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Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek / Love for Sale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Retsaf, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. These alt covers are giving
  2. Let’s hope the boomers fall for it
  3. Damn, she takes a few seconds to write her name properly. No wonder she was serving Ls and Is when she had to sign thousands of copies dddd.

    I really like these alt covers and the art direction is nice. That font, though.
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  4. I wonder if her team made her post about proper signatures to make people order again after receiving signed dots for Chromatica.
  5. Of course she'd do proper signatures while being filmed, the Ls start later on.
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  6. Also title track coming this Friday.
  7. Pretty amazing.

    Love For Sale (Music Video) this friday on MTV.
    The "One Last Time" Show will be for Thanksgiving on CBS then streaming on Paramount+
    MTV Unplugged (No date yet).
    "The Lady and The Legend" documentary for Paramount+ (No date yet).
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  8. RMK


    I'm surprised none of those are coming release week? It's strange. She has so much lined up, but she seems so detached and missing. She's either taking a much needed break, or really not feeling anything right now.
  9. It's kinda smart to give it a push through Holiday Season for some longevity instead of burning all cards for debut week since the #1 is a hard position right now. But they'll probably have some tricks in their sleeve. We already know about signed copies so.
  10. Oh double post but

  11. A 30-second snippet of the title track surfaced a while ago, so it makes sense it's being released next.
  12. So not one but 3 streaming concerts for Love For Sale and none for Chromatica. Hm, ok…
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  13. I was about to post a "Chad Michaels about to die so Ru probably wanted him to be happy" joke but realized it was probably way too somber.
  14. They're seemingly treating this era as a last hurrah for Tony as opposed to targeted album promo so the extended releases make sense. She's probably mostly focused on Gucci so I get the detachment.
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  15. The title track is available now!
  16. Gaga’s voice is stunning.
  17. Wrong topic?
  18. I assume they’re posting it because it’s being released the same day as Love For Sale.
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