Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek / Love for Sale

Tony’s team… they’re legends. Knowing the album would miss a #1 and then just sacrificing some copies but getting into Grammy deadline… nice touch.
I think this is Gaga’s team here (dd)

Kidding maybe, it's just that Cheek to Cheek and now Love For Sale were really smart campaigns and managed to get everything together. Something that didn't happen for her ~PopSphere for some time now.

I think the live performances\projects were a bit divisive at first, but they were nice strategies to sell the record without having them going full promo blitz. And of course the Documentary which is something very special. It's always great to have footage from Studio.
The solo Cheek to Cheek photos by Steven Klein are some of my favorite images of her

I love the album trailer! Just watched it a few times. Beautiful. Their friendship is heartwarming and they work so well together.
Gaga's fans are attacking this Rolling Stone journalist following his 3/5 star review of the album.

While I think he's entitled to his own opinion, and Twitter stans are just sad, the way he's constantly denying that 3/5 stars is a 60% review is funny because...3 divided by 5 is literally 60% mess.

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