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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. Just, you know... Trying out new things.

    And, honey... Never have I ever said I didn't like Le temps des fleurs. N'est-ce pas?
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  2. How ironic that I was doing a spotlight on "Broken Drum Machine" the other day, because it kind of serves as an introduction to this elimination.

    And I am pretty much appalled that it's out so soon...



    Something Crazy

    Average score: 6.238

    Highest scores:
    9.25 x 1 (@Maki), 9 x 2 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi, @m_dimitrov)
    Lowest score: 3 x 3 (@HEARTCORE, @sesita, @Markus1981)
    My score: 9.25

    High peak: #36 (6 voters)
    Low peak: #51 (28 voters)

    Screw you for letting this tune leave within the first 15 eliminations. Just two eliminations away from "Words", its companion "Something Crazy" becomes the second cut from the Stefani Germanotta Band's EP. I definitely didn't expect this one to be so low, especially given how instant it is. The lack of high scores is what pulled it down, because, as you can see, there aren't a lot of detractors.

    "Something Crazy" is the opening song from the "Red and Blue" extended play (and the second track from the demo EP "Words"). Produced by Joe Vulpis and written by Lady Gaga, its alternate title was "When You're Not Around", but that was changed by the time it was released on "Words" demo EP. Also, as some of you may have noticed, the "something crazy" lyric is prominent on one of the songs that was created later on - "Wonderful". No wonder I start playing "Wonderful" in my head whenever I read the title of this song. It was performed live only once, at The Lion's Den on December 17th, 2005 under the title "When You're Not Around". No footage of the performance is available, unfortunately.

    The song is a complete pop rock banger and it's really surprising to witness the lukewarm reaction it received. It used to be my favourite song from the EP, but another one grew on me over time and overtook its place.
    The strong guitar riff sets the tone for the song right from the start. I'm hooked as soon as the drums come in. The inevitable piano line is there, too. I think this is a really good production, possibly the most accomplished on the entire EP. I mean, when it tones down and the effects kick in just before the final chorus - the dimension. The chorus is so fun and addictive, too. Gaga (in this case, Stefani), really gives 100% in the delivery. I can imagine her rocking to this and flicking hair while frantically playing the piano.
    As some of the voters noticed, "Something Crazy" is slightly reminiscent of some of the music by No Doubt (but I think that applies to another Gaga song to a greater extent). The comparisons of this nature do make sense for early Stefani/Gaga, because Gwen was in the rockier No Doubt before going on a solo route with a pop sound. And we all know who Gaga reminds us of vocally on certain songs after going pop? The connections! The lyrics are a bit interesting, from the point of view that they are more provocative than anything else she recorded before Rob Fusari sessions. It's quite obvious what the song is about, right? Proof that Gaga has always been suggestive. It just misses a proper middle-8 in order to get an even higher score from me. A total energetic rush.

    It's really unfair that it became one of the first cuts from the EP and just barely outlasted what I consider the weakest song from the extended play, "Words". Don't know exactly what didn't click with the listeners.

    Let's put the haters aside first. Once again, @berserkboi (4.2) puts his lack of taste out for the world to hear: "My aversion to this style of Pop Rock is well known, but the melody is pretty good and has a good rush to it! As soon as sme positive thing about the song were uttered, he goes: "Okay, on repeated listen – there’s that annoying affectation very evident, down a bit the score goes!" Now I wish this was one of the songs that you didn't listen twice... @elektroxx (5) is on the same page as @berserkboi, saying: "I'm not here for this pop / rock incarnation of Gaga, tbh." A shame. On a more modest side, it's @Laurence, who gives the song a 6 says: "It's cute but does not stand out." I disagree - it's a complete standout on the EP.​

    Moving onto the tasteful part of the voters (regarding this song).
    @Seventeen Days (7.5) is here for it: "Okay, now we’re talking. Feeling my ‘00s edgy pop gurl oats on this one." As you should! Giving it the same score, @DominoDancing (7.5) is not fully convinced: "Not amazing, but catchy enough. Definitely something I could have seen a band get a a record deal off the back of." Interesting yet reasonable take, but I'm sure we're all happy that record deal didn't happen.

    @Sprockrooster (7) mentions my all time favourite band and I have no choice but to stan: "A flair of early No Doubt. I am intrigued." Nice, although I'm not sure if by 'early' No Doubt you refer to their actual early usic during the late 80's, because this is obviously different. Anyways, Sprocky is not the only one who compared the song with the legendary band. @Pat (7) is the other voter who noticed the similarities: "I love this, getting ‘Sunday Morning’ No Doubt vibes." and continues by asking: "I mean, how did she go from this to a pop girl?" Talent. That's how. And, yeah, "Sunday Morning" is a proper tune.

    @Music Is Life (7) simply says: "This is a bit of a bop" Only a bit? Well, isn't your score a bit too low, especially for your standards?
    "I kinda enjoy this because it's such a weird genre for Gaga", proclaims @spaceship (6), and I agree.
    The most positive of the bunch, @M24 (8) screams: "Pop rock Gaga! It has a catchy chorus, it grew on me." I'm glad it did.

    And I hope it grows on the rest of you, too:

    Up next: The only tie of the rate that was broken based on the amount of 10's. The two songs literally couldn't have been more different from each other. Any guesses?
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  3. Ah yes, giving this song another listen was a death kneel to its chances of a decent score!
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  4. M24


    I was a bit behind with the elims, now I've caught up having read all of them. A few thoughts: "Cake Like Lady Gaga" absolutely deserved to leave, I agree with you Maki that I just don't like rap music so I can find little love for it. "Your Freakin Car" makes me feel nothing, so I'm glad that left. "When She Go" could've stuck around a little longer, same for "We Are Plastic"! Kind of wish I'd given a higher score to that one.

    What else am I missing? Oh yes, "Changing Skies" is too messy and loud for me, that didn't change after another listen. "Words" did hit me more now that I listen to it again, wish I'd given it at least a 7.5. Wouldn't have changed the outcome I guess. And omg "Something Crazy" absolutely did not deserve to leave so soon!!! Je suis appalled, especially considering other "Pre-Gaga" songs are still around.
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  5. I mean Trapped in a Box era. But can see Sunday Morning too.
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  6. Actual, if you'd given "Words" a 7.5, it would've jumped to #48 (the middle portion was really close in general). Glad you didn't do that, hehe.

    It does remind me of the pre-Tragic Kindom days, but "Something Crazy" definitely has a rockier sound than the ska pop of their debut.

    Someone will not be happy about the way which the upcoming tie has been broken (and they are partially the reason that the tie happened in the first place).
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  7. I've caught up.

    I remember the demos of Alejandro & Bad Romance leaking, wow a moment. She was about to change the game and then you could hear it already. Alejandro was then titled Don't Call My Name and I still think the demo version is cooler, rougher. Demoitis for sure... And there's a good mash-up of the demo and final so they are combined.
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  8. I've always preferred her delivery of "hot like Mexico, rejoice" from the demo.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I love both "Alejandro" versions, but am used to the final one. After all, it's the song that received an 11 from me in Gaga's discography rate. Oh, and for those who missed it, I did a spotlight on "Alejandro" demo as part of 'songs we could've rated' here (thanks to @Untouchable Ace for suggesting that).

    I'm currently doing a write up on the next elimination.​
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  11. So, like I've said, the tie has been broken based on the number of 10's and it was rather easy that way...

    ...because this song didn't receive any.



    Posh Life

    Average score: 6.347

    Highest scores:
    9.5 x 1 (@Music Is Life), 9 x 1 (@Seventeen Days)
    Lowest score: 2 x 1 (@HEARTCORE)
    My score: 7.25

    High peak: #39 (9 voters)
    Low peak: #51 (18 voters)

    And ARTPOP sessions section loses another song. At least this one is good reached top 50.
    I expected "Posh Life" to be the song with the most consistent scores, and I was (partly) right. Apart from the high/low extremes, all the remaining scores for it range from 4 and 8. It also got a lot of 6's, so it comfortably landed in the bottom half of the top 50. And, trust me, you'll miss seeing @Music Is Life among the high scorers. Just sayin'.

    (Spoiler: we won't be seeing this section lose a song in quite a while)

    "Posh Life" has an interesting background story. Well, definitely more interesting than the song itself. It started out as a song Gaga dedicated to Posh! The Prince (hence the title of the song) and wrote it in 2010. But who's Posh?
    His real name is Ronique Veira, and he's one of Lady Gaga's closest friends since she moved to the Lower East Side of New York City (before the fame, of course). He's also a singer, writer, composer, model etc.

    Evidence here:
    Lady Starlight, Lady Gaga and Posh! The Prince (Ronique Veira) at Jerome's Bar in NYC, April 2nd, 2008

    Posh! The Prince also appeared as a character called... Posh, during The Monster Ball in 2010.
    And, on the tour, he goes full-on Grace Jones:
    Came a long way!

    As Gaga sings in the first verse of "Posh Life", He said: "I'm Black, Latin, and Gay" is the line that most reveals it's about him in the more obvious manner.

    And that's just one part of the story. The more known part is that the song was supposed to be released by the celebrated girl group TLC, on their compilation album called "20". Obviously, the song was shelved, but we aren't unaware of how the supposed collaboration happened. Gaga wrote the song and recorded the demo in 2013, and wanted to use it on "ARTPOP", but not long after, called TLC to hear the song. The production was done by Dallas Austin, who met the girls and rewrote/recorded the song with Gaga. On July 25, 2013, V reported that Gaga gave "Posh Life" for TLC's upcoming greatest hits album. She was also supposed to be feature, but some label differences didn't allow that, so the song remained an outtake. I had no idea she's such a big fan of them!

    Chilli and T-Boz further explained the background of the song here:

    Wait. Did T-Boz just praise "Jewels N' Drugs" here? A choice.

    Fun fact: The word "posh" in the song's title actually stands for "Passionately Only Serving Him", and the phrase is sung by Gaga in the second verse. Clever!
    And TLC had a bit of a hilarious moment during the interview, talking about the song's title:
    I: The song is called "Posh Life," correct?
    T-Boz: It stands for Passionately Only Serving Him.
    I: Who is "Him"? The man upstairs or the man in the bedroom?
    Chili: Oh hell, no! C'mon now! She talking about a regular guy.
    T-Boz: The G-O-D! Oh hell, no. I ain't serving no [regular] man.

    Gaga and her witty ways.

    Lyrically inspired by Posh! The Prince, sonically inspired by TLC, "Posh Life" is one of the songs that I very rarely come back to, but it's nice listen when I do. The best word I can describe it with is: pleasant. Nothing too overbearing, a bit bland, but, yeah, pleasant. I mostly like it. It starts off with an 90's R&B-ish beat (clearly one of the inspirations which come from TLC), but uses more traditional instruments, with the drum loop being prominent throughout the song. I really like how she uses her lower register here, and how the chorus uses both low and high vocals. And I'm very much here for that slightly dramatic post-chorus. It's my favourite part of the song, actually. The strings that appear in the chorus are a really nice touch, too. Unfortunately, the melody is too bland , which makes the song just plod along most of the time. In line with that, the middle-8 is just a big non-event. The lyrics are affecting in a bit of a tacky way, but are cute. It's a good thing she left it, because it doesn't really fit in, nor sounds like a standout. It could've easily replaced "Jewels N' Drugs", though.
    Looking back, perhaps my score looks a bit inflated, but given we're rating demos, it seems fitting. Either way, it's not a loss for me, but there are definitely weaker songs still in here.​

    Let's see what you had to say about it...

    @pop3blow2 (8) hears the potential: "Yeah, with the right singer I can see this one going off." Perhaps they would be here for a TLC version.
    @Laurence (5) thinks it lacks something: "Meh, what I can say? It's for someone else so doesn't really fit with Gaga's "Gaga". So... It's a fine track, but nothing special. It lacks magic." I can completely understand this. Yeah, this is too... posh for Gaga. @spaceship (5) fairly says: "I know it was meant for TLC but still I don't enjoy this", but @Pat (4) has no mercy: "Really awful." Cruel words for such a harmless song.

    @Untouchable Ace (7.9) makes a nice comparison: "She sounds like Mutya in some parts." I love Mutya's voice and can hear the comparison, but Chilli from TLC has a similar husky tone, which completely makes sense with the song's inspiration/purpose.
    The lowest scorer, @HEARTCORE (2) says: "TLC were right to pass." That's a nice constatation, but why so harsh on the score?

    "I like the verses, but the chorus is a bit of a non-event. And the lyrics are just too cheesy."
    , observes @DominoDancing (7.5). Maybe the backstory makes it make sense now? And looks like @M24 (7.25) is there for the cheesiness: "The lyrics are beautiful. The song is just there anyway."
    Another voter who mentions lyrics is @berserkboi (7.2): "The rhymes are bit lame and clichéd but the melody is strong enough for me to mostly look past it!" Rhyming 'Florida Bay' with 'citaaay' is innovative! Just kidding, the rhyme is lame at parts, indeed.

    Guess what? @Music Is Life (9.5) is finally the highest scorer of a song in this rate! He says: "This is really enjoyable, I like the production." Positive words, but I'm still shook by the lack of high scores from you here.

    Any predictions what the song that's tied with "Posh Life" is?

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  12. Instead of an elimination, here's a little appreciation on TLC, since we mentioned them yesterday.

    While I've yet to hear any of their albums, "No Scrubs" is definitely one of the best songs from 'the turn of the century' R&B era:

    Another song I want to highlight is this excellent album track from their sophomore album, that I randomly stumbled upon and really enjoyed it:

    Do you have any personal TLC faves that you'd like to share (and perhaps introduce me to some discoveries)?
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  13. Here’s one @ohnostalgia and I gave an 11 to once!

    This one fought valiantly in my Girl Band Signature Song Rate!

    Really there’s tons of greatness in TLC’s output so check out all the singles and go from there :)
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  14. For some reason I thought this would end up higher. I really dislike it\find it too basic\something I'd expect from the fame outtakes but I probably gave it like a 6. ~For the message
  15. I should check these out. Thanks for the suggestions!
    And I think I've heard "Waterfalls" before, but never really got into it as much, oddly enough.

    Yeah, I expected it to be placed a but higher. The lack of high scores is what dragged it down.
    And you gave the song a 5 - it really doesn't have much to it in order to make a big impression.

    The song that's getting eliminated next is from a section that's lost multiple songs.
    Like I've said, the ARTPOP sessions won't be losing a song in a while, so now there are two options: Early years or Pre-Fame sessions.
    Which one is more likely to take a hit? What song do you think/hope it is?
  16. Based on my scores, I'm hoping that it's "Hollywood."
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  17. It's not leaving yet, I'm afraid.

    Here's a hint for the next elimination:
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  18. Nooooo, it better not be Fancy Pants...
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  19. ‘Unpretty’ is a favorite song of all time for me. @ohnostalgia bringing her usual taste by giving it a 11!
  20. The shade by omission!! I live!! Ddddd
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