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Lady Gaga - The Chromatica Ball

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by aux, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. LoveGame is one of my favorites, but it's definitely time LoveGame, Paparazzi, Telephone, and Alejandro get a facelift if we get them again.

    Definitely expect shorten versions of songs from day 1, but especially as the tour goes on. She always cuts or reduces songs the longer the show runs.
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  2. She doesn‘t have to remix it that heavy like Madonna does but a slight update surely wouldn‘t hurt.

    Also how many people come to see the show for Just Dance nowadays? As long as she plays Shallow on the piano everything will be alright.
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  3. I went to the first Joanne show and the songs were all in full, by the time I saw her again on the third date Perfect Illusion, Bloody Mary, I think Just Dance and LoveGame were all cut in half.
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  4. Nothing can convince me that she loves Telephone. There is absolutely no way that she gets any gratification from performing it live. It feels more like a "Ok I guess I better do this number 1 hit then" moment than anything else. She was near enough dead behind the eyes performing it on Enigma + Joanne Tour.
  5. looks like the second tottenham show could do with a push
  6. She should just do remixes that incorporate either the original theme of '90s house (ie: a remix of Just Dance that interpolates Music Sounds Better Without You) or remixes that incorporate the final theme of Eurotrash (ie: a remix of Babylon with Vengaboys or something).

    At this point, no one is going to to the tour because they only want to see Just Dance or Poker Face or the older songs, get some Sticky and Sweet Round 2 arrangements going mama, Frozen/I'm Not Alone/Open Your Heart, and Holiday/Celebration/Everyboday/Heartbeat were genius arrangements, and the latter didn't even change the core function of the song. Or just do quality mashups, Vogue/4 Minutes is so great.
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  7. Those black curtains will be BOOKED and BUSY
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  8. Why did I think both London shows were sold out?...
  9. I can't see an interactive seat map for either of the London shows. Is this from Ticketmaster?
  10. the ticketmaster app shows the interactive map. it’s been available on night one since it originally went on sale but an interactive map showed up on the second night and when i went to choose seats it took me back to the original page and i haven’t been able to see it since. perhaps a glitch but more than likely genuine lol
  11. The app is showing me the same standard map as the website for both dates. I was hoping if it had been updated it might have shown the stage layout.

  12. It seems like these are Blocks that were put on sale today\extra tickets, so they're probably feeding the demand.

    These european shows are doing very well. The Holland one is the only one "struggling" but I can see it getting better after the tour starts and some people try to repeat, since it's actually close to Dusseldorf.

    In the US Atlanta was looking bad some weeks ago but things are getting better. Houston will probably follow the same path (hopefully).

    She really could have made this a little longer and would be her biggest tour ever #lolz
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  13. She does always reduce/cut things as the show goes on, but I wonder if the fact she's in stadiums which in most places have a curfew will mean she's perfected the timings of the show ahead of time in a more accurate way than any of her previous tours?

    I'm seeing both London dates so I shouldn't be too concerned, but I'm so paranoid she'll get cut off/cut things out of the show to stay on time.
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  14. I can see this show having a shorter set list from the get go compared to her others
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  15. I'm just hoping there's no long monologues - when that time could be given to performing necessary staples like Alejandro x

    She should look to Beyoncé for inspiration on how to deliver a slick stadium show
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  16. I don't mind shufflings around the piano section but I'm really hoping nothing will be cut from the rest of the show.
  17. Gaga doesn't need to "look to Beyoncé" for a show because they are never going to be a similar performer. Gaga did stadium shows all 2012 and they were great. She's never going to do the big dance numbers in front of a giant screen with sexy visuals.
  18. You mean... the Lady Gaga that did the Born This Way stadium tour?!

    I think she's okay...
  19. Formation World Tour > Born This Way Ball
  20. It’s getting weird
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