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Lady Gaga - The Joanne World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 31, 2017.

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  2. Will see the Joanne World Tour in a month and one day. I am so perched
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  3. I wonder what surprise is she going to have for us on the next show. XXxxxxXXXcited!!!!
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  4. Yesss I was there for clip 1
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  5. Did you get any on you?
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  6. Honor your vomit
  7. I was fuming about the Monster Ball Zone or whatever needed 'wackyyyy±±;' outfits that I only went once and got level 1 tickets. Flop fan.
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  8. D0169654-CD6B-4D8B-A84E-AE1FF001E375.jpeg I love the Joanne Tour lithograph poster I got! It’s super thick and good quality. Also #mascGagaposter
  9. Does anyone happen to have JWT lithograph poster in HQ?
  10. Really need one standing ticket for 8th Feb in London - I refunded my purchase because I cant attend that rescheduled date and stupidly forgot I had got my friend a ticket on my account too (who is still wanting to go). Rang ticketmaster when the refund came through and I noticed my mistake but the ticket is gone apparently....
  11. They're only like 100 on resale
  12. Flights and accommodation fully booked once more for Copenhagen... honestly Joanne...just remove your spectral foot from the throat of my bank account...
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  13. Who thinks we’re getting a release of this show? I’m guessing no, per usual.
  14. Do any concert tours even get 'releases' anymore? Madonna...Taylor on AppleMusic...any other major ones? It seems few and far between.
  15. As far as people I can think of...


    To name a few. I don’t know why they’ve stopped releasing them. I feel like even though physical formats are dead, people would buy it if it’s the only way they’re able to see the show. It’s just a waste of a good opportunity for money and suckish for us fans.
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  16. I've just realised I'm seeing this in 4 weeks today in Birmingham (1st Feb). I still can't believe the last time I saw her live was in February 2010 in Liverpool. Where have the past 8 years gone?! Anyway, I'm very excited!
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  18. Less than 3 weeks for me. Any tips on merch?
  19. Everything fits pretty standardly and the quality is decent. The poster is good, it's very thick and looks great framed. It's just pretty standard otherwise
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