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Lady Gaga - The Joanne World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Pray for us
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  2. So if you were going October 9th (the first London date) are your tickets valid for Feb 4th since that’s the first of the new London dates? Is that how this works?
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    Oh very good. It's very sad when fans miss out on their faves.
  4. RJF


    It's a low-key scream that this tour has gone through postponement and rescheduling and will still be over before Katy's European dates happening in 2042.
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  5. I'll never get over my sister pointing out that her birthday present from me of Katy tickets were given to her age 20, ahead of her 21st birthday, and she'll be 22 when she sees the show.

    Queen of Time.
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  6. C'mon it not being my Hamilton date.

    C'mon not needing time off work.

    C'mon it being around my birthday.
  7. Also wondering this
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  9. So thrilled for all you euro hunties!!!
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  10. We had a travelodge booked for the initial London date. They are very flexible and cheap and there’s loads around in London. Waterloo or Southwark are central, decent areas and have the Jubilee line which go straight to the O2.

    Not the most luxurious though.
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  11. I’ve just booked cheap flights and a non refundable hotel (which was probably a mistake in hindsight) but I HAVE FAITH.
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    I'm getting insurance on everything. The Berlin gig is the last one too so I'm a little worried - but sending out those positive Joanne Vibes xoxo
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  14. I just asked for a refund for a Barcelona ticket and bought a better seat YAS!
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  15. 19E421C5-1FEB-4628-92C5-6D09103F02A7.jpeg

    ddddd not be actually being offered a refund and y’all have to jump through hoops to get one
  16. They’re just working on the premise that most people would probably still wish to attend rather than getting a refund. It mentions how to get a refund literally 4 lines into the email (after telling people who still want to attend what they have to do).
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  17. ... ok
  18. So glad the dates are confirmed!

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  19. What do we think is the best way of going about swapping a ticket for the o2 4th to the 8th? There must be a little monsters swap shop set-up?
  20. Your best would be the Facebook event page. And seems 4th is sold out while 8 still has tickets. Why not try and get the 4th ones refunded and then buy 8 ones?
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