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Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek / Love for Sale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Retsaf, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Thanks! I'm in the UK so surely they would have shipped everything this week so it charts?
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  2. The poor intern working her mailing list has been busy this week.

    I’m not at all surprised that the commercial reaction to this has been so mild. Cheek to Cheek worked as a “Gaga goes Lady” rebrand after ARTPOP, but past that gimmick, the veneer of Gaga doing jazz wears off quickly. It’s also not really a massive shock that her diehard fanbase support might be waning somewhat after the disaster of the last year or so.

    I completely agree that her take on the genre is desperately lacking in innovation and experimentation, which sadly isn’t an uncommon thing in her output these days. Tony getting the sendoff he deserves ultimately makes the record necessary, and that’s about it.
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  3. Yeah. I've been saying this for years, but I would gladly take a solo album where she explores jazz through a different lens and within a different context - especially if she wants to keep on doing the genre going forward. She could really tap back into that place of forward-thinking she left behind by mixing her own jazzy compositions with her electronic sensibilities, and it would make sense within her own mythology. Which is exactly why her next solo album will be more Pacha Ibiza beatdrops and Kiis FM production by resident quirky hilarious nerd Bloodp*p!
  4. I don't get why they haven't aired yet! Seems like the perfect time
  5. I'd be okay with her releasing another jazz album in the future if it was all original music she wrote, to be honest. She could even throw in a few jazz-ified greatest hits of her pop stuff to pad the tracklist a bit. If it made her happy to make it, if she put her all into it, and she gave a few fucks to actually promote it, why not?
  6. Nothing on Love For Sale reaches this, but moments like it reminds me why we're so lucky to have her doing jazz. A career highlight that's always overlooked.

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  7. I think what would really help the album would've been one of the covers being worked as a radio single, kinda like No Doubt's It's My Life or Lana's Doin' Time. Like, old song yes but reworked for current playlists and radio. As it is this ha sonly reached the diehards.
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  8. I'm sure the TV special will get her an Emmy, bringing her one step closer to an EGOT, and maybe they'll even throw them a sympathy Grammy nod so all is not lost.
  9. It’s giving

    I forgot how awful this mix was
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  10. This but not awful, yes.
  11. RJF


    38K is… tragic. I thought trying to get people to buy things was the one thing you could count on Gagger to actually turn up for these days. Is the strategy of only showing face with a Bitly link losing its effect?
  12. Why does this sound like a concept album.
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  13. Everything she does is just so impersonal now. It’s not surprising that after a year and half her fans aren’t exactly jumping to support her endeavors.
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  14. I know coming in at like… #7… has to sting. And I really hope it does. Loyal fans are only loyal when they’re given reason to be.

    She needs to get her shit together, course correct and deliver what the fans actually want, not what she thinks they do. It’s really not as hard to do as they’re making it for themselves.
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  15. This is honestly what I've been wondering. I know that in the "grand scheme of things, it really doesn't matter", but the result is a little off since they pushed it for some numbers: the livestream, signed copies, "digital signed copies" and then Vinyl variants, which most of her fans would love to collect...

    There's still the Documentary + 2 live shows being released, so it might help later, but it is an awkward debut.
  16. This isn't jazz specific either... She will continue to have less and less of an overwhelming response the further distance she keeps her fans from her. And with this album, I honestly want it to receive more- not for Gaga- but for Tony. I'm glad they've gotten to do some promo, and have more ready and coming over the next month or two.
    But, anyways, yeah, impersonal is a good way to describe it all.
  17. Guys, my deluxe vinyl arrived today, but despite the artwork tracklist saying 12 tracks(6 on each side), there are only 10 tracks on the actual vinyl. Has anyone here experienced this? A friend of mine who ordered his from HMV has the same issue, so it must be a fairly widespread problem.
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  18. It seems all deluxe copies from Europe and UK are wrong (HMV, Fnac, JPC, etc). Only the one from Target in the US is correct.
    But I think I read somewhere that the box set with Love for Sale and Cheek to Cheek has the deluxe correct copy, but I'm not 100% sure about this.

    Edit: Also, someone said JPC informed that the record company has no plan to replace them...
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  19. Wow! Serious error, and if that’s true about them not replacing them, that opens up a gigantic can of worms. It’s false advertising for a start. Anyone who bought it expecting 12 tracks presumably has a right to a full refund. We paid extra for a deluxe item after all. I’ll be intrigued to see where this goes.
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  20. Go get them I'd say. Gaga is milking her fans with trashy 60$ pillows so don't take this one. Especially with her own shop.
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