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Lady Gaga - The Joanne World Tour

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Germans came through! Just got my Berlin refund.
    Thanks Germany and @BloodShyBait
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  2. Got my second refund too. Bye Joanne xx
  3. Just waiting on my third...RIP
  4. I just got my refund and my GetMeIn sale money for the other tickets I sold months back

    It's also pay day today so ya girl is feeling flush
  5. I'm off to do a haul from IKEA tomorrow morning for my apartment, GetMeIn funding my domestic plans.

    Ready to start the coin saving for the next back with a bang Gaga era!
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  6. I am still crushed about this. It was the one thing I was seriously looking forward to.
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  7. Got my ticket refund and also an email from the train company to say I’ll get my refund in the next week.
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  8. PayPal me?
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  9. Remember that time you slated Little Mix? I haven’t forgotten.
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  10. Don't forget all that money you wasted on travel / hotels though babes xx
  11. I remembered yesterday that for the Berlin flights they changed airports (the one near me is having world done - so they have a coach get everyone to a nearby city and fly from there) so I called yesterday and got a refund. Thanks Joanne xx
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  12. Joanne: The savins plan
  13. I’d managed to avoid all setlist spoilers but I’ve just read that her encore was Million Reasons and suddenly I’m not that fussed about missing this tour.
  14. I think I also made £200 or so from the UK pound being stronger now compared to when I bought the two packages haha.

    A Cypriot fan met her in Milan and when he said he's from Cyprus she went 'ela moraki mou' ('come, my baby') - which is a very affectionate way to speak to anyone, awwww. She had a Cypriot boyfriend, in the past right?
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  15. I hate you
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  16. :*
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  17. I dunno if anyone already posted this but it made me emotionalll.
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  18. Lady Gaga - Joanne World Tour:

    U$ 94.911.783 gross — U$ 1.936.975

    841.935 tickets — 17.182

    49 / 49



    Live Nation
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  19. She is the queen of making me cry.
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  20. The thought hit me today that I might have missed my last chance of seeing 'Bloody Mary' or 'Scheiße' live as I missed the Born This Way Ball. Fuck.
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