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Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek / Love for Sale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Retsaf, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. If Gags and Bobby want that #1 spot, there's only one 15,000-an hour selling queen to call

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  2. nn I vividly remember watching this on the floor of my dorm room. The little jazzster jumped out.
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  3. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they pushed this back a little bit. They’re going up against streaming giants such as Drake and Lil Nas X and now Fearless’ vinyl sales, it’s going to be tough.
  4. It'd make sense to push it back too, it's more of a crimbo release no?
  5. Tony is rereleasing his holiday album this year and Love For Sale is not Christmas music (even though I'm sure it'll be pushed as a good gift) so not sure that would make sense.

    I doubt with the promo lined up they will push. It's sad this will likely not go #1 though, but it was bound to happen at some point a decade later.
  6. Yeah, they’ve already pushed it back a ton prior to finally settling on the October date (we were supposed to have this in the spring). Doubt it’ll move now that they’ve got actual promo lined up.
  7. I'd be mad as hell if I loaned her 2018 looks only for her to debut them in 2021.
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  8. RMK


    I don’t know when the documentary is airing, or what else they have in store for that week. Number one isn’t out of the question if there’s a solid push happening.
  9. Yeah, there's a MTV unplugged, documentary, Netflix (?) special all coming - they would be smart to do it that week, along with signed copies. She also was at some photo studios so I could see solo interviews/covers happening, likely would be for the film but cross promo never hurt.
  10. She and Tony were seen filming with Anderson Cooper separately, so I’m guessing there’s a 60 minutes special coming as well (and probably GMA promo as usual)
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  11. Yes Check II Check will sell but we need a No 1 too.
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  12. Well in that case

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  13. I still don‘t understand why this is coming out a week after Grammy deadline.
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  14. Some ADs showing up for the album & live performance she's doing.

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  15. The filter....the proper signature...

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  16. There is/was signed copies available?
  17. Most likely prepping for release week
  18. Pat


    They are randomly giving away signed art cards to whoever is pre-ordering 'Love For Sale' on the Dutch official store.
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  19. A gorgeous, sweet shot of them!
  20. These are apparently Alt Covers 2 & 3 - I wonder if the 4th she’s referring to is just the Target one?
    98B71E35-A3C1-4BC7-8FA0-FCB470F15367.jpeg 18BAC3A2-1BA2-415F-8515-745E9E134F6F.jpeg
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