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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. I hope to hear these from chromatica

    Sine From Above
    Free Woman
    Sour Candy

    And I would love to hear these singles

    Perfect Illusion

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  2. "Sine" is pretty much the album's thesis, so I'll be surprised if she doesn't do it. Could see it blowing up into the remix at the end. The drop in "Fun Tonight" might actually pop off in stadiums and give it the sing along moment it desperately wants to have. "Sour Candy" for sure feels like an interlude opportunity, maybe with an appearance from the girls on video. And I don't think she'll do "1000 Doves" since she mentioned it's the hardest song on the record for her to listen to.

    A Born This Way section (or medley, most likely) feels like a given considering the anniversary. Maybe something for ARTPOP to acknowledge the fan campaign surrounding it.

    I'm really hoping she goes all out with the fan service here, since that's what the parent album was an attempt at.
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  3. Based on what we've seen from her previous tours and her resistance to changing arrangements (unless she's putting them on piano), Fun Tonight will be in the piano section likely along with Million Reasons and The Edge of Glory. Rain on Me will close the last set, Shallow will be the first song in the encore, and either Born this Way or Bad Romance will be the closer.

    Plastic Doll will almost definitely be an interlude with visuals like this:

    and Sour Candy will probably be an interlude too.

    The album is so short, I can't see her cutting much of it, maybe either 1000 Doves or Sine From Above, but I imagine everything else will at least be an interlude (she might also try to cut Replay but she'd be an idiot for doing that).
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  4. That piano section gonna be the longest portion of the show if she does this, since she's already confirmed that she's doing "Shallow" and "Hold My Hand". And poor us if she tries "Stupid Love" acoustic again, too.
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  5. I'd just love Telephone gone, as she doesn't do it justice and feels like checking a box, and something else like Perfect Illusion or G.U.Y in its place. Or something like Always Remember Us This Way or an acoustic Marry The Night over Million Performances.
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  6. I really don't think she'll perform Million Reasons while having Shallow under her belt. Like, ever again, if I'm lucky.

    Telephone could be cut since we'll have Rain On Me to be the GP-let-me-hear-you-sing moment. I know we joke about the Piano Moments, but these have been getting shorter ever since Born This Way Ball, to the point that artRAVE didn't have one on the first shows and then she got Dope back in. Joanne was cut in 2 moments, with Million Reasons being the last song (aka you can leave early if you want xoxo)

    At same time, from Tour to Tour, she's been cutting album tracks, with Joanne being the first she didn't do the full Album. I can imagine they'll end up going into "Hits Heavy" show because of the Stadium setup and easier to reuse the stuff from Enigma!! But they might as well use some stuff from A Star Is Born like Always this time around. It's her first major show after that Era.

    A Born This Way medley would be so cool. Give us Government Hooker vs Heavy Metal Lover!!

    And you know what? I'm not complaining
  7. I really want Replay.
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  8. Of course Easy Jet is doing strikes the days I'm flying to London to see the show. Lady CurseGa indeed.
  9. I just want some deep cuts from Born this Way and ARTPOP. Justice for Sexxx Dreams.
  10. Managed to secure tickets for the Paris show later this month. This will be my first Gaga concert. Excited!
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  11. Justice for Gypsy!
  12. I’m not going, but I really want Rina to be the opening act on every date so that mother gets that exposure and her superior version of “Free Woman” is performed every time.
  13. I really think some, if not most of Chromatica tracks will morph into their remixed version as she's performing them, like she did with the M*rilyn M*nson version of LoveGame.
  14. Fun Tonight and Free Woman are a must, Rain on Me and Stupid too Love of course.

    I would love to hear Telephone.

    Still no opening act was announced yet...
  15. RMK


    I actually wouldn't be surprised if she did the Haus Labs version of Babylon. As for the rest of the setlist, I do expect Government Hooker or Schieße. Hold My Hand must be taking Million Reasons spot.

    Shallow/Rain On Me split as the final song/encore feels appropriate.
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  16. a bunch of side tickets for London night one have just gone on sale on both sides of the stadium in each level. Nice and cheap so if anyone wants one grab them quick!
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  17. Throw a sister a link please boo, as cheapest I can see is £150!
  18. Rina opening would be the absolute cherry on top and such an obvious choice, but with less than 2 weeks to go and no word on an opener I'm doubtful it's happening. It would be a shame!
  19. Sam


    Yeah I’m gonna need Scheiße
  20. I'm actually not fussed about Fun Tonight being on the setlist or not, its the song I revisit the least on the album. Everything else absolutely needs its time to shine even though I know deep down, she isn't going to do 1000 Doves. It feels like that tour moment where she starts off acoustic before it bursts into the album version halfway through.

    I also have a feeling Sour Candy will be relegated to an interlude but if she was smart, she would use the DOC remix as an extended interlude with Shygirl & BLACKPINK's parts and then she comes out when it hits her verse.

    NEEDS (wants):

    - Alice as opener
    - Babylon as the closer before the encore. (NOT the Haus Labs version, album version supremacy)
    - Some older hits could do with being shortened into medleys, we don't need them clogging up album song places.
    - A fan favourite or two making an appearance as they have on previous tours
    - Telephone does not need to see the light of day on this tour.
    - Free Woman DOC remix version
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