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Lady Gaga - The Joanne World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Heeere we go.
    I have no other tea except that tea is coming.
    They are being really secretive for some reason this time.
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  2. She's coming.
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  3. Me and my bank account are ready.
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  4. yeeha
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  5. I don't care how much this is: I haven't seen her live and I need to change that.
  6. I have a savings account purely for this.

    Fuck me up
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  7. Yup, I'm so ready!
  8. Im excited and nervous. I'm taking my mum for her birthday.
  9. So what day are tickets likely to be on sale? Is Monday too optimistic?
  10. I hope so because I get paid on Monday!

    It'll likely be Friday for Europe though.
  11. I think the dates that will be announced will just be the US leg.
  12. Think I might go to this, if it's later in the year!
  13. The Super Bowl has a worldwide buzz so I think she'll want to put them out ASAP.
  14. FINALLY, my friend and I have been waiting since fall. She's gonna shit when she finds out.
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  15. R92


    I can't wait to finally see her live.
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  16. I've been in the Lil Monster section at every one of her major tours and I look forward to keeping that tradition! I'm going to opt for my BTW leather unicorn jacket instead of my Joanne cowboy hat though because obstructing peoples view at a concert is just rude!
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  17. RJF


    Beyoncé released her entire tour schedule off the back of the Super Bowl last year she won't get better exposure than this even if it isn't Euro-centric. It'll be the full roster.

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  18. I don't even like Joanne but I am so going to this.
  19. Do we have any idea where she will be when? America in the Summer and then Europe in the Fall? I don't think she has any support from Australia this era and the artRave didn't sell well there.

    However, Joanne is a big success in Latin/South America from what I've heard, so hopefully a tour there. However, she had a big struggle selling out the BTWB in those countries.
  20. After missing the Born This Way Ball (and probably the only chance I'll ever get to experience 'Heavy Metal Lover' and 'Scheiße' in a live setting) and then getting so drunk at the Artpop Ball that I can just about cobble together vague memories of 'Venus' and some stitched together 90 second medleys, I've pretty much been running on Monster Ball* memories for seven years now.

    I'm ready.

    *Kill this '... Ball' concept.
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