Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek / Love for Sale

The fact they attracted the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the Chief Executive Officer of Netflix, Jon Bon Jovi, and legendary Hollywood actors to attend the show tonight. Can you say legendaric?!
And a legendary cabaret star!
A well deserved retirement and it's kind of sweet his friendship with Gaga over their shared love for music has brought him into the ears of a younger generation that may have never heard him sing before she collaborated with him.
And her stating in that letter to him that she wants to be that person to a younger artist someday or whatever is still making me emotional to think about.
Definitely going to try and get tickets to the Stratford event since I literally live there, I just wonder how much the tickets will be dd.
Apparently the livestream will be available on Westfield's website and you don't have to actually go there, just need to make a Westfield account. I just tried to register for Paris and they sent me an email with a link to watch the event on september 30th.

So Love For Sale will face competition from Taylor’s Fearless vinyls and Drake’s 4th week. Sad that her #1 streak might be broken. Still hope Bobby can pull through, though.
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I don't think Love for Sale ever had a chance at a #1 debut honestly. Drake, Lil Nas, Olivia (and probably more) were already tough competition. Her "studio albums" streak is still going.

Also, the vinyls are for Fearless and they're back to Sept 3rd nn.