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Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek / Love for Sale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Retsaf, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Is that the Target cover? If so, yes - at Target. Unsure about overseas.
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  2. Not her official Spotify....
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  3. Let me buy a copy because I refuse to see her lose the #1 album to The Script of all people in the U.K.

  4. The quote in the caption made me tear up.
  5. In her new interviews she keeps saying she's been singing jazz since she was 11. RIP I've been singing jazz since I was 13 PR talking point.
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  6. *adds this next to her saying she’s not actually 5’2, so I can start a theory that she’s been cloned and replaced*
  7. What's next, Bradley wasn't the only one out of the 99 people in the room that believed in her?
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  8. RMK


    They changed the covers again on her playlists, and thank god for that. Choosing an image of mainly Tony for Cheek to Cheek makes this feel rushed, though.

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  9. Gagadaily actually made it quickly and asked her team to replace it ddd

  10. I actually like both (Chrom missing aside)?
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  11. RJF


  12. I heard a rumour that what she cooked for him everyday wasn’t actually leftover pasta, how fucked up.
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  13. The original was basically this meme that was going around a few months ago

  14. I’m just thankful to have a new song that expands the Gaga Addressing Brian Newman cinematic universe.
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  15. Where are the "You're The Top" memes? The decay.
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  16. On track for top 5 with 35-40k

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  17. This and Cheek to Cheek were weird for me. I've *always* adored music from the 20s/30s/40s. I adore Tony. I adore all of Gaga's albums. And yet I really, really don't like the way she sings this material. She completely nails it...but it sounds so forced and almost like an impersonation. That's about the only way I can describe it. On paper I should be all over these albums, but they leave me cold.
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    Sad she’s missing the top by such a wide margin. This release really did get lost in the shuffle.
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  19. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    If I’ve said it once on this forum I’ve said it a million times: the issue is her phrasing. It’s better now than it was in 2014 but because she’s singing in a specific ‘tone’ (calling it an impersonation is less kind, though you’re not wrong), some of the most basic things she should be thinking about are just totally out the window. Sounding like a jazz singer is maybe the least important part of actually singing these songs, and yet it feels like the most important one to her. She sounds charismatic and charming, but the way she actually phrases the lyrics is just so wrong and it just throws me out of the whole experience every single time.

    A great example of this on the new record is the intro to Night and Day. She sounds manic because she’s singing it all in one breath for god knows what reason, and then the contrast with Tony is so stark that all the chemistry that they do have just goes out the window.
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