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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. She’ll probably throw “Million Reasons” in the piano section with “Shallow” but that’s all the Joanne representation we’ll get.
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  2. I’m not a ballad hater but… lord help us.
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  3. The Royal Variety Performance made me fall in love with Million Reasons, it sounds so much better. The strings are gorgeous
  4. RMK


    Part of me feels like she may give Always Remember Us This Way an outing instead. It isn't a cut from her albums but the streams are insane. She's yet to acknowledge it.
  5. They could (and likely will at some point) ret-con Always Remember Us This Way into a hit, Who Run The World (Girls) style.
  6. Justice for Hair, Body & Face.
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  7. RMK


    It garners more streams than Rain On Me, so it basically is. Considering how quickly the steam ran out for Chromatica, they really should've just sent it to radio and let it become a formal single in the states.
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  8. Always Remember Us This Way is really the classic that got away. It charted high for a non single, sells/streams well, was Grammy nominated...I understand why they went all in on Shallow but really what a missed opportunity.
  9. I listen to Always Remember Us This Way a lot more than Shallow. I really hope she breaks it out but I never hold my breath. I also hope she brings back Scheiße (but without that GOD AWFUL robot / suit.
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  10. Anecdotal but Always Remember Us This Way is my straight brother and mom’s favorite song from the movie, they always listen to it and it’s a drunken karaoke staple at home ddd
  11. I wonder if she will sing the Top Gun song.
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  12. It'll never happen but I hope she does Gypsy. It was THE standout from ARTPOP.
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  13. Mmmm yep yep, that and Sexxx Dreams.
    Both would have made amazing singles
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  14. Looks the same when I checked the U.S. shows.
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  15. It's alive. Now add a EU date I can attend Bobby.
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  16. nn I'm in Florida right then for a Killers I attempt Miami...
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  17. Sell The Killers tickets yes.
  18. they're a few days before so it's fine, hm hm hmmmmm I will have to see.
  19. Sell them anyway!
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