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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. Actually, if you'd given "Superstar" a 10, it would've surpassed the song that's at #41 by exactly 0.05 points, which would've made the average score difference between them only 0.001 point!
    But it's better that you left it that way, because my 10 would've been one place lower, hehe.
    And I find it impressive that "Superstar" managed to get so many 9's - significantly more than any other song in the top 50, top 40, and even more than some of the songs in the top 30.

    Ironically, I mix up the exact same two songs, too! Don't know why, whether it's because they have one word in their titles, they are both Darkchild productions, come from the same album sessions, or something else, but I often confuse them.
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  2. Looks like there won't be an elimination today... homework got in the way again.

    The hint for the next song that's getting eliminated is 'hidden' in both "Oh Baby" and "Superstar".
  3. Me: I'm about to lose my first 10.

    My subconscious mind: At least you're losing some of your lower scores next...


    My subconscious mind: ...after that, you're back to losing high scores again.


    (how appropriate, given which song we're about to lose)
  4. So, like I've said, my first 10 is about to fall...

    ...and I'm the only 10 scorer for it.

    A severely underrated song just missing out on top 40 is...



    Shut Up

    Average score: 6.484

    Highest scores:
    10 x 1 (@Maki), 9.5 x 1 (@berserkboi), 9 x 2 (@Phonetics Boy, @Ana Raquel) ← taste
    Lowest score: 2 x 1 (@DinahLee) ← waste
    My score: 10

    High peak: #25 (8 voters)
    Low peak: #43 (28 voters, 29 voters)

    Screw you! This gem deserved so much more. Okay, it didn't get many low scores (only one 2 and one 3), but the way some of you threw 4's and 5's on it, especially towards the end... I was disgusted. It managed to fall out of the top 40 within the final ten voters, which made me really disappointed.
    To be honest, it originally received a 9.75 from me, but I quickly changed it to 10 before even receiving other votes, because of the potential it has, so it was at #2 position for a moment, lol.

    On another note, have we just managed to eliminate (the only?) three songs in this rate that contain the word 'superstar' in a row? I didn't even realize this until the other day. Unbelievable coincidence.

    Back to the song. "Shut Up" was written in early 2008 (or perhaps late 2007) by Lady Gaga and RedOne, who also did the production. The song was often confused with another RedOne collaboration titled "Miss It B4 You Kiss It" , which hasn't surfaced yet. Obviously, "Shut Up" is an unfinished demo that was made during "The Fame" sessions, which includes Gaga ad-libbing the pre-choruses and most of the middle-8 (basically gibberish). And the verse just repeats itself, meaning that the second verse may not exist at all. I find that really interesting, since you can actually hear how Gaga comes up with such great melodies before putting lyrics on top of them. We don't know it the final version even exists. It's quite a rarity from that point of view, and I value it greatly.

    The song is excellent without any doubt. Her signature talk/singing during the verses. The signature RedOne synths and production. The catchy-as-hell chorus. The magnificent middle-8 which doesn't even contain any words. Whew, a tune.
    The production is messy, of course, but since it's a demo which wasn't even properly recorded and produced (even the title of the song file has 'demo' in its title), this is so good. I looove the melody in the middle-8 (those vocals!) and the pre-chorus/chorus combo is awesome. The melodies in general are excellent, I must say. There's a melancholic touch and the tone of her has a lovely tone to it for the majority of the song. I mean, what's not to like? Such a bop. The lyrics, quite ironically, describe Gaga working and firing someone she's writing/recording with. An interesting 'heavy metal superstar' line makes an appearance, too. While the chorus may get a bit too repetitive near the end, and those throbbing synths can be a bit too much at times, this is amazing for a raw demo and I can't help but bop every single time.
    "Shut Up" really could've and should've appeared on "The Fame" had it been finished. Such a pity that it possibly wasn't even finalized, let alone considered for the album.

    Personally, this song is in my top 10 of this rate, so it's a major loss. I can see some of you writing this song off because it's so unfinished, but you really need to re-listen to it and hear the potential. Not even top 40? C'mon.

    Onto the commentary, and let me get rid of the haters first.

    @DinahLee (2) clearly doesn't get this one: "There isn’t much to hear on this, It’s interesting from the perspective of seeing a song being born. I’d love if we had a “complete demo”. It’s cute and the production is quite interesting but that’s all." Fairly nice commentary paired with that score? You know what? Shut up.

    And @Laurence (4) needs to press repeat on this, I guess. They comment: "Prechorus is clearly missing... It's not very developed and I don't think I listened to it much before this rate at all. But all right." The gibberish chorus is low-key amazing. I'm not sure whether @Pat (5) forgot that this is an unreleased/demos rate, because their comment for this song is: "This is really demo’ey.." and @spaceship (5) is complaining, too: "It's a bit all over place and lacks a focused melody." Potential, people, potential. That's also a parameter when scoring songs in this rate.

    Losing their highest score so far, @M24 (8.75) gets this one: "It's a bit noisy. With a few tweaks here and there, this could've been a 10 from me. Still among the best out here." See, @spaceship? That's what we're talking about!
    Tasteful @berserkboi (9.5) almost joins me in giving a 10 to this song, but leaves me hopeful: "Could work itself up to a 10 with multiple listens! Instant yet a grower! When’s the feature with Ladytron happening?" Nice mention of that band. And, more importantly, is "Shut Up" a 10 yet?
    I can understand why @pop3blow2 (8.3) found an aspect of this song a bit irritating. He says: "This is pretty good, but that hard synth line riff gets a bit tired.", but @Seventeen Days (8) is absoltetely here for that: "Okay, squelchy synths are always a yes for me. The vocals are kind of meh on this, but it’s bop-adjacent." Don't know why, but every time someone says 'squelchy synths', I think of P!nk's song called "Love Is Such a Crazy Thing", which is lovely (and the squelchy synths on that one are prominent, too).

    Regularly unconvinced @DominoDancing (6.5) points something out: "Kinda interesting in hindsight how many demos with these half-spoken intros or verses she's had. Suffers from a weak chorus." This one is more on the singing side, but I get what you're saying. The chorus is fab, though.
    Meanwhile, @Untouchable Ace (8.4) has an idea "Could have been a little album track with proper and clearer lyrics." and I nod my head in agreement.

    Really an underrated bop that deserved much more love. It's a shame it wasn't received that well.

    Please give it another try:

    Next up: We're back at eliminating the most populated section of this rate.

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  5. TOP 40:

    2005/2006 - Early years

    Captivated (live)
    Electric Kiss (live)
    Master Heartbreaker (live)
    Fountain of Truth
    World Family Tree


    Red and Blue EP

    Something Crazy
    Wish You Were Here
    No Floods

    Red and Blue


    2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    Blueberry Kisses
    Dirty Ice Cream
    Spin U Around
    Glitter and Grease

    Fancy Pants
    When She Go/Go, Go, Go

    Kandy Life
    Reel Cool
    Let Love Down
    Oh Well
    Sexy Ugly

    We Are Plastic (Melt In the Summer)
    Shake Your Kitty
    Love Sick Girl/Yay Ha


    2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    Filthy Pop
    Oh Baby
    Panty Party
    New York

    Shut Up
    Take You Out

    Your Freakin' Car
    The Greatest Thing
    Fooled Me Again


    2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    Nothing On (But the Radio)
    Out of Control
    Second Time Around

    No Way
    Future Love (live)


    2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions


    2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    Brooklyn Nights
    Posh Life
    Stache (with Zedd)
    Cake Like Lady Gaga

    Three of the remaining six sections will be safe until we reach the top 30. Which ones do you think are safe for now?

    On the other hand, which songs/sections do you think are in danger?

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  6. I would say that ARTPOP/The Fame Monster a possibly the Early Years are the safe sections
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  7. Hopefully it’s the first three categories that are in danger. The first two can leave.
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  8. A gibberish demo making the top41 while Changing Skies was paid dust...

    Sorry sis. The song is... cute.
    Someone can leak Shut Up (Final) and Text Your Pictures and Private Audition now. And Out of Control.
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  9. I feel like The Fame Monster, ARTPOP and maybe Red & Blue are safe, so hopefully we'll be losing tracks from Early Years, Pre-Fame and The Fame.
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  10. I really don't care, I, really don't care I.
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  11. What I did find confusing is that your lowest score in the entire rate went to "Shut Up", yet you gave a 10 to "Changing Skies", which is just another messy production demo. That's... a choice. I think giving a 2 to "Shut Up" is way too harsh, but each to their own, I guess.

    Good thing is that we won't be having any drastic score differences (well, apart from one song).

    And it's on repeat again...

    The next elimination is a song that has never been performed live, meaning that "Captivated" and "Future Love", among other songs ("Fever", "Hollywood" etc.), are definitely safe.
  12. Let's find out what's the first song to leave the top 40.

    Get your cute thing out of my flo', @Joe. ...



    Reel Cool

    Average score: 6.507

    Highest scores:
    10 x 1 (@m_dimitrov), 9 x 1 (@yeRleDanaL)
    Lowest score: 2 x 1 (@Laurence)
    My score: 6

    High peak: #29 (23 voters)
    Low peak: #42 (6 voters)

    'Team Love Child' section loses its first song in the top 40, meaning that it's not safe anymore and is probably going to be one of the sections to lose multiple songs until we get to the top 30.
    The trajectory of "Reel Cool" on the leaderboard is shaped like a Gaussian function - it started off quite low, then gaining in average and hitting its peak when about half of the voter's scores were inputted, before it started falling again, almost reaching its low point by the end. Anyways, it's probably not a loss for the majority of you, because it received a lot of 6's and 7's and not many high scores.

    Gaga and Fusari have worked on this outtake in June/July 2006. It's actually one of the first songs they've created after changing her style (the first one being "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"), staying away from the singer-songwriter ballad stuff, and that's pretty how the beginnings of "The Fame" concept popped up to her. The lyrics also present this idea. Gaga actually put up this song on her MySpace for a short period, but it was later registered on BMI as "Real Cool".
    Eventually, it was Rob Fusari who unleashed the song in May 2012, along with a clip of them in the Sony headquarters in 2006 (linked down below). She talks a bit about the song's disco influences in the video, which was basically a blueprint for them at the time.

    The song sonically resembles "Retro, Dance, Freak", a bonus track from "The Fame" album, which makes me wonder why @soratami didn't really enjoy "Reel Cool" (he gave a 10 to "Retro, Dance, Freak", if I recall correctly). It has a similar beat and that funky vibe, although "Retro, Dance, Freak" has much better production quirks (the guitar, for example) and is simply a better song to me.

    To be honest, it took me ages to properly recall how "Reel Cool" goes. It's pleasant and obviously listenable, but completely bland and forgettable at the same time and I almost never get back to it. Not bad at all, just a bit too dull. Incorporating elements from disco and funk, the inevitable piano inclusion, but also containing some poppier hooks, as well as rap/talk-singing, it's a typical Gaga track during her thick eyeliner days. Like she would say: "Retro, but make it more pop." Oh, and the lyrics are nonsense camp Gaga at her peak. I mean: "There's a boat with a sail and some real whip cream." Yes, give me those highly intellectual lines!

    It's a bit fun to try to decipher what these lyrics mean, because she's probably the only one who knows what they're about.
    Otherwise, there are some production flourishes which are good, such as that funky bassline that's clearly retro-influenced and some odd synths popping up here and there, but the melody is just bland and doesn't click with me. To be honest, it did get randomly stuck in my head one day, although that was just a fluke. What I find slightly interesting about it is that the song has conventional elements, but arranges them in an unconventional way. So, we have the first verse ~ pre-chorus ~ chorus ~ pre-chorus ~ chorus ~ second verse ~ chorus. This is perhaps an indication that the song wasn't even finished yet. The verses are quite chill, as well as the pre-chorus, while the chorus pumps it up a bit, and even though it's my favourite part of the song, it manages to leave me cold. Another thing I like is how those handclaps sound so realistic (probably because they are lol) and the depth they have. I find that, er... cool.
    Apart from that, it's just an okay tune that plods along in a, I must admit, relatively slick way and doesn't have much memorable things about it. Some may call it a chill and throwaway bop, but it's pretty much a 'meh' situation. Actually, it stands out because it doesn't really stand out among the rest. I'm confusion.

    Overall, I've never been impressed by this song. Definitely a good elimination at this point and a completely inoffensive track that reasonably remained an outtake.

    And the commentary is mostly a different ways of saying 'meh', too.

    Even one of the highest scorers, @yeRleDanaL (9), says: "This track is super basic and kinda bland, but for some reason that beat just makes me want to dance every time, especially when the beat gets briefly more intense during the chorus." Feelin' groovy, I see.

    I think this won't be a loss to @berserkboi (7.8), who keeps it positive and bumps the score with a solidified reason: "Mostly boppable and slightly inflated for the torture chamber I just escaped with a couple of the songs above! Dddddd" I'm sure the 'torture chamber' is that combo of "Fancy Pants" and "Ribbons". I should be glad you did this rate, after all, haha.
    Speaking of positivity, let's give a word to @pop3blow2 (8.3): "There are some neat ideas in here, but it never all comes together in a cohesive way for me." I agree about it being all over the place, but also kind of nowhere at the same time.

    @DominoDancing (5.5) yawns and says: "Meh. Not very memorable and rather repetitive.", while @Sprockrooster (8) calls it a "great discovery."
    We aren't used to seeing @Music Is Life (6.5) not impressed, but he's correct this time: "A lot of these have a similar vibe and lyrical theme to what would end being The Fame, though not as amazing as the album. Still, it’s interesting to hear the early songs she had for it, and knowing she had that concept in mind for so long." Well said. Still, I'm confused by how you weren't here for the handclaps this time.

    The lowest scorer is @Laurence (2), who, just like Gaga, brings up an unexpected guest: "Not a fan of this one. It's soo... Like Ariana and Victoria Money tracks such as Monopoly. Just flexin but not saying a lot. Mess." Not sure about that comparison, because I've never heard the song, but I can already imagine it's just a trap beat with and 'yuh' uttered after every word.

    @Untouchable Ace (8.2) simply says: "Funky." and @Pat (6.5) thinks it's an "Interesting outtake, but not worth re-listening." This not only presents the average score of the song, but also the general response to it, so let's end it on that.

    It wasn't easy to find the proper version of the song online:

    And here's a clip of Gaga and Rob jamming to "Reel Cool" at the Sony meeting:

    Notice the gold booty shorts she has!

    Next up: The last song of its kind is about to leave.

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  13. You got that Torture Chamber right! Let's hope no one reads this and casts me in the next SAW movie, they'll know full well what they need to do to me! Dddddd
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  14. Haha! Gaga's sensual meowing on one ear, and her pop rock affectations on the other will be the death of you!
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  15. Sorry, there won't be an elimination tonight, but I'll get two songs out tomorrow instead.

    Hint for the next elimination:

  16. Did I make the thread title?
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  17. Indirectly influenced it? Perhaps.
  18. Damn... the draft I made somehow got deleted.


    Looks like you'll only get one elimination tonight.

  19. Re this:
    This is the last song that didn't receive any 10's.

    It did fairly well, all things considered...

    What do you say we get outta here, kid?




    Average score: 6.603

    Highest scores:
    9.5 x 1 (@Music Is Life), 9 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @Phonetics Boy)
    Lowest score: 4 x 1 (@KYLE)
    My score: 7.75

    High peak: #33 (20 voters)
    Low peak: #44 (6 voters)

    We say goodbye to the final song that hasn't received any 10's, and it's another Pre-Fame sessions outtake. "Retrosexual" is also the song that has the highest lowest score so far, only receiving one 4. For that reason, it was consistent and didn't move too much across the leaderboard. Unfortunately, it received several 5's and didn't rack up enough high scores, and ended up just inside the top 40.
    Anyways, from now on, we will be losing only songs that contain full marks. Let's just say all of your faves are in danger at this point.

    Being yet another Gaga-Fusari creation, we know that "Retrosexual" has a date 15th November, 2006 along with the song file name, meaning the demo was either recorded or mixed/produced at that exact day. The song name has been known for a long time, since Gaga put it on PureVolume page in 2006 and quickly removed it, but it managed to surface in late 2017, 11 years later.

    I won't talk about the song's background. Instead, I'll let Gaga have a word, since she thoroughly explains it: "Retrosexual – I came out with that a long time ago. Me and my buddy Tom were hanging out one day in the studio and we were talking about metrosexuals, because he had bought a pair of boots and I said 'Those are very metrosexual.' And he was like 'I don't know, I think they're kind of retro.' And I said 'So you're retrosexual.' It was kind of a joke. The more I thought about it – I'm so obsessed with all things retro, the 70s and 80s. I don't know, that word just kind of flew out of my mouth one day, and it stuck with me. I often do that – if I coin terms, they'll become like the centerfold of my entire project or an entire record."
    So, there you have it. The word is definitely something very Gaga indeed. I would like a little dictionary of all the words she came up with during these early sessions.

    Also, who's Missy Brown?
    This is the first one that pops up on Facebook:
    Let me check if she went to Pristine High... nope, she didn't. The search continues...

    Another rectification when it comes to the playlist: the two 'versions' I put are exactly the same.

    "Retrosexual" has a lot in common with "We Are Plastic" (hence the hint being that song) and I've always thought they were written/recorded close to each other. I mean, they definitely have sonic similarities: the piano lines, the guitar use, vocals, even some melodic resemblances. Of course, "We Are Plastic" is wackier and is like a goofy sister song to more dark and rebellious "Retrosexual". For that reason, I thought that both songs would be out around the same time, but that obviously wasn't the case. A lot of you preferred "Retrosexual", which is apparent.

    There's something about the song I can't really describe... it has kind of a metallic vibe to it (but not metal, hehe). It feels a bit darker than some of the songs and definitely more rocky, and sure has some proper attitude to go with that. Like a little psychedelic horror in a form of a song. I really like how the guitar follows the same piano riff, which enhances the chaotic sound it goes for. The verse-chorus combo is a little rush, too. The middle-8 is my favourite part, no matter how repetitive it is - I adore the melody! And the outro is precious in all of its hysterical glory. I just love it. As for the lyrics, they are bonkers Gaga at her peak. It kind of tells a story, but like she's stoned or something (she even says "we trippin' on that" at one point). So many iconic mentions: Missy Brown, medicine man, one trick bunny and a hunting man and the list goes on. She even gives a nod to the Team Love Child company in one of the lines.
    Still, I couldn't give it a higher score, simply because it is a bit too unmelodic at parts (especially the verses) and doesn't live up to its full potential.
    Could've done slightly better, but, given how I thought "We Are Plastic" and it would end up around the spot, this is great.

    The commentary wasn't really divisive with this one, which makes sense.

    @Pat (6.5) is here to prove that: "I like the chorus, but doesn’t really have have any replay value for me. Other songs from this era do this ‘sound’ better." Reasonable.

    Guess who's back at liking things? @Music Is Life! He gives the song a score of 9.5 and says: "Oh now this is a proper bop, almost a banger. Just absolute mindless fun, and a fun little rush, with the handclaps and drums really driving everything forward." Nice to hear you mentioning handclaps after missing the opportunity to do that with "Reel Cool".
    @berserkboi (7.3) brings up the affectations again: "Gaga’s Flapper Vocal Affectations are much better than her Pop Rock ones ddddd" We been knew, berserky. And I can't really hear anything flapper-like about this song, though.

    Someone who may have heard something we didn't is @soratami (7), who states: "F1 version is definitely the best one" I'm sorry, but both versions are exactly the same.

    @DominoDancing (7) makes a comparison: "More Gwen Stefani mimicry. The verses are...not good, quite catchy chorus though." The verses are good, but the weakest part of the song, so I partly agree. And there are songs where the Gwen comparison is more effective, but there's a lot of them, indeed.
    Bringing a little background story while waiting for this rarity to surface, @DinahLee (5) says: "I believe Retrosexual is one of these songs that are myths inside the fanbase and you kinda create some expectations over them, especially since there was a feeling we’d probably never hear it. The leak was a giant surprise but the song is pretty meh. Nothing really new. The screaming end I…someone help Stef." I cackled at the last sentence, but I love that outro.

    @Seventeen Days (6.75) isn't fully convinced and says: "This sounds like it has some good potential, and it would have been a good album track for ‘The Fame’ had it been a bit more polished." and @Laurence (7) is on a similar page: "I like this one, it's so high energy. But a bit messy though, really Gaga chick early. I can't stand still during this too, always need to walk or move a little." I agree with both of you.
    Drawing the line beneath that, @M24 (7.75) makes a good point: "It's like a hybrid of The Fame and her previous work." It really is.

    The song is literally nowhere to be found on regular video-sharing platforms.

    In that case, let's give a listen to another song titled "Retrosexual" I stumbled upon.
    It's by a band called... Lesbian Bed Death:

    @Sprockrooster found bopping and getting his life to it, and @berserkboi has a new song to add to his 'torture chamber' list.

    Next up: A different section takes a hit after quite a while.

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  20. As if I’m gonna click ‘play’ on that to check after that description dddddd
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