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Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek / Love for Sale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Retsaf, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Their friendship is everything.
  2. Looking forward to this, the video on the Spotify visual is so sweet.

    The cover is cute but what is that font...
  3. Someone transcribed Gaga's thank you's from the booklet that can be seen in one of the mockups:

    Dear Tony,

    I wish to thank you and you only for this album. You called me once a week, for many weeks, advocating for the importance of honoring Cole Porter as one of the greatest songwriters in American history - you said we should make an entire record of his music. We then made this album together as we promised each other. We made it with your family, the Benedettos, who embraced me as family - for this I am forever grateful. Your passion, your talent, your gift have shined bright upon the world your whole life.

    I am deeply grateful to have witnessed, stood next to, and sang along a glimmer of your soul - your commitment to people, to racial justice, to your family and to your friends. You are my teacher, my friend, my partner in music. I love and cherish you. Thank you for all you have shared with me, I will carry it forever and someday will do for someone what you've done for me. Whenever I'm down I remember what you always say: Straight Ahead. You remind me to keep going. I will. We all will.

    Thank you Tony, your legacy is of a legend that has blessed the world for all of time.



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  4. God I’m crying
  5. The artwork and packaging is all very nicely done. Much better than Cheek to Cheek which was a decent photoshoot with awful design choices.
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  6. Help! Does anyone know if a Target preorder can be cancelled? I asked a US friend to preorder the Target vinyl for me, but the HMV one is identical so I’d rather just get it here and save on postage etc. Can that be done?
  7. This reads as a farewell letter and now I'm misting.
  8. Yes, they should be able to just go into the Target app, go to their purchases and hit 'cancel order'
  9. Ohh thank you! I’ll ask him to try. Much appreciated!
  10. Make sure he does it ASAP because I once couldn’t get something cancelled because it “processed”
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  11. Is the second disc on the Fnac boxset a live cd or the dvd of the show? Because it just says disc 2 live on the Fnac description. Same on her website where it says live album.
    I already have the bluray of the show so I hope it’s a live album.
  12. Ohh I'm on it! Thanks!
  13. They sound great together. I missed her Jazz voice.

    Also, I love this pic. Screaming @ the engagement ring from Christian though. This project has been collecting dust for ages dd.

  14. RJF


    The art direction for this album is so much better than Steven Klein's taxidermy shoot for Cheek To Cheek. There's so much colour and fun to it.

    I have no feelings on or interest in the jazz projects overall but it does always seem to bring out this curiously endearing side of her that maybe doesn't get to flourish in the pressure cooker of fronting her own career with her own songs, or even her own acting roles. She gets to sing some songs with gay abandon in the presence of a dear friend, and the rollouts always feel so... pleasurable, smooth and low stakes, unlike her own campaigns which are just a stressful comedy of errors right out the gate. It felt like such a weird pivot at the time but it has made more and more sense as time has gone on. It makes for good palate cleansing.

    She sounds incredible on the new track, but it goes without saying. I hope promoting the record is a happy experience rather than a sad one.
  15. Interesting that they’ve chosen to skip Grammy deadline this time around
  16. I keep thinking about that video from the Grammys pre-show of Gaga spotting Tony being interviewed on the red carpet, rushing over to him immediately, and discreetly singing to him while they hugged so he would be more at ease during the interview.
  17. It ain't a Gaga show without a mess like this lol. Go queen keep 'em fuming!
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  18. Their friendship really is so sweet and wholesome. I'll admit I didn't care much for Cheek to Cheek at the time (even though I casually enjoy listening), but I'm really looking forward to this release because it's so special for many reasons.
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