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Lady Gaga - The Joanne World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Has she been reading this thread with all of us getting our refunds? Kii

    Make me regret my decision a bit.
  2. Barcelona Jan 14th
    Barcelona Jan 16th
    Milan Jan 18th
    Amsterdam Jan 20th
    Antwerp Jan 22nd
    Birmingham Jan 31st
    Birmingham Feb 1st
    London Feb 4th
    Manchester Feb 6th
    London Feb 8th
    Hamburg Jan 24th
    Zurich Feb 11th
    Cologne Feb 13th
    Stockholm Feb 15th
    Copenhagen Feb 17th
    Paris Feb 20th
    Paris Feb 21st
    Berlin Feb 23rd

    Source livenation and
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  3. Can anyone swap a standing ticket for the 8th (previously the 11th Oct show) for the 4th?
  4. Perched!
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  5. Hamburg Jan 24th
    Zurich Feb 11th

    The Grammys are Jan 28th in New York. That's a long enough break to fly in, in fact its even a long enough break to perform!
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  6. LP


    Crying and shaking! Come through Mama. I'm so excited! (hope flights aren't too dear to Berlin and Birmingham).... oh dear.

    Edit: the Berlin gig is on a Friday night come through The Lab @Vasilios
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  7. Just bought Berlin tickets again, see you there Mawma!
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  8. LP


    I. Can't. I'm so excited! Best day ever... I was supposed to see her this Sunday too - this had taken me out of that dark, dark Gaga void!
  9. Ohmygod I might actually get tickets this time!!!! So excited!!!
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  10. “Original tix are still valid” sis I didn’t even receive my Birmingham date ones
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  11. Does anyone want my Koln/Cologne ticket I can't go anymore...
  12. Same.
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  13. LP


    Oh no, that's really sad. I hope you can get a ticket for another show.
  14. That's good it's the same day of the week so I could feasibly go without taking time off. I guess next weekend will just be like..a trial run? See how much I like Copenhagen?
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  15. You can ask for a refund?
  16. Ddddd I'm a mess I bought London tickets too.

    Inner Me: One date is fine
    Also inner me: No.
  17. Not on resale.

    No worries I'm going in London and went to 2 other shows. Was excited about seeing Germany though!
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  18. Yes it doesn't crash with my holiday plans so I'm very happy. And now Amsterdam is on a Saturday too! Woo!
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  19. See you there zad
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