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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

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Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. About six days left to send your scores!

    Oh, and there's this ridiculous guessing game, so everyone interested can join (this also implies to those of you who have voted, but haven't tried it yet):
  2. Thank you! Good to know you're working on your ballot, too.
    And speaking of write ups...


    Change in style, first contract and a rocky road (2006-2007) 2/2

    Part 2/2: 2006/2007
    Previously, we mentioned her name change occurred somewhere in spring of 2006. But, the first time she performed under that name* and uttered the words: 'My name is Lady Gaga' in front of the audience happened on October 6th, 2006. The performance took place at The Cutting Room - the same venue where she had that performance of "Hollywood" earlier that year, which made Fusari's friend Wendy discover her. She performed two of her recently-written songs: "Wonderful" and "Fever" and there's a video footage of that, but I'll talk about it more in their respective eliminations

    *technically speaking, this isn't completely true - she had an official performance on September 12th, 2006 at the Arlene's Grocery, but there's no other info about that one.

    As for the style change, "Beautiful Dirty Rich" was the turning point, Fusari and Gaga, even though she was suspicious about that idea: "I was like, 'If it wasn't me, I wouldn't listen to this. I would be bored at this show." She might've been resistant at first, but deep down knew that she had to do something different in order to success in the music business. I mean, she started the idea of coming up with a new stage moniker, so why not change more things. One of them was her fashion statement. During the recording sessions, Gaga would wear either casual or comfy clothing. Rob persuaded her to change that: “A couple times, she came to the studio in sweatpants, and I said, ‘Really, Stef? What if I had Clive Davis in here today? I should call the session right now. Prince doesn’t pick up ice cream at the 7-Eleven looking like Chris Rock. You’re an artist now. You can’t turn this on and off.’ ”
    Um... manipulative much?
    Luckily, she got into that kind of fashion rather quickly (which is obvious, considering how experimental she became with it over the year) She's always been eccentric, but her bullying in high school made her tone it down, so I think this kind of felt liberating for her to do at the time. Rob focused on the sound, while she continued working on her imagery, as he says: “She kept this scrapbook of all these different things she would see in magazines. It wasn’t always clothes. It might just be like a neon sign. It might be somebody’s hand with a ring on it. She would show it to me and I’d be like, ‘Yeah, that’s great, Stef.’ I wasn’t interested.”
    Um... ignorant much?

    She started from her hair and, for the first time, had more prominent bangs, which became one of the essential parts of her image:
    In the recording studio, 2006 - our no make-up Gagz

    I forgot to mention that, during the early days of Team Love Child, Stefani/Gaga used to write music for other artists, such as Lina Morgana and Lelia Broussard, which was a mixture of her rockier and more developed sound. Lina is especially interesting, but I'll save the talk about her for one of the eliminations.
    As for Rob and Gaga, the switch to more pop sound was double-sided. She initially struggled with this, because her edgy rock 'n roll girl was a bit too removed from this style, although she leaned on her retro music icons: David Bowie and Queen. As her Wikia eloquently puts it: "Gaga found her musical niche when she began to incorporate pop melodies and the vintage glam-rock of David Bowie and Queen into the mix" and Gaga herself said: "Queen and David Bowie were the key for me...I didn't know what to do until I discovered Bowie and Queen". They also began an affair, which made their artistic collaboration tumultuous. When Fusari didn’t like her hooks, she would get teary-eyed and started ranting about feeling worthless.
    He deservingly earned that douchebag certificate later on.

    This video basically sums-up the last few spotlights, and has an appearance of Wendy (the girl who first noted Gaga's performance and told Fusari about it), who also reads a thank-you letter that Gaga eventually sent her around the 3 minute mark:

    It kind of irks me that they Rob as 'discovered Lady gaga', when it was actually Wendy, who always gets put on the side for some reason

    Starting in May/June 2006, Gaga and Fusari started spewing out a lot of the songs in their new style throughout the summer and the ideas kept flowing. Not only that, but her popularity with those newly-written songs increased and Gaga began to do her live performance with her keyboard and her MacBook in order to plat the electronic elements of her music. A pity we don't have any info on these performances.. The double-sidedness repeated with the record labels, too. She recalls: "When I was playing the New York rock clubs, a lot of record labels thought I was too theatrical. Then, when I auditioned for stage musicals, the producers said I was too pop". However, one day, Fusari played Gaga's music to Joshua Sarubin (the Vice-President of A&R at Island Def Jam) and he noticed the quirkiness and agreed to meet with her. And that meeting did make an impression, as Joshua said: “She sat down at the piano in a showcase room and the way she played and the lyrics and the way she acted and sang was just so different and in your face, and you couldn’t turn away. She was wearing these crazy white thigh-high boots and a black minidress and she had this presence like, ‘I’m sexy and I don’t care what anybody has to say about it.’ "
    Antonio "L.A." Reid agreed with him and decided to sign Gaga to Def Jam - her first record label deal!
    On September 6th, 2006, she wrote this poem, titled "I Do", after the signing:
    What's 'Rekkid', you ask? Well, her first album was scheduled to be released in May of 2007, so that's what it refers to!
    Unfortunately, another disappointment strikes: "But after he signed me, he never met with me. I used to wait outside his office for hours, hoping he'd take meetings with me about my songs, but it never happened. He eventually dropped me after three months. I was pretty devastated. I know what it's like being on a label when they don't quite get it,", Gaga mentioned. Joshua, however, blamed dropping her for being 'too good': "She maybe could have stayed with the label a little while longer, but I didn’t want her to be in a situation where people didn’t get it. She was too good. It was painful because I absolutely thought she was going to be my next big thing.”
    This decision would later inspire Gaga to write a masterpiece (st least to me) that is "Paper Gangsta" in 2008, and also was a basis for some of the scenes in her "Marry The Night" music video from 2011. So, why not waste the opportunity to re-listen to this ultimate gem and one of my absolute favourite Lady Gaga album tracks:

    And also re-visit this 14-minute video extravaganza of one of her most beloved songs:

    As much as we should be saying 'poor Gaga!', this record drop would prove to be a correct decision. Still, she was so disappointed and even considered quitting music, but Fusari encouraged her to rest for awhile and spend time with her family. Who knew he could make a sensible decision?

    Following this short hiatus, she continued recording music and developing her fashion style:
    February 20th, 2007. These suspenders were a cute moment for her at the time.

    Furthermore, Gaga started performing across the New York in a more provocative and sensual manner, and also appeared at a lot of parties, resulting in her wearing some more daring clothing combinations:
    April 26th, 2007 - at Le Royale Club in New York. A snippet of what's about to come!

    With more songs recorded and the more experimenting they did musically, Rob was sure that Lady Gaga deserved a shot at a proper debut, and so did Laurent Besencon, co-founder of the management firm New Heights Entertainment. Ultimately, this would bring Gaga to meeting different songwriters and producers during 2007, including RedOne.

    To be continued...
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  3. So I think I'll give this a shot while in quarantine. I know very few of these so it could be an interesting few days. However, tying to track all of these down is a nightmare... is there a playlist somewhere?
  4. @Maki you've done such a good job already with all of this writing.
    You should be getting 78 likes for each post from 101 voters, it's not fair.
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  5. Thank you so much!
    I don't really pay attention to the likes as much, but I surely expect more of them once the eliminations begin, which is usual for rates, me thinks. Oh, and having 100+ voters sounds like a nightmare - I command to those who even attempt going for such big rates.

    By the way, we're up to 15 voters, so you can except another leaderboard tea soon!
  6. As promised...

    Leaderboard tea: Part 3 (15 voters)

    • The song that's currently in the lead is the same song as with 10 voters and has maintained the exact same average score​
    • The bottom placing song is still the same, too​
    • There are only two songs with an average score higher than 9​
    • Nine songs have their average scores lower than 6​
    • One section is back at having all of its songs in the bottom 10​
    • There are now two songs that received an 11 and have no 10's​
    • The number of songs that received at least one 10 or 11 is up to 42
    • Only four songs have their highest scores below a 9
    • The top 2 are a bit more far apart now, but still greatly ahead of the rest​
    • The current placement of the highest-ranking song without any 10's or 11's is #26​
    • Only one song has managed to sneak into the top 10 since the last recap​
    • One voter's average for the current top 15 is 10 (and @Music Is Life has yet to vote!)​
    (this update includes votes from the next five voters - @CorgiCorgiCorgi, @Petit nain des Îles, @AshtrayHeart, @pop3blow2 and @soratami)​
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  7. A reminder that there are less than FIVE DAYS left to send me your scores!

    Apart from gathering scores, I have only about 10 artworks left to create, but there's no need for me to worry about finishing them as soon as possible, since all of them surely aren't going to be among the first few eliminations. There are a few finished artworks which I found online and chose to use those, simply because they are better than anything I could even envision for certain songs (it will be noted which ones they are). Other than that, I apologize in advance if they look clumsy or bad. The last time I had any interaction with Photoshop (and Photoshop-like programs) was during the 5th/6th grade, when I used to restore and edit photos of France Gall. Anyways, the artworks for this rate were so much fun to make, and I definitely learned a bit more about these programs, even if the results aren't that good. ​
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  8. I’m really loving the write ups. They’re freaking amazing. Reading all of them made me a bit emotional, especially since tomorrow is her birthday.

    This quarantine is making me lazier than ever but I have only a few songs left to rate!
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  9. I love artworks for unreleased songs, as I never have a lot. I’ll post what I use for them now.

    really gonna start today! Got nothing else to do anyways
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  10. Happy Birthday, Lady Gaga!

    It really is amazing that we have such a fantastic artist (and a mega popstar), and can celebrate her broad art in both musical and visual form, as well as a great variety among her songs, even the unreleased/rare ones!

    By the way, there are FOUR DAYS left to vote!
    Thanks a lot! I should definitely do another write-up today, since it's her birthday, but it's probably going to be 'songs we could've rated' spotlight.
    You can see all of the previous spotlights compiled here:
    Great, I love all kids of artworks, too! There are a few songs that literally have no fan-made artworks available online, so I couldn't even look at something as a reference. Either way, I hope you'll have some use out of those approx. 50 clumsy artworks I made.

    Looking forward to your ballots!
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  11. This is what I use in a Lady Gaga demo and stuff album.

    And others.
    upload_2020-3-28_13-47-52.png upload_2020-3-28_13-48-9.png upload_2020-3-28_13-48-20.png upload_2020-3-28_13-48-35.png
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  12. Post 2

    upload_2020-3-28_13-50-51.png upload_2020-3-28_13-50-42.png

    Attached Files:

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  13. Post 3.

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  14. part 4

    upload_2020-3-28_13-54-17.png (officially used)

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  15. part 5

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  16. Thank you for sharing these, @Laurence! There are so many different versions of various unreleased/rare songs online, and I had some similar ideas for a few of them.

    And the "Vanity" artwork is offical, but that one seems re-made, since I have a better quality one that will be used for its elimination. Funny story is that I spent about half an hour 'repairing' the low quality artwork, when the HQ version was already available online.

    Also, for the songs which had official covers/artworks, I simply used those (there are only four of them, I think).
  17. Pat


    Whew, currently doing this rate and all this old material made me YouTube old acoustic performances of 'Eh, Eh', suddenly the 2009 stan is me.

    Love this.
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  18. That's a great throwback! I love "Eh, Eh" and that live performance version, too.
    If I had to choose, I think my favourite Gaga 'pop song stripped down' moment would be "Paparazzi":

    It's so dramatic yet oddly poignant.

    I started preparing another spotlight, but I'll see if it will be done before I fall asleep.
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  19. I really had no plans for the following spotlight, but this one should be interesting...


    Candy In Control
    Reason for not being included: a low quality and messy concept demo

    One of the songs that is still saved in my draft as potential song for this rate is "Candy In Control":

    This could be a fan-made extended version, because I don't know the exact length of this song, since there are several of them ranging from 2 to 4 minutes (and, no, it's definitely not from "ARTPOP" era, as the video title says).

    Technically, it would pass all of the criteria to be included here. However, as you can hear, it's clearly a very rough recording with some barely audible bits. Basically, it's a concept demo (i.e. instrumental with possibly ad-libbed lyrics and melody). I mean, it's quite obvious that Gaga is just throwing ideas around until something sticks.
    Also called "Ate My Heart" and "Candy Pop Art", this demo was written in 2008 by Lady Gaga and RedOne. Some people mistakenly call it the first "Monster" demo, but that's not the case. Okay, the idea for the song stemmed from this recording, but the rest of melody and lyrics are different. Also, it's thematically different.

    What's interesting about it is that the intro of the song was used as an interlude called "Pop Ate My Heart" during her 'New Kids on the Block: Live' (!) and 'Doll Domination Tour' (!) tours in 2008 and 2009:

    Halloween came early this year! Notice the reference to "LoveGame" in the words, as well as the 'prelude' to that iconic "Paparazzi" performance in the visuals.

    I can't even imagine seeing Gaga as an opening act on someone else's tour! Also, this is the first time Gaga mentioned that pop is a monster that ate her heart.
    There's also this Candy Warhol alter ego which she portrayed during 'The Fame Tour', also among her interludes (which, all together, are called Crevettes Films):

    Really sets the 'psychedelic, artistic pop thinking' Gaga which she became known for

    The rest of the song is a big turmoil. However, there is a good hook in there. Apart from the intro and 'he ate my heart' bits, this is what's audible from it:
    (maybe a refrain of some sort?)
    Yes (yes), No (no),
    I (I), Won't (won't),
    Stop (stop), Do it (do it),
    Yes (yes), Let's go.

    (this could be a potential pre-chorus or chorus)
    Baby you got me with your touch
    You got this thing about you I don't understand
    You're so in tune with me tonight
    You got me thinking that you just might try

    (this may be the chorus or post-chorus)
    See that bitch on the floor
    Wait 'til she can't handle more
    In my head, on the beat
    Candy In Control my babe
    So let's do it in the car
    Come to me, come for more!

    So, it's a typical 2008/9 Gaga fare in terms of lyrics and sound, especially considering these lyrics were probably spewed out in about five minutes or less. I must admit that the 'baby you got me with your touch...' hook/chorus/whatever is quite good and has potential, while the 'sassy' and talk/rap part (oh, no, it just reminded me of that "Babylon" snippet) isn't for me. The intro has an eerie distorted effect that gives it that edge and makes it memorable.

    Let's remind ourselves of the slightly basic song inspired by that particular line:

    Overall, I think the exclusion of "Candy In Control" from this rate is absolutely correct, because it's definitely below the rest of the songs here and the highest average score I imagine it would've gotten is around 4. I don't know myself which score I would've given it, to be honest.

    What's your impression of this interesting and chaotic mess? Is it nightmare-inducing or oddly enjoyable?​
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  20. Also because of the poor quality. It is hard to tell if there is a good song in there.
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