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Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek / Love for Sale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Retsaf, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. I’m no expert when it comes to jazz music and I think @Lila sums everything up perfectly. But I’ve also always felt Gaga doing jazz like it’s a musical/theatre if you know what I mean? She takes the genre and approaches it like she’s singing in a musical production.
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  2. This is exactly it dd.
  3. So she’s the Rachel Berry of jazz?
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  4. Yeah, this is how I feel as well. I don't listen to jazz so my only frame of reference is Tony Bennet when he's performing with her but where he comes across dapper and playful, she just attacks everything at full throttle and mostly keeps the intensity at a 10 to the point where it becomes a showcase for her instead of interpreting the music. It's all a bit... stiff and mannered where Tony is just smooth and natural. I love when she brings her theatricality to pop music but I'm not sure it works in jazz, it certainly doesn't endear me to the genre.
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  5. Beautiful piece. Made me cry. Amazing to see Tony light up when he walks on stage and it was so cute how happy it made Gaga when he said her name.
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  6. ddd I was thinking about Glee when I wrote my post.
  7. RMK


    She definitely cared about this debuting high based off the amount of social media posts and pop-up variants. Things definitely weren’t this heavy for Chromatica.
  8. RJF


    The way her mailing list is bombarding me to buy this and still ain’t getting a single coin. When are the Love For Sale jockstraps coming?
  9. If you want some underwear
    Follow me and climb the stairs
    Love for sale
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  10. Jazz is best instrumental.
  11. RMK


    Yeah… the public didn’t really eat this up. This is the first project in awhile that really didn’t take off without heavy promotion.

  12. Are they ever shipping the vinyl boxset from her official store?
  13. There is even a chance it ends up at 11 so get ready little jazzters. The concert specials should have aired this week I guess.
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  14. They really dropped the ball.
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  15. This is all accurate and well articulated, but isn't this also largely true of... her entire career? I mean, I don't think I've ever experienced nuance or restraint from her, why would it start now? Artifice and performativeness run through everything she does. And, yet, I don't find her performance on the album without charm.
  16. I mean, yeah, that’s true, but I feel like it’s a bit different when you’re dealing with jazz as opposed to a balls to the wall pop song. It’s just an observation since she’s the one talking about how jazz is about breaking the rules and being rebellious, etc. when her take on it is anything but.
  17. Has anyone else bought the 3 alternative cover bundle from her UK store? And if so, did you also receive 3 copies of the same cover?
  18. I've seen people get theirs but mine was delayed to mid November. I did pick one up from Barnes and Noble though as I realize they have different covers, unsure if they ship to where you live.
  19. Because that's sort of the responsibility of her role. She's not meshing with the music here – she's on top of it. And it's fine if that's what she's doing, but it sounds jarring when what she's saying she's doing isn't what she's actually doing. (Drag Race meme here)

    Her balls-to-the-wall approach, as @mindtrappa said, works in essentially everything else she's done, because there's an artificial theatricality and bombast that can be exploited in other genres she's tackled. But to sing songs like these well, this requires far more dynamic range and openness. Her going in to this material just doing Gaga-by-numbers featuring a caricature of a "jazz voice" makes it apparent that she's done all of the work needed for this project except on herself.

    And many singers do this. I get it. But there's again, a difference between "I am a lounge performer singing The Songbook" and "I am setting myself up for more critique than I've bargained for because the language I've used talking about this project indicates I am suddenly a ~serious~ student of jazz." And that isn't to sound elitist either. But it's like her hyperbole, which is often charming, has set her up for this to appear like fancy dress instead of a glove, and it rubs me the wrong way. Which is a shame, because it's not a complete "failure". There are definite flashes of brilliance on her part here. (Which in turn, makes me more frustrated for 'what could have been or could be.')

    Also – this wasn't part of the original point, but a thought. Contextually, I understand her need to also bring up Amy Winehouse in interviews, but that does her no favors. Saying "It would've been Amy and not me" doesn't come off as humility, rather self-defeat. They are two totally different vocalists with different intents, skill sets, and lived experiences. I truly believe Amy would've supported her. And instead of being able to just critique Gaga for her own merits, there's now an impossible comparison point set to contend with in the back of the mind.
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  20. Me catching myself silently agreeing with Gaga when she said Tony would have been working with Amy instead of her dd. It definitely does her no favors bringing her up in that context. I don’t even like comparing artists like that, because Gaga is of course technically great at what she’s doing here, but am I supposed to say Amy wouldn’t have eaten her up? It’s like having two people paint a still life: one paints it exactly as they see it, while the other interprets it as their own. Both are good, but which one is going to be more exciting?
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