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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. I don't know what's way more random. The fact I Wish You Were here won (? I probably gave it the best score of the EP. I just thought it was... not that well known\loved) or the fact I always listened to the No Floods demo and never acknowledged another version of the song in... 15 years of it's existence.

    It's a cute song even if I find it a bit awkward especially with the Katrina linking nn. Apart the top-shelf stuff like Out Of Control\Nothing On But the Radio, etc. I'm pretty sure it's one of the "well known" unreleaseds that people actually listened to while searching about Lady Gaga in 2010. And probably went "wow she's talented"
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  2. I didn't know that "No Floods" is among her more popular rarities. I thought the 'popular' ones were like "Blueberry Kisses" and such (i.e. those that have been floating online for 10 years) and not any of the "Red and Blue" EP tracks. Thanks for pointing that out.
    Speaking of those "known for a long time" unreleased songs, one of them is about to leave.

    Though "Wish You Were Here" is lovely and totally deserved to do the best out of the EP songs.
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  3. I was expecting this one to be tanked or polarizing, but it wasn't...

    He cried: "Mother! What'd you do to me?" ...



    Shake Your Kitty

    Average score: 6.693

    Highest scores:
    10 x 1 (@Laurence), 9 x 3 (@m_dimitrov, @Music Is Life, @muddleddreams)
    Lowest score: 3 x 2 (@sesita, @berserkboi)
    My score: 6.25

    High peak: #34 (27 voters, 28 voters)
    Low peak: #49 (7 voters)

    With this cut, one third of the Pre-Fame songs got eliminated. "Shake Your Kitty" is one of the songs I thought would be rather divisive and have a lot of detractors, but that actually isn't the case at all. While it wasn't really doing well throughout the voting period, it received plenty of 7's, especially from the later voters, which secured it a top 40 spot.
    Oh, and I love that there's a 69 in the average score of the song. The accidental implications...

    And upon searching for the song's info, I stumbled across the adorable Lady Gaga cat pillows and simply had to include it in the artwork. Shake your pillow!

    Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari wrote "Shake Your Kitty" song in 2006, and it appeared on Gaga's PureVolume page for a moment. It surfaced back in 2008, making it one of the first unreleased songs by Lady Gaga that has appeared online. The inspiration behind the song isn't really known, but I have a 'theory' what it may be about.
    With lines like "with your Van Halen pin and your dark side burns" and "you're working every hour at a bar, but I still want you", it makes me wonder whether this song is about/dedicated to her then-boyfriend Lüc Carl.

    And a fun fact: Lüc actually plays the drums on this song! I mean, it must be influenced by him in some way.
    A reminder of what he looks like:
    Yeah, I can definitely see this song being inspired by him.

    Another interesting thing is that the singer Melanie Fiona's sampled "Shake Your Kitty" on her song called "Bang Bang", which was released in 2009 (the song is linked below, and I certainly find it better than Gaga's song, to be honest). I don't really know how that happened, but Rob probably granted access to it, since the song was already out there, and produced Melanie's song, too.
    By the way, Melanie Fiona won PJ00s with this awesome tune, so that's what the hint was about.

    Now, the big question, what the hell does "Shake Your Kitty" mean? Shake her Kitty? Call me Kitty? It definitely sounds like something provocative, but still, no clear explanation. It's probably a ''my artpop could mean anything" moment, so I'll end it on that, but leave it open for further discussion.

    Gaga goes bollocks on another track. Containing a lot of gimmicks and some rather WTF lyrics, "Shake Your Kitty" is a song with a prominent retro vibe. Actually, it sounds like it's going to burst into a 60's surf rock bop anytime. To be honest, with different lyrics and an even more organic sound, this could even appear on "Joanne", but to its pop rock feel (looks like I unintentionally lied in that 'next up' bit, oops).
    The intro is filled with moaning and sensual growling/meowing, which is an acquired taste, and then it into a and it I love the rockier edge in her voice here, too. The prominent synth line that tickles your ear is a great touch and makes the song a bit more interesting. I find the middle-8 fun, although not something I would listen to. And the chorus is quite catchy, but still manages to fall a bit flat. There are a lot of redeeming things about it, especially in the instrumental, but I just don't find the melody strong enough and it makes the song kind of bland. Yeah, it's quite boppy overall, but doesn't have much that will make me go back to it, unfortunately.
    I could've bumped its score a bit, mostly due to her passionate delivery and the potential, although it would've been around the same spot on my own ranking, so this is pretty much a perfect placement.

    There comments are mostly nice, to my surprise.

    After "No Floods", @Laurence loses another 10 and stans this song, saying: "Epic track. I adore it. What a dark intro thing and her purry Awwww. Then whoop whoop, we start a banger! That chorus? I am shaking my kitty everytime I hear it. Woo woo woooo. Its a nice one for sure." @Untouchable Ace (7.9) has an appropriate response to @Laurence's comment and tempts me for another thread title change, saying: "Do it, shake it." Hmm... it's too obvious, so I'll go with something else.

    Unfortunately, @berserkboi (3) clearly doesn't want to shake his kitty and proclaims: "Gimmicky Gaga really isn’t for me!" Someone who uses the same word is @spaceship (7), but he actually likes the song: "It's a bit gimmicky but still enjoyable"

    @AshtrayHeart (4) thinks that "the quality brings this down." and @DinahLee (7) is doing some math stuff over here: "Issa bop²" Shake your calculator! (what a bad pun, let's pretend I didn't say that)

    Speaking of changing the song's lyrics, @TéléDex (8.5) pops up with his own take on the song: "Doesn’t make sense to ‘Shake Your Kitty’, but I can change the title lyric to ‘Drag Your Baby’ and it might somehow work." Hello? This is 2006/2007 Gaga! The ridiculousness of the lyrics was pretty much a staple for her, and I wouldn't touch them.

    @DominoDancing (6.5) has a point: "Would be fine as an album track, in that it bops along nicely but is not particularly memorable." I think that its title is much more memorable than the song itself and @Pat (7) shares the same thoughts: "The title is exciting, but the song overall is just okay."
    Another voter who mentions the song's title, but in a negative way, @M24 (7), reveals a choice :"I should give it a 2 for that title. It's not that bad tho, even if it's far from the best of this era." The song title is certified as iconic and you'll deal with it.

    (probably the first YouTube upload of this song, so let's cherish it)

    Melanie Fiona's song that samples "Shake Your Kitty":

    Next up: Another Gaga-Fusari collab is taking a hit.

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  4. I didn't know that it was such an oldie. I used to bop so hard with this one.
    I believe my main curiosity of it being so old it's because it does have some "Gagaism-DNA" stuck in it. Like, it makes way more sense as a "Gaga Song" than many others from Fusari days.

    I love how we got enough material to fill a complete album of unreleaseds with the same vein\vibe and storyline of her early days, the "art performance" days from Revues and so on.
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  5. Is there another artist called Lady Gaga that I missed? Gimmick is her thing for a while now.
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  6. That makes sense, actually. And the funny thing is that "Shake Your Kitty" was written/recorded before she even met Lady Starlight and did the revues. Could've totally used that song for these shows, but she never performed it live, unfortunately.
    I know, right?
    But I assume they were referring to her frequent vocal quirks she was using during Team Love Child days, which didn't appear on "The Fame" and onwards.
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  7. There’s good gimmick - auto tune in Believe by Cher, Xtina calling back to a different era of music on Back To Basics, Gaga going all out dirty gritty pop for a lot of The Fame album - and then there’s the gimmick of this sorta thing. So yes, some conceptual gimmick can be good - others not so much.
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  8. While I'm doing the write-up, here's a hint for the next elimination:

  9. She sang about the lush life, about posh life, what else...?


    Fashion sense and vanity consume us 'cause we...



    Kandy Life

    Average score: 6.725

    Highest scores:
    10 x 1 (@Laurence), 9 x 2 (@soratami, @DinahLee)
    Lowest score: 4 x 2 (@AshtrayHeart, @SyPOPhantic)
    My score: 6.5

    High peak: #33 (8 voters, 17 voters, 33 voters)
    Low peak: #47 (5 voters)

    The Pre-Fame sessions section loses another track. "Kandy Life" always seemed to be one of the less divisive songs to me, and I thought it would receive no 10's. The non-divisiveness was certainly the case, because it did get a lot of scores ranging between 5 and 7, but that made it wobble between either being in the top 40 and out of top 40 after nearly each ballot.
    Also, @Laurence loses their third 10 in a row. Let's hope that the streak is broken with this elimination.

    Unsurprisingly, this is another song from the Gaga-Fusari sessions, written in early 2007. The song samples a retro classic "Lollipop" by The Chordettes, which is especially prominent during the chorus. Gaga put the song up on her MySpace account the same year, but removed it not long after. "Kandy Life" also appeared on the 5-track promo disc which she and her then-manager, Laurent Becenson, compiled in the summer of 2007 (around her Lollapalooza performance) in order to promote her music to other people in the music business. I really wonder why she decided to put this song on it. Perhaps to show versatility..
    The disc appeared on eBay and one copy was sold in December of 2009, leading to the song's leak.

    Here's a photo of the CD it appeared on:
    Except from "Wonderful", the remaining songs were officially released

    There are two versions of the song which are very similar, I think the mixing is a tiny bit different.
    The Uptempo Lowpitch version I've included is most likely fan-made, but I added it just to mix the things up a bit (and some of you preferred that version, so it's a success).

    This light, summery, feel good mid-tempo is pretty chilled-out, especially when compared to a lot of her songs at the time. The bubbly and clappy beat, mixed with a repetitive piano line and some here and there make up this laid back, almost Christmas-y, tune. I find it very cute, but quite unremarkable. The use of the sample makes sense, but is a bit odd to pair it with the chorus, as it already serves as some kind of hook. But the sample isn't the biggest issue for me - it's the fact that there's nothing exciting about this little ditty. It just plods along and doesn't have an interesting moment or something to make it pop. I mean, the chorus is sing-songy in a way and can ever grow into an earworm, but the production is very repetitive. The middle-8 is a non-event and it took me years to remember how the melody of it goes, too. I can compliment her vocals, which are subtle and sound like, you already know it, Gwen Stefani. Another thing I really like is how the lyrics have that typical 'fame' theme attached to them, but are written and delivered in a more sophisticated way. She does mention pants in it, too, but uses some more subdued insinuations. The line: "we got sour grapes to fry to limit this credit card life" is a WTF-Gagaism at its finest, while "I know our style might be rich / but we are no ones bitch" gives me 'Rihanna's effortlessly swearing in ballads' moment. A very cute oddity from that point of view. Even though the song doesn't appeal so much to me, I can understand why some of you really liked it - the song pretty much serves as a breather in its section, making it stand out for that reason.
    This cute little jam left at the right time, in my opinion.

    The commentary looks surprisingly polarizing, even though that isn't the case on the leaderboard.

    The sample presented an issue for some of you.
    @Untouchable Ace (4.6) makes it clear: "No to the sample." and @DominoDancing (6.5) will agree "The sample kinda ruins it. It clashes horribly with the chorus vocals and does nothing to elevate the track. Is there a version without it?" I'm afraid there isn't a version without the sample, unfortunately.
    On the other hand, @M24 (6.75) is here for the sample: "I like the "Lollipop" retro hook, but the rest of the song just doesn't live up to it." That makes sense, actually.
    @berserkboi (6.4) is back at mentioning the vocal affectations and goes for the lowpitch version of the song: "I enjoy the Lauryn Hill elements of the adlibs, but the rest (including vocal affectation prevent a much bigger inflation of the score!)" and @soratami (9) will agree with @berserkboi when it comes to the version choice, saying "Uptempo Lowpitch all the way"

    Unlucky @Laurence keeps losing 10's and only has praise: "Sweet song. I love this. So laid back, great stuff... Sample works really well. I like it! That bridge goes off too; imagine singing it to a lovely guy and get some great ... after" Getting freaky there! I mean, go on, live your Kandy life.

    We are definitely not used to @Music Is Life (5) being in this mood: "I was thoroughly bored listening to this but the production is nice" Not that I don't agree with him, but those are some harsh words. Luckily, he always has something positive to say along the way! However, @VitaminBee (8.75) has a different view: "A chill bop among a sea of so-so's and ok's." I will not tolerate this shade for the numerous gems from the Team Love Child era.
    @pop3blow2 (8.2) reasonably calls it "very Gwen." and @Pat (7.5) says: "The chorus is lush." Yeah, that's the word for this song - lush.

    @DinahLee (9) has an idea. An... interesting idea: "If Retro Physical was the lead for anything, I’d love to pick Kandy Life as a second single. I believe it’s one the songs that started to pick up the “The Fame” theme and probably part of the early incarnation of the record. It really is sweet." I love how you keep her second single curse alive even when it comes to the made-up single run from her unreleased songs. Jokes aside, I agree that the song is sweet and has that "The Fame" lyrical staple.
    I'll give the final word to @Seventeen Days (7.5), who makes some points: "Those handclaps, and the sample of the song “Lollipop” have the potential to make this one a total earworm." Yeah, there is potential, but is unfortunately wasted on the blandness.

    "We want that Kandy Life..."

    The iconic oldie that the song samples:

    Next up: We're back at culling the pop rock songs. Which one could it be?

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  10. The way my comentaries keep spoiling stuff about other songs and scores I did nn.

    Kandy Life is fantastic. I didn't know about the sample.
    It sounds like taking a nice Ice Cream, sat at the curb looking at the sunset in a very orange sky in a warm evening of autumn after Biking. I hate autumns but I guess they're more orange

    Nice to see it at the top35. Didn't expect it to go this far since it's kinda of a "floppy leak"
  11. Now that's a perfect description of "Kandy Life". It's so light and summery, but also has some elements that I randomly associate with Christmas.
    The color palette I envision while listening to the song is all kinds of pastels, especially pink, orange and green ones.

    There won't be an elimination tonight. Any guesses as to which song will leave next?
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  12. I gave Shake Your Kitty 7.4. It's a lot of fun but wish the production was a bit different. The reference to PETA in the thread title when it was eliminated made me giggle @Maki.

    I gave Kandy Life 6.2. The song is fine but the sample (which I did know about) really makes it. Without it I may have given it less (but not that much).
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  13. @Maki for your rate, by the stuff that's leaking, it seems like Posh Life is actually a Born This Way outtake, not ARTPOP (which makes a lot of sense)
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  14. Just posted about it in the thread, ha!
    Definitely makes sense she wrote it back in 2010, during The Monster Ball, but we don't know whether the particular version that surfaced was actually recorded in 2010 or later (because we know she re-recorded the song to make it sound more like TLC). I edited the elimination post now.

    Still, it was supposed to appear on a 2013 album by TLC, so it was slotted as the "ARTPOP" era (even though it wouldn't sonically fit on either of those albums).

    I think "Nothing On (But the Radio)" can be put among "Born This Way" and "ARTPOP" outtakes, too.
  15. Well, I was merely suggesting it as an ode to RuPaul's quote: Since Shake Your Kitty doesn't make sense to me. And also, baby shaking means something completely different in criminal cases.

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  16. Not Shake Ur Kitty leaving right before Kandy Life...Kandy Life is boring as HELL, and I really think Shake your kitty fits well on The Fame
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  17. Sorry for the delay, but the last few days were pretty hectic, since I had to catch up with the song contests and rates (notably Kylie's), making it impossible to kick a song out. The eliminations should continue to occur regularly since tomorrow.​

    Oh, I had no idea about that.
    By the way, please don't take any of my reactions to your commentary too seriously. They're just for fun.

    Well, if you had voted, things would've be different, hehe..
  18. Oh, don't worry. It's an obscure reference to a spin-off from Drag Race, when Ru grew a moustache, and the only way I found out about it, as someone who wasn't a fan of Drag Race until 2014, was featured as part of a 'GAY SHOWS' segment on The Soup. Fair to say, I remember Ru's quote more than whatever jokes Joel McHale came up with.
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  19. Finally, let's get back to business.

    This one is from a different section than what we had since top 40.

    Deep in the mirror I am scared...

    ...don't know who the hell is there...




    Average score: 6.728

    Highest scores:
    10 x 1 (@Petit nain des Îles), 9 x 1 (@yeRleDanaL)
    Lowest scores: 1 x 1 (@Markus1981), 5 x 6 (@Sprockrooster, @sesita, @VitaminBee, @elektroxx, @spaceship, @abael)
    My score: 7

    High peak: #28 (13-14 voters, 20-21 voters)
    Low peak: #45 (5 voters)

    And we reveal the third and final section which is not safe until the top 30. As you can see, apart from that low score of 1, it was very evenly scored and received six 5's, meaning that no one but @Markus1981 hated it. That's quite impressive.
    Also, the exit of "Hollywood" means that the winner of the 'Early years' section is "Captivated". Now, for how long will that song remain intact? Will it be able to even reach the top 30? We'll find that out #soon...

    The song was written by Lady Gaga and produced by Joe Vulpis in late 2005. It was recorded by Stefani Germanotta Band and was supposed to appear on their EP, but remained an outtake.
    Joe Vulpis described the writing process of the song: "The 'Hollywood' creative process was pretty amazing cause I think she wrote the song relatively quick. I mean we just came in literally at like midnight after flying in from Utah. I still had my ski jacket on, my skis on my shoulders. 'All right, let's go to work!' And I think we went to work for about fourteen hours straight and we tracked the band until just about everybody passed out. And the creative process was great, we just blasted it down live take-live take-live take until we hit the magic wand. It was a lot of fun, and I don't think we ever lost, you know, we never realized what time it was. We went effortlessly, timelessly-it was a fun process, that track."

    Now, there are some misconceptions regarding the story that Joe got a phone call from Gaga telling him that she had just landed her first big record appointment with Island Def Jam, while he was in Utah. That doesn't make any sense, since she wrote this song in 2005, but signed to Island Def Jam in the latter half of 2006, after she met Rob Fusari and while the SGBand had already been disbanded.

    Famously, "Hollywood" is the song that actually made Stefani introduced to Rob Fusari. The performance took place on March 23rd, 2006 at the Cutting Room, where she also performed "Master Heartbreaker", which left the rate way back at #58. Wendy Starland, who was asked by Rob to find a female singer for his band, is the girl who was impressed by her performance of the song and originally discovered Stefani/Gaga, inviting her to that game-changing meeting with Rob.

    It was performed live on three occasions: at The Lion's Den on December 17th, 2005, at The Bitter End on January 20, 2006 and the aforementioned Cutting Room performance (the latter two have video footage and are linked below). For a long time, only these live were know to exist, while it was known that the song was recorded in a studio. Finally, in 2018, the studio version surfaced in full HQ glory and I assume a lot of fans were very happy with that. It differs a bit compared to the live versions, but nothing drastic.

    I like "Hollywood" in all of its typical pop rock vibe and think it goes really nicely with the other songs from the "Red and Blue" EP. It could've been released and put instead of "Words", I think. The passionate, often intentionally screechy and quirky vocal delivery lifts this basic pop rock song a bit, too. A lot of you touched upon that "Hollywoo-hood!" hook, which is quite addictive and makes the song stand out. The lyrical contest is really interesting, especially the point of view she was writing from. Singing about fame while still being in your AC singer-songwriter phase is definitely not usual for her. I love how mature the lyrics are, too. I mean, this verse is one of the few moments from this song that highlights her lyrical maturity during the early years:

    It's the thing, it's our new religion
    Each model and celebrity
    Changes how I look at me
    Oh, don't tell me, don't tell me
    I'll never be...

    The "I know I can can be a superstar" narrative is very clever and showcases her ambitious and rebellious nature, which eventually propelled her to the fame.
    Still, the production, while being very crisp, is too polished and lacks some of the edge, making is sound too... sterile? And the melody is really nice, but could've been stronger, so my score for the song couldn't be higher than a 7. Not a loss at this point.

    The commentary is mainly positive.

    Hitting the nail on its head, @M24 (7.75) gets why the song is notable: "This song shows just how ambitious she was! Glad she lived her dream in the end. It's probably the best in this batch." The results show it's almost the best from the batch.

    @pop3blow2 (8.8) says: "Getting Miley-vibes on this one. This is pretty good." I don't hear it as much, though. Anyways, while we're talking about Miley, @Music Is Life (8.5) thinks it's: "A bop. The mid-00s pop-rock vibe is always one I enjoy." No surprises here, and I think he will agree with @pop3blow2 comparison.
    @Seventeen Days (8) mentions another pop rock songstress from the 00's: "Why am I getting Ashlee Simpson vibes from her vocals here? This is going right in my library, I like it." and the highest scorer, @Petit nain des Îles (10), hears other similarities: "This gives me Regina Spektor / Sara Bareilles vibes and of course I love it! In an alternate timeline, it’s fun to imagine her known as a quirky jazz pop girl." Looking at it now, I can't even imagine her as a jazz singer, but based on a few performances from her early years, it actually makes a lot of sense. Crazy to think what could've been.

    Someone who should be grateful not not losing any 10's in a row is @Laurence (7.5), who positively reacts and says: "I like this song, too. It's great. Moody, swingy, but it does the job. It's all so fun rating these tracks knowing what happened the past 15 years. The Holly-woohood hook is pretty awesome. I love it." and @Pat (7.5) is with them "The chorus is fun; “Holly-woo-hood”. I’m bopping."
    @DominoDancing (8) is also hoo-ooked on that chorus: "Love the glam-y chorus hook. Score could be rounded up with a less run-of-the-mill production." I agree about the produciton. Perhaps one of the live versions will appeal to you more.
    Surprisingly, @berserkboi (7.9) is here for some pop rock Gaga this time: "Cool song with early 00s vibes I really enjoy! No higher score due to some annoying vocal affectations!" Again, I'm shook that you scored this higher than me. And of course you mentioned the vocal affectations lol

    Among the underwhelmed/whelmed voters, we have @spaceship (5), who calls it "A bit messy" and continues to say: "but it's still kinda enjoyable" However, @elektroxx (5) makes a comparison: "This feels reminiscent of the sound that she'd eventually perfect with "Speechless." " I actually never thought about that directly, but it does makes sense.

    Ending it with a throwback, @DinahLee (7) is here to say: "The greatest thing about this song? The shook when it leaked after 13 years. I'd say it's one of the strongest songs from the Stefani Band."
    Well, looks the voters agree with the last sentence.

    Studio version:

    The Bitter End performance:

    Cutting Room performance:

    Next up: One of my almost-10's takes a hit and someone loses an actual 10. I am not happy.

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  20. having absolutely overplayed the live version before i was so happy when the studio version finally leaked last year (this year? 2018?) ah being a little monster is sometimes fun.
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