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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. I wanted to share this a while ago (back when her discography rate was going), but forgot to do so.
    Last year (most likely in December), I stumbled across this Minor version of "Bad Romance" and am obsessed with it for months:

    As someone who's a sucker for songs in a minor key, I was literally stunned by it! The chorus/hook and middle-8 are converted, and the verses and pre-chorus remain the same, since they are already in minor on the original version.
    Something about this makes it sound even more dramatic. I fact, I think I prefer the chorus this way! It's like there is a portion of "Judas" in the mix. It's astonishing how such an already epic pop song may sound even better or more interesting to me (but the original still remains a milestone of pop music and definitely one of Gaga's best songs, of course). Perhaps it may be that I got tired of the original version, so this one is a fantastic substitute.

    There's a version which converts the entire song to minor key, which actually makes the verses flip from minor to major key and makes them sound really odd:

    The first video is the proper minor version of the song and I always listen to that one.

    I hope that at least one of you thinks this isn't a bad version.
  2. Your Freakin' Car leaves before the whole Pre The Fame stutff and songs like Shut Up which is just a beat and nothing else???


    It's not that I'm even that bothered but there's so many random songs that should be out first
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  3. I'm just as surprised as you are... there are plenty of songs I thought would be eliminated before "Your Freakin' Car". Although "When She Go"/"Go, Go, Go" left before it, which belongs to the Pre-Fame section.

    And I won't tolerate the "Shut Up" slander! It's definitely not 'just a beat'.
  4. Thanks for sharing that Bad Romance in minor. Interesting to listen to... But it feels weird. Edit: It sounded like my door bell went off all the time during it but that is how it sounds I guess.
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  5. I mean, miss Stafani does know how to create some melody and mumbling but......there's no lyrics at all........
    Also for one hot second I messed "Your Freakin Car" and "Oh Baby" in my head and I was like "BUT THE LEILA K SAMPLE!!" and played to realize it was another song nn. But, still, it's a nice song. better than Glitter and Grease (production-wise) I'm curious for the next elimination and where my favs went.
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  6. It definitely has some lyrics, but even if song has no lyrics, that doesn't mean it's a bad song at all.
    It's probably because they were in the same batch that leaked. "Oh Baby" is a gem, too. I think that "Your Freakin' Car" is almost as good as "Glitter and Grease", but it's a bit weaker because it misses something.
    Spoiler: We won't be seeing "Glitter and Grease" in quite a while.

    Just started doing the write up for the next elimination. The song is from a section that has already lost one song. Place your bets!
  7. Back to regular schedule.

    One section loses its second song...

    ...and it's quite a divisive one.

    But we got mice in the kitcheeeeeEEEEEEEN





    Stuck on Fuckin' You

    Average score: 5.904

    Highest scores:
    10 x 2 (@berserkboi, @m_dimitrov)
    Lowest scores: 0 x 2 (@VitaminBee, @SyPOPhantic), 1 x 1 (@Markus1981)
    My score: 6

    High peak: #37 (7 voters)
    Low peak: #54 (24-26 voters)

    Born This Way sessions section takes another hit, and is down to only one song. Despite being my lowest score in that section, I kind of expected this one to be the highest-plaving out of them, but nope. As you can see, this one was very briefly in the top 40 (when @berserkboi gave it a 10), but it plummeted quickly, because its next score was a 0 from @VitaminBee (who is the lowest scorer three times in a row!) and later sunk to the bottom ten. Getting a 10 and a 0 back-to-back like that is... something. Also, this is the final song to receive multiple zeroes. And notice the average jump compared to the last song - there's only one song left with a below-6 average score.

    "Stuck on Fuckin' You" is obviously an outtake from "Born This Way" and was written by Gaga, and produced by Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow in 2010. Gaga first referenced the song in a Twitter post on August 31st, 2010, citing the lyrics: "I got nothing left to do, but don't give a damn, cuz were back in Minnesota baby, with a sold out show again", which indicates that it could've been written/recorded during that month. Since it more concise than I can write, it's better that Lady Gaga herself explains the song's background: "I wrote it in Minnesota after the Monster Ball on the tour bus. We recorded it in one shot. Fernando on guitar, Paul on Drum Machine. I wrote, sang it, and freestyled the last minute + a half of the song.". I'm pretty sure some of us already imagined the similar circumstances just by listening to the song. The song was released on Lady Gaga's YouTube channel on December 25th, 2011, as a Christmas gift for her fans. And how ironic that this song is eliminated during Easter!

    She also released the song on SoundCloud with the account name "stuckonfuckinyou". The song was performed live only two times during The Born This Way Ball in 2012 - once in Amsterdam (Sprocky wishes he was there!) and once in Buenos Aires, with altered lyrics (both performance videos are posted below).

    Clocking over five and a half minutes, "Stuck on Fuckin' You" is is the longest song in this rate. Clearly recognizable in its carefree and session jam glory, this wonky country tune stands out among the rest, although with that comes a lot of flaws. Her growling and vocals in general are amazing, but the array of bum notes is distracting. What the heck is going on during the chorus? So many off-key moments and she's completely out of tune in certain parts. Of course there's a possibility that it was intentional and is justifies by being recorded (and partly written) in just one take, but that doesn't make it less painful, unfortunately. As some of you mentioned, and many of you probably think, it goes on for too long. However, I find the verses are really good. And the final few minutes, when she completely loses control and ad-libs like her life depends on it (while spitting some lyrics that make sense, which is impressive) are interesting in a good way. Even the cute laugh at the very end followed by "Okay, just stop it I could go on forever" has its charm. That sentence is literally what I say to myself when doing these write-ups.
    As for the lyrics, they are all over the place, but still bearable and have their positive quirks, especially given the circumstances. The explicit side of them is probably one of the reasons it didn't appear on the album (as if that sound was relevant for it).
    Definitely one of the outliers, and in no way would fit on "Born This Way", so this was a great way of releasing it. It's fine for what it is and serves its purpose, but I never really get back to this song.

    So, let's see who was grateful for this present, and who valued it as... coal:

    @Sprockrooster (8) admits:
    "Honestly, I love this a bitsy. However it drags on a bit too long. Like a jam-session that was cut off too late."
    The latter two sentences are a perfect description of the song.
    @berserkboi (10) not only gives this song full marks, but also considered giving it his 11: "Her voice really became a powerhouse in this era, and she wasn’t afraid to show it, hey? Wow at that power in the second half!" More polarizing than powerhouse in this case, but she does serve vocals. And I'm sure you're happy that this didn't end up as you 11.

    One the complete opposite, the ultimate Grinch @VitaminBee (0) says: "It gets a 0 because this was worse than getting a lump of coal on Christmas morning." Ouch.
    And he has a partner in crime. Despite bombing it, @SyPOPhantic (0) finds a silver lining related to this song: "This song is utter trash - the ONLY redeeming quality was that we got another shot from the Nick Knight photoshoot… that’s it." The photoshoot is stunning indeed!

    Another hater is @AshtrayHeart (2), who says: "I remember when she released this on social media on Xmas day and I was so disappointed." @DinahLee (8) has a similar story, but is way more positive: "This is a tricky one. Releasing this as a xmas gift felt like the third betrayal like really you released your masterpiece and this is the bonus you give?? Nn. But after a long time I kinda made peace with it and it’s pretty much interesting to see something in such an early incarnation but realize once again what a gift she is. There’s a hook in this song. It’s a full first take of something. It’s for sure special and she decided to share it for some reason so… thanks Gaga." That's the Christmas spirit!

    One of the higher scorers, @pop3blow2 (9) calls it: "A bit gritty & rocking. Hopefully it will dawn on me, what this song reminds of, but it’s not at the moment." So, have you managed to recall which song it reminds you of? I surely don't have any in mind. Joining him with a nice description, @Music Is Life (9) thinks it's: "A fun little country romp but a little too long." Agreed, to some extent. But the fact that you scored this higher than my 11 is... a bit mind-boggling.

    Meanwhile, @Seventeen Days (5.75) is somewhere in-between, saying: "This one was really fun when Gaga first dropped it, but the more I listen to it the more I find it kind of cloying. Props to her though, because she sounds like she’s at least having fun making it." It's completely understandable that this gets tiring as it goes on. It does sound like having fun, so good for her.
    And while @DominoDancing (7.5) states the facts and correct criticism, he is still won over: "This is so...dumb, overlong, basic and full of bum notes, but I like it. The you-hooos from Hollywood return and are still catchy. I like Hollywood a bit better though." And it looks like almost everyone likes "Hollywood" better.

    Poor @M24 (6.5) thinks this remained unreleased: "Did she sing this drunk? Also, it needs to be edited if it ever sees the light (which I guess it'll never do)." I'm impatiently awaiting your surprise after reading that Gaga herself released this! @Laurence (8) makes a nice connection: "Laid back and woohoo. Joanne who? This is lovely, very quarantine-time (got no flights, got no tv shows), etc... But I see where it falls off now listening to it full again." Ready for the "Stuck in Quarantine" rendition performed in her apartment! That "Joanne" shade, though... the lack of taste.

    Finally, @Pat (6) asks: "How do you rate this?" Well, just like that! I'm saying this because I gave it the same score.

    It's definitely memorable and I surely saw it as one of the more divisive songs, but I won't miss it at all.

    The alt-country jam with high and low points:

    Up next: Another section loses its second song. Maybe it isn't the right season for it.
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  8. FFS! Ribbons and Fancy Pants are still in and this goes? WOW!
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  9. Out of 7 eliminations and this is already my second 10 gone
    I probably overscored this but I still wouldn't have expected it to leave so early, it's a nice song and it made for some rare moments on the Born This Way Ball
    I'm glad she released this though because I don't think it would have leaked otherwise
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  10. A robbery has taken place...
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  11. Me arriving to this thread after having my name uttered 3 times!
    It's what she deserves! What a slog to get through. It's just so... bleh!

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  12. Sorry, but at least your 11 is safe (for now).
    ...neither of the two songs you mentioned leave next, but I'm sure you'll be happy about the next elimination.

    I've actually known this since you mentioned it in the Marina rate. That's so cool!
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  13. Yeah, I think the verse melody reminds me of ‘Come Together’.

    Also, those minor key versions are so weird. I watched a bunch on YouTube one night and some made me feel weird when listening to them. The uncanny divide!
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  14. This one always left me cold. I think it's leaving at the right time.
    Didn't Take You Out also leak the day this was uploaded? I vividly remember downloading them both that Christmas.
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  15. I don't even remember that and I attended one of the Amsterdam dates soo... Teehee.

    It wasn't shade! It was making a connection between the songs... Or was it?

    Ribbons is a cute girl. Why hate it?
  16. Woah, I actually thought Stuck on Fuckin You was actually more beoved over here! That was shocking!
  17. Based on her Twitter post, looks like it most likely surfaced on December 24th, a day earlier, so you're pretty much right.
    And it's crazy how some of you recall those early leaks, when I literally knew about 5 songs by Gaga at the time.

    Lucky you! However, she only performed it on one of the two dates in Amsterdam, so you may have been at the other show.
    *looks at your average score in her discography rate* Hmm... it might be shade, but probably isn't, so it's all good. But, yeah, it can definitely be compared to "Joanne", because the rawness is reminiscent to some of the songs from that album.
  18. It's what she deserves - the song is utter trash. To get this after she delivered The Album of the Decade is just salt in the wounds.
  19. Oh, I can hear that. No wonder The Beatles were among the first bands she was listening to and they ended up as one of her inspirations.
    This is reasonable, since it makes the songs more dramatic and creates some kind of suspense that I find great, I don't really know how to explain it. For example, one of the comments on the video:

    The next elimination has only one zero... but not the zero you may think it is.
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  20. BUMP

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