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Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett - Cheek to Cheek / Love for Sale

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Retsaf, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. A friend of mine just received this from HMV regarding the deluxe vinyl issue:

    I mean, it's something, but I wouldn't be happy with that. I'd prefer that the deluxe edition be replaced entirely, or failing that, replaced with a regular standard edition. Otherwise we're left with an item with deluxe edition artwork but a standard vinyl. That's pretty feeble. I'd actually prefer to have the standard vinyl with the standard artwork.
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  2. Email them back and demand a full refund or something.
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  3. Is there any way to contact other than by phone? It's the only possibility they're giving me. I remember there was a chat option and a form/e-mail option. But I can't seem to find it....
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  4. 5 pounds? Are they serious.
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  5. I ordered mine from an indie store, so now I'm going to look like a massive idiot asking for a partial refund...
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  6. Me too, but ultimately it’s the supplier that should be refunding the shop, so they can refund the customer. They can’t honestly expect customers to accept this nonsense.
  7. I changed the address on mine a few weeks before release but HMV shipped it to the old address as a mistake so they refunded it in full and I just went round to my old address to collect it from the post room nn
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  8. Does anyone know how to get in contact with her store/digital stores faster than the form on her store page? It's been over a week since I reached out to tell them my Alt cover bundle was just 3 of the same cover and I've heard nothing back.
  9. If only most artist stores would show minimal effort. I hate that most doesn't even offer easy cancellation.
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  10. The deluxe CD with the cheek to cheek live audio album is so nice, very nice packaging and pics.
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  11. Colbert Performance

    And of course she and Tony are nominated for a handful of Grammys (including one for video…? Anyway)

  12. She's killing it on the special so far, I really missed seeing her perform.....she's such a natural.
  13. This is a good indicator for success in other categories. Apropos of nothing (so I don't jinx it dd) but Daft Punk won this in 2014, Beck won this in 2015, Bruno won it in 2017, and Billie won it in 2020.
  14. Love For Sale has now won more Grammys than Born This Way

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  15. Honestly let's be happy with that logical win for her. I've seen a lot of fans screeming at a Lady Gaga snub while she actually won what she was meant to win...
    She was an outsider from the start. It's quite good seeing she has regularly grabbed Grammy nominations and wins from the start to her career to 2022.
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