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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. A bit mindblown that "Words" EP do have the same font from the Telephone single cover, isn't it? I always think about it.

    And every time I remember it being released on January 20th 2006 I find it so fascinating because that's my birthday and I know exactly where I was and I keep going "on the same day....... Stefani was making HISTORY......"
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  2. That's actually a great guess!
    (and you'll have to wait for a while before that one is out)

    I've never noticed that! It's a really interesting coincidence (or maybe it's not a coincidence). Funny how it's the only time they used that font and full 'Stefani Germanotta Band' as the name, before switching to simply 'Stefani'. I find that the band centered a lot on Gaga, so much that even the word 'band' vanishing from the name would imply she's a solo artist.
    That's awesome! "Words" can also be seen as her first 'official' music output. And I've managed to find the tracklist for that one, since even discogs and Gagapedia list it incorrectly. Like I've said, it's the same songs as on "Red and Blue" EP, only a bit jumbled:
    1. No Floods
    2. Something Crazy
    3. Red & Blue
    4. Wish You Were Here
    5. Words

    The next elimination is from one of the sections that's lost multiple songs.
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  3. Hint for the next elimination is:

  4. wrap it up x
  5. I can't believe We Are Plastic didn't even make the top 50. I thought it was a shoo-in for top 20 at the very least. It's a huge bop, it sounds like a The Fame album track, what's not to like? The genuinely terrible songs that outlasted it... I can't. I only gave five 10+ scores in the rate and two of them are out already...

    By the way, I realised I voted for the wrong section in the poll. I definitely didn't mean to vote for the Born This Way section, it actually got the lowest average from me.
  6. This is a very memorable, perhaps even an iconic song.

    I'm really confused how it wasn't that divisive...

    Oh, and it's my lowest remaining score, so I'm happy about it leaving now...

    Lots of presents...

    ...filthy riches...

    Everybody wrap it up!





    Average score: 6.226

    Highest scores:
    10 x 1 (@Laurence), 9 x 3 (@m_dimitrov, @muddleddreams, @abael)
    Lowest score: 2 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    My score: 5

    High peak: #48 (32 voters, 33 voters)
    Low peak: #58 (7 voters)

    Only 0.05 points away from "Words", and approximately 0.001 points in average score ahead the infamous "Ribbons" departs. Told you it's going to be really close when we get into the top 50! To my surprise, the song wasn't polarizing at all. To put it into perspective, besides @berserkboi's 2, its second lowest score are a couple of 4's. However, it picked up a lot of scores that ranged between 5 and 6, which secured it a quite low final placement. I though it was going to remain in the bottom 10, though.

    "Ribbons" is another Gaga-Fusari creation, presumably written and recorded in 2006 (but could easily be in 2007, too). The sound of the recording is surprisingly HQ, but we only got that quality in early 2018. The song originally surfaced in 2010 (correct me if I'm wrong), but that one had a tag, worse quality and whatnot. It wasn't even uploaded on any of Gaga's Myspace and PureVolume accounts during pre-Fame days, and I assume she never wanted it released anyway, so it kind of remains an unreleased demo.

    In the song's intro (in what sounds like Gaga impersonating Gwen Stefani), she says "I'm not bad, I just sound that way" which is a direct reference to a quote from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, when Jessica Rabbit says, "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way". She has the most random inspirations, but we're used to it.

    But the lyrics in general is what makes this song especially stand out. She's known for her unique takes in alluding to some double entendres. C'mon, we all know what "presents" and what "ribbons" are supposed to mean in this song, no? This verse gives it away the most:
    We like black, white, big striped
    Polka-dotted, cafe latte
    Presents come in many sizes
    Wrap them up in ribbons

    And it doesn't end there. "I'm not a Hallmark card expression need material attention wrapped in ribbons, Richard Simmons, silly ribbons..." is another priceless line that only Gaga can make up.

    And though we may assume "Ribbons" is a hilariously metaphorical interpretation of condom use, it's probably about the contraception in general.

    A contraception anthem.

    While we're at it, let me mention that she even wore a condom outfit in 2011, where she promoted AIDS/HIV awareness and protection:
    I should've put this one as the song's hint, because it isn't as obvious (latex = condom, right?)

    And can someone tell me the exact meaning of "Only difference between downtown and uptown is therapy and valium, therapy and valium" lyrics?

    To be honest, I've avoided listening to this song for a while, so it didn't even have a chance to grow on me. Mostly it's because this rap style isn't something I lean towards at all. Gaga's overly cynical delivery is a no this time. Her obnoxious verses can be very grating, and the chorus is just a repetitive mess with some oddly amusing harmonies. It's probably meant to sound deliberately clunky and silly-sounding, with random piano riffs and horns(?), which works in a way, although there really isn't much to the song itself. The "it's not complicated, just a fashion statement..." middle-8 is my favourite part, it's a nice little earworm, but it still doesn't really pack a punch. It's also another memorable line on its own. It has some cool effects in that bare-bone production, but I guess the song is just not my thing. Amusing for a moment, although a bit off-putting in general.

    If you ask me, this definitely belongs to the bottom 10, or even bottom 3 (I mean, it's my second lowest score in the entire rate), so this placement was a bit unexpected. There's nothing outright horrible with the song, but I can't call it good, either. The most positive thing I can say about "Ribbons" is how many iconic and quotable lines we got from it.

    What's even more surprising than this song not being divisive is that it received the least amount of commentary in the entire rate. How did that happen? It's literally one of the last songs I thought would get so few comments.​

    @berserkboi (2) is clearly not here for this present and yelps: "Yikes! She has more of these obnoxious songs?? Shoulda stayed lost! Ddddd" and continues with an explanation of his hatred for this song: "I know why I hate this so much now!! Parts of this sound like Fergie’s bits in My Humps – I loooooooooooooooooathe that song and Fergie’s verses especially!!!!" Reasonable reaction, I must say. And the last time I've heard "My Humps" was probably a long time ago, because I can't remember a single thing about its verses.

    However, @DominoDancing (8.5) enjoys it: "This is such a mid-00s bop! Love it!" If you put a ribbon on it, does it become a 10?
    A rather lukewarm response comes from @M24 (7.25), who can take or leave the present: "Ehh, I could bop a little, in all its ridiculousness. She's had better bops in this era tho." Most definitely. @Pat (7) thinks it has a "Great middle-8." and I (partly) agree with them. It's my favorite part of the song, but it's good, not great.

    I was kind of disappointed that no one commented on the song's theme...

    But here's @Laurence (10) to save the day! Let's wrap it up with their commentary: "I like this one a lot! I thought it was about condoms with that "presents of different sizes" (dick) and put a ribbon on it (a condom)? Mess, I am, for sure. But a great track and should be Top 10? Love it. A great bridge too. I just googled Richards Simmons and never knew it was that guy. Why did she namedrop him though? Alas, great track. I played this sooo much, good good. A 10 for sure." I almost completely disagree with your love for this song, but I'm glad you got the reference. And there are so many questions. Perhaps Richard Simmons is a funny guy, and this is song is funny too, and his name rhymes with ribbons, so it goes well with the theme.

    The contraception anthem we never even thought of wanting, but received nonetheless:

    There was no available (legal) link for this one online, so enjoy this blocked YouTube video lol

    Up next: One of the bigger choices of the rate. Let's just say I'm not happy about it at all.

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  7. Wasn't there a rumor or something that she got pretty pissed that this song leaked because they invested money in it (????)

    Like I remember reading this some years ago, probably back in 2017\18 when the HQ version made it's way into the internet. I ignored it for so long. Hearing it in High Quality was funny.
  8. Ribbons literally sounds like a NSFW High School Musical song, so I love and hate it in the same amount.
  9. Ribbons = Good Riddance!
  10. Like I've mentioned earlier, there really are some unexpected and even mind-boggling results throughout the rate. Unfortunately, some of your faves turned out to be among the more polarizing songs, and left early.
    It's really interesting to see to what extent our opinions vary.

    As for the poll, you can easily change the vote (if you already haven't).
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  11. As long as Reloaded and Freak Show are safe, I can rest.
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  12. I have no idea about that, do I don't know whether the rumor is true. Perhaps that explains why the song vanished from YouTube, SoundCloud etc.

    The next elimination is another big switch in sound.
  13. No elimination today, but instead, I'm going to do a final 'Songs we could've rated' spotlight and for a reason.

    Can't believe I actually forgot to include one song, since I planned it and even had it on the list of songs that will have its spotlight. Well, better late than never...


    Broken Drum Machine
    Reason for not being included: the song is mostly an instrumental demo

    (No link for this one available online, but you can find it in the 'Bonus' section of the playlist I sent you)

    "Broken Drum Machine" is a song written by Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari somewhere between 2006 and 2007. It's obviously an unfinished demo, and it surfaced in early 2018. The song is not registered on any music service, which implies that the song was never finalized.

    Like I've said, the vast majority of the song is instrumental. A pop rock sound with a retro feel, this really appeals to me. It's like a hybrid of "Red and Blue" EP and the sound of their old school ballads, making me assume that it was likely recorded during the early days of Team Love Child, in 2006. It's quite rare that they had an uptempo song with this vibe. Gaga only sings (and ad-libs) what is presumably the first chorus on the song. It's a nice representation of how she comes up with melodies while the track is playing. With a couple of la la la's, the only intelligible lyrics are: "we'll never be, we'll never be apart..."

    I really like that bit and generally think that the song has a potential to be one solid pop rock bop. The instrumental is very enjoyable to me and has changes, build-up and some details that make it great. Also, the song has an intriguing title, which may be a wordplay, since there's no drum machine used in this song, makin. Maybe that was the case, it would've been funny.

    What's interesting is that Rob Fusari (under his stage name, Cary NoKey) teased and eventually released his own cover of the song which, according to him, used the original instrumental. I think I've read that it was first released on SoundCloud in 2015, three years before Gaga's version surfaced.
    It's not bad, but still think twice before pressing play on this:

    This is very different from what Gaga's version sounds like. The instrumental is not the same at all, the electronic effects are much more prominent and the lyrics are completely changed. This is possibly an alternate or re-written version. Or maybe he just took the songs title and came up with his own. Who knows...
    It's actually not terrible, but it definitely isn't a song that I'll be coming back to.

    The pop rock version is the one to go with, for sure. I wish it was finished and even released.

    Do you wish this song was finalized (Gaga's version)?​
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  14. I actually think Words flows along quite nicely? Yes, the production's quite undercooked and her performance is just a smidge too try-hard, but those lyrics are... fitting for her at the time?

    And there's no way for me to listen to Ribbons, because the only version I can find is a mashup with Money Honey, seaux...
  15. Some people have all the luck! Ddddd
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  16. Sorry, I keep delaying the homework and now have to do it, so I apologize for the lack of elimination tonight. I've started preparing it, though.

    What we can do is appreciate one of her very best moments, which had its anniversary the other day: "Alejandro", which was released 10 years ago, on April 20th, 2010:

    Never enough praise for it, if you ask me.

    Also, which songs do you think are in danger of being the next cut?

  17. Seaux... Thanks to @Maki I was able to listen to Ribbons in all its HQ glory and I hate to admit it, but... I actually think it's kinda fun. Maybe it's because the last eliminations in other rates have been ballads, but this was a breath of fresh air. It's not something I go to GaGa for, but I definitely see it for what it is in all its mid-00s sound.

    I'm intrigued to find out and listen to the songs you all thought were better than this.

    A fucking moment.

    The morning I purchased The Fame Monster I immediately put it on my iPod Shuffle remember those???? and I remember Alejandro coming up on shuffle while I was riding my bike to work at, like, 6:00 AM, recognizing GaGa's voice and replaying it a gazillion times that day...

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  18. To be honest, I kind of agree. The more I listen to the song, the more I enjoy it. At least it's not boring.
    However, I still think it belongs in the bottom 10 of the rate.
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  19. Ah @Remorque - not liking Le Temps Des Fleurs but liking this??? What has happened to my Mourir Sur Scene Taste Master????
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  20. Aw I love Ribbons. It's iconically ridiculous.
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