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Lady Gaga - The Joanne World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. I understand the frustration as well. I've been there before and I didn't say Vegas was going to magically cure her fibromyalgia but some people are acting like she cant perform again. People are making up their own rumors about her canceling Vegas. Also I was referring to Mariah's Australian leg instead of the european one. Made a mistake. Like I said I understand why people might think twice before purchasing tickets but there's really nothing we can do but hope she doesn't cancel. All I'm saying is that being in Vegas would be much more convenient for her instead of traveling on planes every other day. Hope I'm not coming off as acerbic or argumentative just giving my opinion nonchalantly.
  2. Vegas seems to be the best way for her to keep touring for now. The weather is good for her fibromyalgia and she doesn't have to travel every week. She will be fine.
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  3. But Vas ending up stranded in Vegas is a hell of a lot better than being stranded in Cologne! You can go see Derrick Barry
  4. @Vasilios was fighting for bottoms rights in Cologne, bottoms died

    ...nobody died at the Joanne Tour?
  5. My bank account did considering I booked my train tickets and hotel the day before she cancelled

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  6. Oh it was the London show, my friend said it should be automatically transferred into my account in the next few days.
  7. When I was in London this weekend, people that I met on my nights out were like 'so what brings you to London?' and I'd reply with 'oh, well it was for the Gaga concert...' and before I could finish everyone was like 'OMG YAS that is gonna be INSANE, you must be so excited!'

    '...But it got cancelled' I said while entering another moment of pure and utter gay sadness.

    Then I see her 'I miss you' posts on instagram next morning and repeat said gay sadness.
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  8. I just realized this is the 7th time she's cancelled on me and I've only seen her 8 times...anyone moderately sane might see this as an opportunity to relax with the ticket buying but that's not my style.
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  9. Try flying to and staying in Copenhagen twice
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  10. Same
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  11. I should have been LIVING it up in Manchester the now.

    *sniff sniff*
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  12. Me too. I know how you feel.
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  13. How do we go about refunds? It said from today we can inquire about refunds from the point of purchase - mine was Ticketmaster, how do I go about doing so?
  14. UK refunds are done automatically, via credit card.
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  15. Got mine through Get Me In and they said I don't need to do anything and that the money will transfer into my account automatically, unless they ask me for my physical ticket to be sent back over to them.
  16. Anyone know how long the refund will take to go into my account?
  17. It says starting Feb 6 and will take up to 15 days.
  18. That's so ugly, thanks bae x
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  19. Just got my first refund which is bittersweet, but it finally feels real...
  20. I’m feeling quite down about it today. I should have been on the train to London right now.

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