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Lady Gaga - The Joanne World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Neil Diamond is performing on my date. Kii. Let me round up my AC hunties.
  2. There's someone called Coma Club happening on the same Saturday in Copenhagen. Sounds lit.

    At least my outfit won't go to waste.
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  3. They’ll still be there by 2018.
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  4. Come to Never Mind around 3AM and dance until morning xx
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  5. Aw, I'm gutted. I really looked forward to the Amsterdam date in two weeks. However, I truly feel sorry for her and hope she recovers. I completely understand and respect her for her decision, hope the rescheduling will be good as I'm about to plan a holiday to Asia around that time too. Praying
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  6. Yikes - I hope they will be decent then. With das Germans - it can go either way. HA!
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  7. I can only imagine how upset she is about this. Health first, music last.
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  8. She will be fine, her condition is not life threatening. I hope she gets stronger, and comes back even harder.

    Despite people saying she's declined, she's still one of the best performers of our time.

    I can understand fans frustration, however her health comes first. I know people have spent a lot of money on travel, hotels and tickets including myself. It's just one of those things unfortunately, but it's not her fault.

    I hope she's okay, I can imagine that she's deverstated.
  9. I started crying at work when I found out. Ive always dreamt of seeing Gaga live and for it to be taken away from me through no fault of Gaga's is making me really sad. Adding salt to the wound is that I'm now £500 down due to non refundable fees. I hope she recovers soon!
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  10. It's not life threatening, but it can become life altering if she doesn't take care of herself, which thankfully she's doing. It could easily get to the point of not being able to perform at all.

    The days of her "coming back even harder" are long gone. She's been going hard this entire tour and that no doubt only added to her pain and causes flare ups. Maybe we should instead ask her to be a little softer next time.

    Wait, it's postponed, not cancelled, right?
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  11. I know, I didn't mean that to come across the wrong way. I am really worried for her, it was mainly aimed at the user who said they hope she makes it to middle age.

    I still think she's got a long career ahead of her, she just needs to cut down some choreography on her next tour.
  12. My ticket for the Birmingham show just got delivered.

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  13. It's for the best. A postponement is much better than the cancellation I had hoped would never happen, and early 2018 is not that far away. I'm sure all pre existing purchased tickets will be honoured. She just needs to focus on herself now.
  14. Heartbroken but I knew it was coming and it's for the best. Glad I chose to save £5 and book the non-refundable hotel room though...
  15. If it's hotels and flights, maybe write them a cute email and ask for a refund? When Rihanna postponed her tour we were flying Transavia and they have a no-refund / change strict rule but after a nice PM on Facebook they changed our flights.
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  16. I'm seeing Allie X on her rescheduled date today so lemme pray Gaga doesn't cancel and actually come here.

    Very glad I bought ticket insurance though, I had a feeling I'd need it...
  17. Really sad, as I have never seen Gags before, but obviously there's nothing that can be done. She's a machine and tirelessly tries to give her fans everything she can, so I can imagine she's pretty torn about this.

    That's Ariana and Gaga who've had to cancel the shows I was seeing them at this year now, not a good year! Hopefully the Gaga reschedule happens when she's well again.
  18. My next best hope is that she reschedules for the same weekend I have Hamilton tickets for because I don't know if I can afford 2 trips to London in January.

    Watch her reschedule for the same night as my Hamilton tickets
  19. Oh.

    Me sitting in my Birmingham hotel room the night of October 15.
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