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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. Imagine a whole album of Cake in another 6 years time.
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  2. Okay, but I ironically kinda like Cake Like Lady GaGa. The nonsense of the lyrics that seem to fit everything about ARTPOP into one song and the deadpan delivery... Oh wow.

    Apparently the song was a "tribute" to Lil B's THEBASEDGOD?

    Oh wow.

    Surely everything about this was a joke, but some people just weren't in on it, I guess.
  3. Cake is still kind of bonkers fun to me, I actually wish DJ White Shadow's instrumental wasn't so tinny, but I get that it's just one for funsies. This leaving so early is such a kii.
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  4. Pat


    Y'all like Posh Life more than this? Shocked. I see something from the Red & Blue EP or Pre-Fame sessions leaving next?
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  5. I just got caught up on a couple of pages here. 'You're All My Little Monsters' is the only elimination so far where I was like, 'oh, that could've stuck around a little longer.' I guess I just like when Simpsons & pop stars come together. It's cute. (Even my dear Mandy got her day in the sun in season 17. Her cameo on there may have done better in her rate than some 'proper' songs...ddd.)

  6. Moving on, and another section loses its first song...​

    I think it's safe to say that no one will miss this one when it goes...​



    When She Go/Go, Go, Go

    Average score: 5.335

    Highest scores:
    8 x 2 (@yeRleDanaL, @MilesAngel), 7.6 x 1 (@pop3blow2)
    Lowest score: 2 x 1 (@VitaminBee)
    My score: 5.5

    High peak: #52 (5-6 voters)
    Low peak: #58 (12-15 voters)

    The ultimate filler track of the rate is out. Floating in the bottom 10 throughout the voting period, it was consistently getting scores between 4 and 6, with 3's and 7's appearing here and there. Exactly the way I envisioned it would go, and this placement is perfect. Apart from "World Family Tree", this is the song with the lowest high score in this rate. Also, it's the only song in the bottom 10 without any 1's and 0's. An accomplishment, I guess.

    Written by Gaga and Rob Fusari around 2006-2007 (I would say more likely in 2006), "When She Go"/"Go, Go, Go" is the first song we lose which Fusari contributed to. Both versions surfaced in early 2018, despite the title "Go, Go, Go" (with or without commas) has already been known in the prior years. "Go, Go, Go", actually serves as a concept demo for "When She Go", despite both versions being unfinished. It's definitely one of their many session jams, so we don't even know if any other versions of the song were created, but I doubt any exist. It's a nice representation of the song development at the time - Fusari plays around in GarageBand and comes up with a beat/instrumental and Gaga comes up with the concept, writes the lyrics and sings them along.

    There's nothing even vaguely remarkable about this song. It kind of stands out from the point of view that I have nothing in particular to say about it (but I'll try to in order to not leave empty space). It's just another product of one of the hundreds recording sessions Gaga and Fusari had during 2006/7, and this one probably wasn't even finished.
    "Go, Go, Go", like I've mentioned, is a concept demo, which explains why it only has a pre-chorus and chorus, while the rest is instrumental; a quite scattered beat with a piano line mimicking the song's melody. On "When She Go", the first (and rather odd) verse is added, the pre-chorus and chorus are repeated twice before the song abruptly ends (and that's why it isn't even two minutes in length). The 'yeah's in the chorus are probably the most notable addition, and the production is beefed up a bit. There are some production quirks which prevent the song from being completely dull, too, but there's still not much to it. The lyrics are typical for her at the time, referring to a certain girl, although some of the lines are a bit weird ('shakin' her hips in her mothers clothes', for example). Though I can memorize the song and won't press skip if it plays, there's absolutely nothing that makes me want to go back it. In fact, I had trouble scoring it, but decided to give it an average score, as it's one of the weakest songs in this rate. Very inessential, but completely acceptable and cute addition to her unreleased catalogue.

    As per my prediction, "When She Go"/"Go, Go, Go" is one of the songs that received the least amount of commentary. Since I obviously have nothing to add, let's hear what the voters have to say.

    @Pat (7) seems to like it: "Doesn’t stand out from the other Rob Fusari tracks, but fits in quite nicely." and while @M24 (7) gives it the same score, he mentions that: "This goes nowhere. It's a bit basic, even if decent." It's definitely not offensive in any way, so this point stands.

    @berserkboi (4) splits the scores - a 3 for "When She Go" and a 5 for "Go, Go, Go", making me assign the average score to them. And of course he sent the valuable commentary for every song, including this one: "The second portion is marginally better but the whole thing isn’t something I’d be revisiting anytime soon! The instrumental has potential, especially that unrelenting piano key – wish the song crafted for it had been better!" There is potential, but I think there's not much to be improved here. To cite @DominoDancing (4), who states the obvious: "This is just underdeveloped," and continues with: "and I don't hear the core for a great song either."

    Meanwhile, @Laurence (3) needed a reminder: "Hmm, I did not listen to this a lot after it leaked. Not even sure if I have it, but fine. It's not that good I think... That was about When She Go. And for Go Go Go: it feels empty of course." Likewise, the more positive @Music Is Life (7) says: "Go, Go, Go is mostly useless but I bop to When She Go." Yeah, these are kind of useless, but we have them and should value them as rarities.

    "When She Go", a demo:

    "Go, Go, Go", a demo of a demo:

    Cue to 'I can't recall anything about this one' reactions.

    Up next: The song that I was constantly surprised by being in the bottom 10 the whole time is leaving (and, yes, I'm the highest scorer of it).​
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  7. When "Go, Go, Go" leaked I was just a bit bitter because for YEARS there was an (clearly fake yet good) instrumental snippet on YouTube and I just... preferred that one nn. It was really RedOne-lite and electropop.

    Can't find it now, so annoying.
  8. She gone but I ain't gonna miss her.
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  9. Of course the fan-made fake instrumental was made to be reminiscent of RedOne. But she worked with Fusari on it, so it's not surprising that the actual song isn't electropop.
    I hope you find the instrumental soon.

    I though that photo will avoid this thread. I've already seen it more than enough lol
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  10. I'm surprised to see When She Go/Go, Go, Go er, go this early. It reminded me of a good mid-80's funk track. I'm glad I gave it an 8 otherwise it might have gone before Cake (shudder).
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  11. I actually don't really mind both When She Go or Go Go Go in that they're inoffensive and don't really mean anything in the grand scheme in her discography, other than that they helped shape The Fame's sound to what it eventually became.

    Her vocals and the production on it sound a lot like they do on tracks such as Again, Again, Disco Heaven and Beaufitul, Dirty, Rich, so if you like those I can't see you hating When She Go...
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  12. I'm not surprised it already left, since it's so unremarkable.
    And that's a comparison that several voters made for some of the other Pre-Fame songs. The 70's/80's funk sound influenced quite an amount of Gaga's early songs, so no wonder it reminded you of that.
    "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" is actually the first song they wrote/recorded in a completely different style which majorly influenced "The Fame", and this one was probably created soon afterwards.

    Just saw that @VitaminBee gave "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" a 10 in the discography rate, but is the lowest scorer of "When She Go"/"Go, Go, Go". Hmm...
    Spoiler: They are the lowest scorer of the next elimination, too.
  13. This is one of the more 'WTF' eliminations.

    Yet another section loses its first song...

    ...and I'm not happy about it at all.

    Is it "Red and Blue" EP?

    Maybe it's The Fame sessions?

    Or perhaps The Fame Monster sessions takes its first hit?

    Let's find out which song was mistreated (in my opinion)...



    Your Freakin' Car

    Average score: 5.557

    Highest scores:
    9 x 1 (@Maki), 8.5 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    Lowest scores: 1 x 1 (@VitaminBee), 2 x 3 (@sesita, @SyPOPhantic, @abael)
    My score: 9

    High peak: #51 (7 voters, 13 voters)
    Low peak: #57 (5 voters)

    Poor "Your Freakin' Car". It really didn't deserve to place so low. I was actually very surprised that this one was usually getting the lowest score in the entire The Fame sessions section, and it has always been the lowest placed out of them. In addition to that, the lack of high scores is what made this song land at a pretty disappointing spot. Maybe it's my delusion, since I pretty much love all the songs in that section, but still. A shame...

    "Your Freakin' Car" was written by Lady Gaga and RedOne, who also did the production, somewhere in the latter half of 2007. It apparently isn't finished, and the 'final' version of the song possibly doesn't exist.
    The song is inspired by her then-boyfriend Lüc Carl and his obsession with his car, Chevrolet El Camino. He even gave it a name: Nadine. Um... weird. The theme is actually hilarious - Gaga is pissed that he spends so much time with his car and compares Nadine (the car) with herself. That resulted in some rather cute lyrics. Tell me that the lines: "my trunk is just as round / and I'll never break down" aren't adorable? There are some witty comparisons made (repainting the car vs. manicure, for example), too.
    I actually think it's a really funny and charming song, and absolutely nothing about is meant to be taken seriously. That can be said for "Cake Like Lady Gaga", too, but that one includes explicit lyrics which come off as forced and is downright bad as a song.

    It's not the only song that was inspired by Lüc - the others include "Yoü and I", "Boys Boys Boys", "Glitter and Grease" (which actually has a very similar theme, but we'll talk about later) etc.

    The eyeliner connection game is strong!

    I think is an excellent demo of a song. The opening already sets an interesting, kind of overlapping beat which sounds quite reminiscent to Timbaland, huh? Partly the reason of my relatively high score are the fantastic verses. I love the voice effect they used, as well as how "chopped-up" the line delivery is. The melody is also superb and the accompanying 'ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah' backing vocal bits are an adorable addition. Yeah, the chorus may sound a bit clunky and repetitive (despite being good and catchy enough) and the middle-8 is clearly missing, but the verses are exceptionally done. Like I've said, the lyrics are quite adorable in their obviously goofy glory, and one moment that I thought was cleverly done is the transition between the lines: "what's she got that I don't - know how you could pass up a night with me..." where 'I don't' serves as a juncture between the two separate lines and isn't repeated twice. Okay, I know my score looks a bit overblown, but it reality, it wouldn't have been significantly lower at all (about 8,5 or 8,75).

    Fun fact: I did three artworks for this song because I was indecisive - above is the 'night' version and there is a 'day' version:

    And this is the original one (the second artwork I did in the entire rate), which is terrible:
    Playing around with the effects in GIMP - this truly looks horrendous

    Okay, enough about my clumsy artwork making skills, let's go to the commentary section.

    @Laurence (3.5) drives off after hearing this song: "Clearly not developed and not interested... Hmm." and @yeRleDanaL (3) joins him: "Ehh..... Pretty stupid lyrics, Glitter and Grease did it better. Not even the instrumental can save this one." I think you missed the turn point with the goofy lyrics. Comparing it with the song that @yeRleDanaL just mentioned, but in an opposite way, @DinahLee (8) has a rather interesting confession to make: "Ironically I think I enjoyed this way more than Glitter & Grease." I'll be honest, I thought that "Your Freakin' Car" is better than "Glitter and Grease" for a moment, too (but not anymore).

    Good thing @berserkboi (8.5) decided to re-listen to all of the songs. He first said: "This feels like a step backwards from what we just had, though not terrible!", which was then amended to: "Actually better on second listen!" And nice to see you join me among the highest scorers - thanks for that!

    @Seventeen Days (6.5) isn't completely impressed: "The music has total potential, but the vocals are meh." and in a similar way, @DominoDancing (6) hears the potential, but his engine won't start either: "Sounds like one kinda good bit repeated ad nauseam. Could perhaps been worked into something worthwhile." I think so, too, but it's great for what it is.
    @Pat (7) thinks it "Needs a better chorus.", while @M24 (6.5) says: "It goes nowhere melodically. And I'm over it after the first 2 mins and that long instrumental middle-8." Well, you should clean up those pipes! (just realized how ambiguously this sentence can be interpreted - oops)

    Closing with @pop3blow2 (7.8), stating that "The production here is both kinda busy & kinda boring. That’s an accomplishment! The chorus is weird, but oddly endearing." Good that he found it endearing, at least. You (narrowly) passed the car inspection!

    Reading the commentary, I can understand the reason why this song was put aside.
    Still, I really don't see why so many voters disliked this one. It's a really harmless song. Perhaps the unfinished vibe or something didn't click... Wait - maybe it was a mistake putting it right after "Fashion" in the song list?
    Oh well (.mp3)

    Please give it another chance:

    Up next: We're back at eliminating the more divisive songs (which again includes polar opposites).​
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  14. I can't imagine this happening until the Top 20.
  15. Don't be too confident in this statement is all I will say.

    Two of you will be losing 10's with the next elimination.
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Watch me jinx myself and have my 11 be the first from that era to leave.
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  18. Sorry, but there won't be an elimination today (me and my last-minute song contest voting). However, I have something to say instead, but you see in an hour or so.

    And poor "Your Freakin' Car" - nobody wants to talk about it.
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  19. Take your time!
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  20. And of course I won't post it on the bottom of the page, so...

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