life this time around due to their anniversaries.

    I have a feeling Joanne will get cut entirely.
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