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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Alright time to put on my not-clean Haus Labs clown make up and get tickets for this today.
  2. well I got tickets but GA pit wasn't even available as standard tickets, is that only going to be available through that bullshit Little Monsters package?
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  3. I think so. I had to get the Little Monsters package for DC to be in the pit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  4. hateful.
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  5. Two new Tokyo dates sold out in 15 minutes. Dang, I hope Latin America is next. The demand is clearly there!

  6. Meanwhile those Texas dates are struggling for sales.
  7. I’m so shocked she’s only doing majority capital cities
  8. I know she has very real reasons for not wanting to do a physically exhausting tour but I really wish she would add a southern Europe date and maybe a couple in Latin America.
  9. The second Texas date makes no sense in my opinion, most fans already bought tickets for the Houston show anyway? Should've added a Seattle/Denver date instead.

    Also, I know she still has incredible demand but damn those 2 Tokyo dates selling out after 10-15mins was shocking. If only her health wasn't stopping her from adding more shows and touring more continents.
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  10. I really hope she doesn't add more dates in between the existing ones for her health. It seems like doing too many shows in a short period + traveling is what sets her off.
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  11. I feel like the tour is now capped at 20 shows, I don't see anything else being added at this point and from a health perspective, it would be really silly to do so. In an ideal world, she should have ditched the second Texas date and added on a show somewhere in Brazil instead.
  12. Nn the way I’m so nervous for my date being the last one.
  13. The London dates are only 5 shows in and I have the same concern so I can't imagine the nerves of being the last stop of the tour. It's just such a gamble buying tickets to see Gaga on tour, hopefully she stays well rested during her days off.
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  14. RMK


    She really did make a big leap from 6 to 20 dates. I'm sure they'll cap it here.. Anymore, and it'll start defeating the purpose. Enigma was normally sets of 10. She got through nearly 50 for Joanne, but we know she was struggling for a long time.
  15. There were about 15 shows booked when those first few dates were announced in 2020. They just held off on announcing any of them for obvious reasons. I think there were rumors of LATAM and Singapore dates back then, but we'll see if those materialize.
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  16. NOT THE TOKYO DATE SELLING OUT as soon as general release went on sale.

    EURGH, announce the other SE Asia date mother, I need to see this tour/ball/mess!
  17. RMK


    Don't know if there's truth to these tweets but Nicola seems to give them info a lot. It's stuff about how many interludes, hints at themes (?), etc.

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  18. Nicola doesn't give him tea, the assistants including that former monster Kayla girl does.

    He was just mocking the Texas shooting and blocking anyone who called him on it anyways. He's icky and attention seeking.
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    Ew. Had no idea that's so terrible
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  20. Is anyone going to the Arnhem Date on July 26th??? There are so many free seats... Hope they will not cancel that one...
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