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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Okay but I am HOWLING at Hershey, Pennsylvania being listed among all those major cities. And Hersheypark stadium is so small compared to Philadelphia / Pittsburgh??
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  2. She saw the forecasted Hold My Hand residuals
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  3. Can anyone explain why smaller cities like Hershey, PA are being added while the West Coast continues to suffer outside of California? Is it still due to her Vegas contract? Please throw Washington or Oregon a bone, Stef!
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  4. She's not even visiting southern Europe at all. So much for being an Italian!
  5. Hershey, PA? For what reason?
  6. Her Vegas contract, per the hacking, only impacts very close shows - I believe maybe Tahoe and Phoenix? Something like that. She could easily do Lumen field here or BC Place in Vancouver. Not sure where in Portland she could play.

    Aren't the summer concerts at Hershey park kind of a thing? I remember it being a big deal when One Direction played there.
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  7. The fact she has days after London she could pop up to Manchester.
    She hates the UK ciggies
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  8. Truly just hoping a Seattle date does become a thing.

    Fingers crossed Little Lumens!
  9. Can she come to Alberta pls. I’m dreading the enduring fomo I’ll have from the local cigs being in Toronto
  10. I can't help but remember that necki menij show episode, iconic
  11. wheres the second nyc date you homophobe
  12. I wonder if they will do this for Gaga? I can't make the Toronto date anymore due to a wedding. Not even going to bother trying to go to the LA one.

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  13. Hersheypark Stadium has 15,641 permanent seats, 1,200 additional bleacher seating. Festival concert capacity is 30,000. So if she opens it up to that kinda seating it could be massive!
  14. I mean that is still less than half the size of The Linc / Heinz Field, each having a capacity of 70,000. It’s just strange to go to central Pennsylvania and not the two major cities which would be immensely more profitable / less work.
  15. I imagine the other stadiums are already booked up?
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  16. Either that or LN prefers these venues to those ones for reasons.
  17. I don't think Gaga could sell out a 70,000 person show right now, when many fans in that area are already going in New York, Toronto, or even D.C, especially this close to the tour and with virtually nothing lined up to push sales...30,000 will still be great coin.
  18. 30,000 tickets in stadiums (where people drink and eat from way earlier than arenas) is basically 50,000 tickets in profit.
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  19. I just hope that touring will inspire her music making sensibilities for some more pop. I don't need her to come out with an album soon. Buuuut seeing her have some drive to make some more pop music would be nice.
  20. Okay but what is Miss Gaga doing? Announce it already sis..
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