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Lady Gaga - The Joanne World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. LP


    Is this actually happening? The Brazillian fans on FB ate being a tad extra and I live! Can Janet follow suit now please?
  2. She's arrived in Barcelona.

  3. [​IMG]

    Love the outfit hate the hair.
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  4. Hello Boobs.
    I love that shade of pink too.
    But yeah, her hair looking like that makes me miss the days of weirdly shaped wigs and colors.
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  5. I kinda live for the casual Brigitte Nielsen look myself.
  6. RJF



    Outfit is very... hanging off the arm of a 1970s Bond villain at the craps tables in a casino and switching sides halfway through the film after some problematic sex with Sean Connery, but I guess it should be expected since we're in her Vegas era now.
  7. [​IMG]

    Little monsters, you’re in for a treat! Lady Gaga’s bassist Jonny Goood opened up about the Joanne world tour and more in this exclusive interview with Us Weekly.

    “Before I had the opportunity to work alongside her, I always felt like she was our generation’s David Bowie. She’s an icon,” he told Us. “When I first met her, I tried to shake her hand and she just gave me a hug, and from that point on … It was endearing. I didn’t feel like she was the icon I knew she was because she had such a humble spirit.”

    The rising star, who considers the “Bad Romance” songstress to be an innovator in the music game added: “[Gaga] really extends herself to be great, and she treats everyone with love and kindness. She takes care of all of us, and she demands excellence out of us too.”

    Of playing alongside the “Born This Way” performer, who is planning her upcoming Vegas residency, the former police officer turned musician gushed: “My favorite part [of being on tour] is actually just being in an environment where you’re not held back. It’s a really family-oriented environment that they helped create and they allow me to do my own thing as an artist.”

    He continued: “No one gets in each other’s way, there’s no arguments, there’s no fights, it’s just really like a family business. People actually love being around [Gaga]. We had Christmas parties and she shows up to the birthdays and it’s just like we don’t even look at her as Gaga. She leaves what she does on the stage, and that’s what I appreciate about her.”

    Traveling on a world tour doesn’t come without its challenges. “I feel like being away from home and being away from my musical setup and not being able to sleep in the same bed, that sometimes gets hard,” Goood explained to Us. “It’s definitely a great experience, but at the same time, you have to make sure you’re mentally prepared. Your body has to be in shape, you have to make sure you’re eating right too. A lot of people get sick on tour if they don’t take care of themselves.”

    Adding to the fun, the “Sirens” performer, who discovered that he could rap and play the bass at the same time, created his own genre of music called bass-hop. When the star is not playing sold out arenas on the Joanne tour, he’s touring with his group, Jonny Goood and the Triple O’s. “I can go from being at the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas [with Gaga] to performing at a small 100-person club that next day or that night. I think this is really one of the first tours where I felt like I was free to just be myself, man, express myself.”

    He is soooo fine!

    One of the many things that has been consistent in her career is that everyone always says she's so humble and sweet. It's really nice to know that Gaga has remained that way and will continue to.
  8. It's a real pity she's not coming to my country. She's got rabid fans in here. I don't count myself among them but she's a good performer and I'd like to see her one day.
  9. LP


    Do you happen to be from Brazil? Bom Dia!
  10. Screaming. The pic. The caption.
  11. Not yet. Are you going on the 1st?
  12. Yes!!
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  13. Yaaaas see you there
  14. She is one of us! Bring the bops!
  15. 25 days til Manchester and I CAN'T WAIT. I'm feeling definitely overdue seeing Gaga and I'm BUZZIN to loose my shit to Scheibe. Never been to Manchester or the arena before and going with my best friend who was there that night of Ariana so it's bound to be special and emotional.
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  16. Mexico
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  17. Have you recieved your tickets yet?

    I'm going to Birmingham on the 31st and just realised I've not had anything. It feels quite close to the date?
  18. SCREAM. When will Punk The Funk.
  19. My friend got ours off Viagogo and I'm sure we've got ours yeah. I'd follow that up.
  20. I'm pretty sure she's not gonna do a dvd for this tour. I hope she at least does a livestream for the final show.
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