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Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek / Love for Sale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Retsaf, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. The Spotify canvas is footage from what may be a music video/the documentary—it’s very sweet, just them in the studio.
  2. I really love the artwork. That sort of jazzy modernist 50s collage is pitch perfect.
  3. This whole thing is kind of bittersweet, thinking about how much of a positive influence Tony was on Gaga's life, and how this is the last time they'll be working together. But I am happy they get to do it once more.
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  4. I like the artwork but the typography is ... not it for me. This isn't a project for me but I am happy that she is indulging in the things she loves!
  5. [​IMG]

    Alternative Target exclusive cover.
  6. I would have loved if they actually stamped it, or at least gave it that illusion.
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  7. Target has and alternative cover with 2 bonus tracks


    1 - It's De-Lovely
    2 - Night and Day
    3 - Love For Sale
    4 - Do I Love You - Lady Gaga solo track
    5 - I've Got You Under My Skin
    6 - I Concentrate On You
    7 - I Get a Kick Out of You
    8 - So In Love - Tony Bennett solo track
    9 - Let's Do It - Lady Gaga solo track
    10 - Dream Dancing
    11 - Just One of Those Things - Tony Bennett solo track
    12 - You're The Top
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  9. Yeah, I think if it wasn't so clean/perfect on the album the font would work better but some texture or actually being stamped would make it feel like a proper choice.
  10. He sounds great for a man singing in his 90s, I can't get over that. I love their voices together, and knowing this makes her happy makes me happy.

    Anddd I can't wait for her solo songs.
  11. Now tell me why listening to that made me all misty.
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  12. Seems it was filmed this day in May 2018

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  13. Formats:

    Standard CD / Cassette / Vinyl
    Yellow Vinyl
    Deluxe CD with Alt Cover (Target)
    Deluxe Vinyl with Alt Cover (Target/HMV/FNAC etc)
    CD + DVD (Cheek To Cheek Live)
    2LP Boxset with slipmat & cleaning cloth (Standard & Cheek To Cheek vinyl)
    Deluxe Boxset
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  14. Do you have links to the yellow and the slip mat?
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  16. RMK


    Was hoping this image would become an alternate vinyl cover. Love the colors here.
  17. I think this is the back cover
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  18. Now why am I in it
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