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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. Almost every section had one song placing surprisingly low, at least to me...

    ...and now it's time for one of the pre-Fame tracks.

    I'm a bit boggled as to why this one was hated, in the similar way as "Your Freakin' Car", even though I scored it lower than that song...

    Also, that one zero I mentioned... isn't a one zero.

    It's a one-zero (10)...



    We Are Plastic (Melt In the Summer)

    Average score: 5.968

    Highest scores:
    10 x 1 (@soratami), 9.5 x 1 (@Music Is Life)
    Lowest scores: 1 x 1 (@Markus1981), 2 x 3 (@DominoDancing, @myblood, @berserkboi)
    My score: 7.75

    High peak: #43 (19 voters)
    Low peak: #56 (7 voters)

    The second Pre-Fame sessions song falls and it's a bit of an unexpected one. It wasn't too divisive, but had a lot of detractors which made it earn a secure bottom 10 placement. And poor @soratami losing another high score within the first nine eliminations. Told you that a lot of faves are in danger. At least @berserkboi will be satisfied with this but just for a moment.

    "We Are Plastic" (alternately titled "Melt In the Summer") was written by Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari in late 2006 or early 2007. One of their typical sessions at the time, nothing too out of ordinary. However, what's interesting about the song is that it references different songs and is a great example of Gaga recycling lyrics/themes before and during "The Fame" era. For example, there is a line "top cuttin' that cake 'til the sugar flow stop", which is a reference to an unreleased (and unleaked) song called "Cut the Cake", also written with Fusari. The middle-8 of the song mentions "Rockshow", another song appearing in this rate. And, of course, the "we are plastic, but we still have fun" middle-8 of "Paparazzi" most likely stemmed from the chorus of this song. Also, I noticed that she mentions "here we go-go, sir", which probably alludes to the go-go era she had at the time. Plenty of her signature metaphors make it charming, too. That's about the lyrics. Musically, what I noticed is that it greatly resembles "Retrosexual", from the piano riff and vocals to the general vibe of the song.
    But does that mean that the song is in danger? #soon

    I must note that the song title seemed rather interesting and appealing.
    Personally, I enjoy the song in all of its bonkers and over-the-top theatrics. The intentionally obnoxious intro in French (literal translation is 'we are plastic') is just one of the features Gaga adds to make the song more interesting - or in this case: more divisive. A lot of quirks, too: lines in French, muffled vocals, weird effect during the middle-8, random synth and guitar squelches, gasps, claps etc. Now that I'm listing all of these things, it's completely reasonable why the song had haters. However, the production has a lot of details that makes it great (the instrumental as a whole is really good): the synths during the chorus are excellent, there are some great uses of guitar, it just kind of flows well. When it tones down before the middle-8, it's a vibe, but when the actual middle-8 hits, it's kind of a disorienting splash of rap and I'm not sure I'm completely here for it - it gets points for quirkiness, though. The entire song is inconsistent, yet works in a peculiar way. Even though the verses don't really sound appealing, the melody is memorable, and the same can be said for the chorus. And while all these things are going on, it feels like the song still misses something and kind of plods along. Odd, but I think that's the reason why I can't score it higher.
    I find it strange it went so early, since you're usually here for Gaga's gimmicks, but looks like she crossed the line with this one - surprising! It's not among her best unreleased, of course, but there are plenty of weaker songs that could've gone before it. Really, I could've easily seen at least a few other Pre-Fame tracks leave before this one.
    It's not that bad at all.

    Since I really like it, it's a nice thing is that we actually have the 'official' instrumental of the "We Are Plastic" (included in the Bonus section of the playlist used for this rate), which is slightly different to the original one and serves as an idea for Gaga. So, those of you who hate/dislike the song can write their own along with the instrumental.

    Onto the commentary.

    I think @Seventeen Days (4) gives an insight why this track was disliked by many: "This could have been a really fun bop, but that high-pitched voice she keeps using throughout is just… horrible." Maybe too harsh, but nicely said.

    @Untouchable Ace (8.1) makes a perfectly fair point: "Concept and attitude, but there's not much of a song.", while @DominoDancing (2) says: "This just gives me a headache." And he's not alone.
    @berserkboi (2) serves angry Tyra Banks energy, yelling: "What are you doing to me, Gaga????? The cringe when that opening line started again – yikes!!" *looks at the scores* I see there are now two songs you must be eager to cross out. Patience please.
    @pop3blow2 (8.8) is modest, but critiques some parts of the song: "I love the chorus here. After a couple of listens though, I find the verses here a bit annoying." I like the verses and the chorus equally. On the other hand, @Pat (7) says they: "Like the melody during the verses. The chorus is typical ‘Team Love Child’." You're right about the second sentence, but there are a lot of typical 'Team Love Child' songs in here.
    @Laurence (3) is not here for French: "A bit of average track. The We are plastic nous sommes plastic is not that great, so I don't like this track…" @berserkboi found suing, but not for long, because he hates the song, too.

    @M24 (8.25) catches the reference: "I had to get used to this one.. I bumped it up a bit for that earworm of a chorus. Nice to know where the "we're plastic but we still have fun!" line from Paparazzi comes from." Good ear! And @DinahLee (6) has an interesting take: "Together with Retrosexual & Love Sick Girl, I believe they’re the trilogy of “lost gems” that we would never hear. It’s too bad these songs were really nothing much to her catalogue and couldn’t live it up to their ~legacy. Maybe it’s a bit unfair to judge it having many expectations but when you listen to it without thinking much, you also see the song is pretty much nothing. Even fake snippets with Paparazzi reversed vocals were a bit more interesting." I partly agree, but I think "Love Sick Girl" doesn't belong to this group for multiple reasons.

    Up next: We're back at eliminating one of the most divisive songs.​
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  2. @Maki has this song been revealed yet ?

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  3. Glad this is out too! I forgot about it completely (lucky me!) until reading the elimination post and description lol

    I am bracing myself for that next cut based on @Maki 's hint!
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  4. No, not yet. The song appears in the top 50 and I'll definitely mention that.

    Looks like you decided to block the song from you memory... which speaks more than words about what you think about it, haha.

    With the next elimination, someone is going to lose their first 10.
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  5. Your Freakin' Car is a nice little piece of fluff, but it sounds way too unfinished with that synth-line sounding way too cheap and repetitive and the effects used on her voice are most definitely there to... edit out some flaws.

    And Stuck On Fuckin' You was a little Easter Egg see what I did there to release during the holidays and get everybody riled up if they liked it or not. It was never intended to be released officially and a cute lil' jam session that sounds too serious, but never takes itself as such...
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  6. I love reading your posts/reactions, even though we don't agree sometimes. A great substitute, since you didn't vote. And I really hope there will be true discoveries for you, and there are a lot of potential ones yet to come.

    Also, I assume the fake snippet of "We Are Plastic" (that uses parts of "Paparazzi") which @DinahLee mentioned is this one:

    Honestly, it gives me these vibes:

    The final few batches of leaks we got in 2018 include some proper rarities, and "We Are Plastic (Melt In the Summer)" is one of them indeed.
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  7. We Are Plastic is not that bad tho! One of my fave discoveries of the rate, in fact.
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  8. I lowkey really hated listening to We Are Plastic for the first time n (and oop at my commentary also spoiling my thoughts about these other 2 nn).

    Even thought I really couldn't get "into it" sonically, I do appreciate the... Idea. Like, it's so much better than the early Stefani stuff. And it's also the type of song that... Only Gaga could (?). It was nice that the concept demo\instrumental also leaked, it's the type of stuff that I never ever thought we would hear.

    I love all the references, too.

    Can you say... legendariac?
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  9. I feel like I gave this song too low of a score. Why am I playing it on repeat now? That chorus is good.
  10. It's definitely a grower. Good/bad news is that even if you gave it a 10, it would've still been at #52.
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  11. Good news indeed! Dddd
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  12. Yep... good news.
    Watch what happens next.
  13. For this elimination, we have to go back to leaderboard tea part 5 (with 25 voters):
    Funny how this statement flipped by the time all 34 voters sent their scores - someone is losing two of their highest scores and one lowest score in the span of three consecutive songs.

    Actually they already lost one of their highest and lowest scores, because this is the final song I was referring to.

    Also, I mentioned at different occasions that one section had all of its songs in the bottom 10...

    ...did that change in the end?




    Changing Skies

    Average score: 6.153

    Highest scores:
    10 x 2 (@berserkboi, @DinahLee), 9.5 x 1 (@TéléDex)
    Lowest scores: 0 x 1 (@HEARTCORE), 1 x 3 (@Phonetics Boy, @DominoDancing, @Laurence)
    My score: 6.25

    High peak: #48 (5 voters)
    Low peak: #59 (7 voters)

    With this elimination, different things happen:
    - Born This Way sessions section loses all of its songs
    - We pass the 6+ average score mark
    - The last song with a zero is eliminated
    - @DominoDancing loses all of their sub-4 scores
    - Unlucky @berserkboi is the voter I was referring to above; he loses two 10's and a 2 (among his lowest scores) within three eliminations.
    And even though it got as much as polarizing scores, I didn't think it would outlast "Stuck on Fuckin' You" (in fact, it was below it during the first half of the voting), but it fell shortly after. And from now on, things will become really close in terms of average scores.

    "Changing Skies" was written by Lady Gaga and Mitchell Wiggs in 2010. At first, I had no idea who he is or anything about the song's creation background. The purpose of it is unclear, too. Some may think it's an early "Born This Way" demo, but I thought it was just a session song recorded that some other artist will potentially re-write and record.
    Then, I decided to dig a little bit and find out who the hell is Mitchell Wiggs. Turns out he's a singer-songwriter, and has a YouTube channel dedicated to - wait for it... photoshopping. Oh, and he also is a pop fanatic (your stereotypical PJ member, lol) and took photos with almost all the pop superstars/celebrities you can imagine - Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Shakira etc. And, yes, that includes Gaga, too:

    He's like the most famous non-famous person in the world and kind of like a teachers pet to celebrities. Very... interesting.

    But, I stumbled upon an 'article', which basically explains the song's background: "After amassing over a million hits through his YouTube covers, he caught the eye of a few industry insiders, and was subsequently asked to co-write for the likes of Lady Gaga - "Changing Skies". So he had a YouTube channel for covers, and was invited to write songs for different artists. Now, we don't know if they ever met in the studio, but I assume that the song was done online. It also explains the crappy quality and a weird production. It's also one of her earlier leaks, so maybe Mitchell himself leaked it.

    Okay, enough about that anonymous. Let's talk about the song itself.
    Now, I think we an all agree that this song sounds unfinished and really messy. But that's what made it so divisive, apparently. The lyrics are really cute, actually, and create a nice metaphorical love song. But the tune is all over the place. The thumping and disordered beat (and the instrumental in general) can be really distracting. It almost turns the song into something experimental, even for Gaga. Honestly, I really enjoy the verses and pre-choruses, they have a very nice melody. But the repetitiveness of the chorus and the obnoxious 'Ooh-Ooh-Ooh...' hook can be headache-inducing. However, I sometimes find them interesting and listen to them with ease. Looks like it depends on the mood. The outro is weird, too, but kind of works. Overall, it's a unique track that definitely stands out in terms of sound, even compared to most of her released stuff. But I have no idea whether to classify it as an artistic and forward-thinking or just an overly cheap and messy type of song. Very unique, indeed.
    Still, I definitely won't miss this one now that it's gone.

    Another thing I wanted to point out it that the version of this song that appears on the playlist I sent you is the 'original' one. Some of you were confused by this song not being recorded earlier, but given how pitched her voice sounds and how bad the quality is compared to the other songs, it's not a surprise. There is some effect on her voice that makes her sound tiny indeed, but that's just the obviously clumsy production. There are some links on SoundCloud that are lowered in order for her voice to sound more natural, but it definitely feels like it was pitched down at some parts.
    And for those who want the extreme, there's a high-pitched version on YouTube. Good luck with that one.

    The divisiveness is justified by the commentary, so let's get onto it.

    Love it, hate it, but you can't deny that everyone thought what @elektroxx (6) says: "This is a bit of a mess, innit?" @pop3blow2 (6.5) surely did: "This is a bit noisy & grating." Yes. Just a bit.

    @AshtrayHeart (7) thinks that "This has potential." and so does @Pat (7.5): "Really noisy. But somewhere in there, there’s a great track." @Seventeen Days (8) is another voter who shares the thoughts: "The production on the copy I found of this leaves something to be desired, but this definitely sounds like it would’ve had the potential to be fantastic." It would take a lot of tweaks to make this a genuinely great track, but I hear the potential.

    The ill-fated high scorer, @berserkboi (10), praises the song: "The type of creative stuff I expect from Gaga, and she delivers! And it is the perfect size too as I fear it may have become grating had those autotune effects gone for 5 minutes instead of 3! Ddddd" Good thing you actually heard the grating aspect, because this getting a 10 from you is definitely unexpected (as is your 10 for "Stuck on Fuckin' You").
    Poor @DominoDancing (1) must've felt sick after listening to it, saying: "This is one of the worst things I've heard all week. God does this sound cheap and annoying. I really hate everything about this." Only during the whole week? You must come across a lot of awful songs, then.

    However, @VitaminBee (7.75) liked it: "This is weird and a lot to handle at all times and yet it's oddly addictive." and @SyPOPhantic (9) is on the same note: "Another saccharine song but I can’t help but find it completely infectious." An oddity for sure. @Ana Raquel (9) acknowledges the facts, but still gives the song a high score and says: "This is so chaotic I love it." Yeah, chaotic is the best word to describe this song. @Untouchable Ace (6.9) makes me raise an eyebrow: "Could have been a standard album track." Could've been with the song being completely re-written, I guess.

    @DinahLee (10) has an outrageous confession to make: "Almost got the 11. That’s all I have to say here for now." And I'm over here, craving for you to reveal the reason for that.
    Giving some realistic insight, @M24 (6) says: "The quality is pretty awful, so it's hard for me to accurately score this song. There's too much unpolished production." A tough one to rate, but an easy one to hate (ooh, the rhyming!) Speaking of hate, the lowest scorer @HEARTCORE (0) questions: "Why does this exist?" Ask Michael Wiggs or Gaga, because I can't help you with that.

    Among the haters, @Laurence (1) is shook, but not in a good way: "I can't believe this is from Born This Way sessions? It sounds terrible... Eeks. Lyrically, it is a sweet song. But the production and that intro just make it hard to like this song. Also, the post-chorus r-r-r-r-repetition is bad and too easy." Even though I wasn't nearly as harsh as you, this is a nice summary of the song. And I hope that the write-up cleared it all up in terms of this not being from "Born This Way" sessions.

    Up next: We won't be losing multiple 10's per song for at least ten eliminations. But that's all I will say for now.
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  14. Despite losing this 10, I am not too hard done by it. Reading my commentary - it is possible I inflated the score to make sure it would last longer than Fancy Pants, but still failed! Dddd
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  15. I knew it. I just knew this would happen.
    This song.... just next level artistry. This is the future of pop music back in 2010. This is what SOPHIE dreams are made of. Some of you never changed the skies and it SHOWS.

    Jokes apart, I think it's a really cute song. It's annoying that it's so LQ and, well, unfinished (I guess all my favorite ones are unfinished songs??). I can't really explain but I feel really hooked on this song. There's something really bittersweet in the background yet it's so uptempo\dreamy. And it's just straight different and "gaga". I really love it.
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  16. We tried, love. We tried.
    Also the Burim tag.
    I love it.
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  18. I low-key feel like I overscored "Changing Skies." I stand by my commentary though.
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  19. The juxtaposition between the verses/pre-chorus and the chorus/hook is very interesting, but that's what most likely made the song so polarizing.
    I wouldn't call it outright bad at all, but this is a good placement for it.

    And @berserkboi is desperate to get rid of "Fancy Pants" and "Ribbons", yet both of them managed to escape the bottom 10 placement. Which one are you more determined to kick out?
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  20. I like both but love Ribbons, so...
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