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Lady Gaga - The Fame Ball UK Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Dazzle, May 6, 2009.

  1. Confirmed dates:

    Manchester Academy (June 29)
    Cork Live At The Marquee (July 1)
    Swindon Oasis (July 6)
    Brixton O2 Academy (July 14)

    On sale Friday!


    I will be going to Brixton and hopefully Manchester! Excitement much?
  2. I'm so excited and stressed already! I think I'm gonna do Brixton.
  3. Just checked and Swindon is an hour on a train from London. Think it has to be done!
  4. I read on another forum that she has 2 as of yet unconfirmed dates in London July 4/5.
  5. Need to get tickets for this! Annoying there is no info on Ticketmaster or See Tickets about this.
  6. Those are the Take That shows.
  7. Why is Manchester on a FUCKING MONDAY???!!!!!
  8. There's info on ticketmaster. Tickets are £25
  9. If it was,nt for someone posting on here about a month ago , I would,nt have known GaGa was playing in Cork. Never saw or heard it advertised anywhere even when shes all over the radio. Gutted the Irish date is sold out and the only confirmed appearance is the Oxegen festival the same month. 260 euro a ticket I think and you'll be hard pressed at a festival gig to get anywhere near a good view.
  10. Oooh excitement, about time they were announced but why so few dates? Why aren't you coming to the Midlands GaGa?!? Contemplating Manchester at the minute.
  11. Gaga should get her arse to Cambridge. Thats only an hour away for me. Lol. Or Nowich.
  12. I am less stressed after sorting out some details. Fame Ball here I come!
  13. If she doesn't add a show in Sheffield, Leeds or Nottingham I may actually cry.


    *head explodes*
  15. I'm seeing Michael Jackson on July 14th. FUCK!
  17. How can you already buy them?
  18. O2 priority went on sale at 9am this morning but the e-mail was only just sent out. Fucking buffoons.
  19. Believe me I'm tempted. Fucking amazing seats too so I'd get a fortune for them!
  20. Bitch must come to norwich. imagine the looks on the folkians faces. amazing!
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