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Lady Gaga: Unreleased, demos and rarities rate (Finished)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Maki, Feb 16, 2020.


Which section had the most discoveries/is your favourite?

Poll closed Oct 8, 2020.
  1. 2005/2006 - Early years

    0 vote(s)
  2. Red and Blue EP

    1 vote(s)
  3. 2006/2007 - Pre-Fame sessions (Team Love Child)

    7 vote(s)
  4. 2007/2008 - The Fame sessions

    10 vote(s)
  5. 2008/2009 - The Fame Monster sessions

    18 vote(s)
  6. 2010/2011 - Born This Way sessions

    4 vote(s)
  7. 2012/2013 - ARTPOP sessions

    5 vote(s)
  1. I was wondering why there wasn't any activity in this thread, and then realized that I fell asleep before posting here. Mess.

    Anyways, let's continue.

    Are you going to be let love down by this cut?

    Let's see...










    Glitter and Grease

    Average score: 7.762

    Highest scores:
    10 x 4 (@m_dimitrov, @AshtrayHeart, @Markus1981, @Seventeen Days)
    Lowest score: 4 x 1 (@SyPOPhantic)
    My score: 9

    High peak: #16 (34 voters)
    Low peak: #20 (8 voters, 12 voters)

    And just like that, the most populated Pre-Fame section is down to only five songs. "Glitter and Grease" has been one of the most stable songs when it comes to leaderboard performance. Constantly being in the top 20, it even managed to reach its high peak with the final voter. A pretty good showing, after all.

    "Glitter and Grease" (alternate title "Glitter & Grease") is yet another Gaga-Fusari product, being written in the first half of 2007 at 150 Studios (Rob Fusari's home studio in Parsippany, New Jersey), presumably for her debut album. A 5 second snippet of the song first appeared online on January 12th, 2010, along with four other snippets of unreleased songs ("Sexy Ugly", "Take You Out", "Animal" and "Out of Control").
    She referenced the song one month later, in this Twitter post:

    Eventually, the full studio version of the song leaked on June 23rd, 2012.

    The lyrics depict Gaga being fed up with her boyfriend overly spending time with his car. Yes, it is another song dedicated to her then-boyfriend Lüc Carl and his obsession with cars - just like "Your Freakin' Car", which unfairly left the rate way back at #54 (and I gave the same score to it and "Glitter and Grease", funnily enough). Luc had a green Chevrolet El Camino (hence the lyric "painted green watermelon" in the song) and he named it Nadine.

    It's important to note that the song was performed on The Monster Ball Tour dates in 2010, meaning that it is among her most well-known unreleased songs (and there's what it has in common with "Fooled Me Again" - live performances!) And it doesn't end there; during the live performances of a shortened version of "Glitter and Grease" on tour, there is a rusted green Rolls-Royce used on stage, which Gaga named... Nadine.

    January 28th, 2010 - Gaga and Nadine (the car) live at Montreal

    Fun fact: Nadine was originally intended to be in the music video for "Telephone", but was replaced with the Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill. A stage prop that could.

    Okay, enough about cars and relationships.
    I love "Glitter and Grease". It's such a damn earworm. That chorus/hook is incredibly infectious and I literally can't get it out of my head (Kylie shoutout!). It stands out among the other unreleased songs from this era, for having a fuller and more refined sound, as well having a lot of quirks in the production. The constant beat flickering and effects added really make it pop off. Even the verses excel in having that overly eccentric edge that she portrays in much of the songs. But really, the chorus is what it's all about for me. When those harmonies come in during the repetition of each chorus... pop goodness. I mean, Gaga wouldn't be Gaga if it wasn't for memorable hooks and silly lyrics, and this is just one example of that. Even when you compare it to the previously eliminated "Fooled Me Again", which was written around the same time, it just shows her versatility in such a great way.
    Even though most of the song is excellent, the only part I'm not keen on is the "start it, pump it, wash it, bump it..." post-chorus, which can get a bit annoying, despite being delivered in a signature goofy way she used to do at the time. And the live performance offers a more explosive version of the song, which some voters prefer to the studio one.
    All in all, I'm fine with it missing out on the top 10, but there are certainly some songs weaker than it which are still in (like the next elimination, for example).

    Oh, and I forgot about the rumor that when you say: "Rub that glitter and grease" quickly, it becomes something more, um, suggestive and can have a double meaning.

    Anyways... were the voters hooked upon that hook?
    @berserkboi (8.8) is a prime example of the effective catchiness on display: "I can take or leave this subject matter (especially the fake poor English portion) but boy does this get stuck in my head! I almost started my commentary by mistakenly typing Rub That Glitter And Grease Around instead of all above! Ddddd" The spell worked on you, haha!

    @pop3blow2 (8) has a point: "Starting sound a bit more like the ‘Gaga’ we know here. This song is a bit monotonous though." What you call monotonous is what some call addictive and catchy as hell. Unfortunately, @Untouchable Ace (6.4) isn't feeling it "The title hook is quite stagnant." and @DominoDancing (7) is somewhere in between: "Also cute and slightly bopping, but really basic." Perhaps the song will grow on you.

    Losing their first perfect score in this rate, @Seventeen Days (10) is in full stan mode: "I was SO excited when the studio version of this finally dropped. I remember jamming out to this in early 2010, and I practically yelled when she started singing it at the Monster Ball. Easily one of the best songs she never officially released." @TéléDex (8) also mentions The Montser Ball and says: "Works better as a live track with all of those extra Monster Ball harmonies." I do agree that the harmonies on the tour lift it up, but it remains a bop.
    In a similar manner, @AshtrayHeart (10) echoes the live performance(s), too: "This will always remind me The Monster Ball." I just got to know who Lady Gaga is at the time, so you're lucky!

    Dr. @DinahLee (7) will be deliberating on different diagnosis: "Before demoitis, we could have Liveitis and I think this is a great case. I still skip the second verse nn. The song felt very bare-bones comparing to the live performance I guess." Secondverseskippitis is another diagnosis to add.
    Unsurprisingly, @Laurence (9) is rubbing the glitter and grease around: "Very The Fame of course, also we saw it on the Monster Ball. Loves it! Nice song. I think I have a different mix so another case of demoitis. It's good. Better mix is definitely a 10." Another case of demoitis. Feel free to share the version you have - I couldn't find any other (apart from audio of the live performances).

    After the write up depicting the song's background, I hope @M24 (8.5) managed to find out the meaning: "Weird lyrics but at least the chorus is kinda catchy." Kinda catchy? That hook is catchiness embodied. @Pat (9.5) is here for the earworm: "Another solidified bop. Not sure why they never released this, sounds pretty finished too." I wonder that, too, as @spaceship (8) sums it up in one word: "Bop."
    Yep, that's what it is.

    Live performance at The Monster Ball Tour:

    Next up: We say goodbye to the final song with less than three 10's/11's.

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  2. TOP 15:

    Dirty Ice Cream

    Let Love Down


    Nothing On (But the Radio)
    Out of Control
    Second Time Around
    No Way

    Brooklyn Nights
    Stache (with Zedd)

    Before the top 10, two sections will lose at least one song, while the other two are safe. Also, another song with multiple 11's will fall until then.
  3. Probably an unpopular opinion but No Way is outstaying its welcome at this point.
  4. I have to agree that Glitter and Grease becomes too repetitive and stagnant for my taste, but it does pop off when performed live.

    I'm actually very happy with that Top 15! Rockshow to go next, please.
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  5. Despite my reservations for this one, it is one of the songs I remember the most from working on my scores - so job well done in that regard!
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  6. I 100% agree with this. "Your Freakin' Car" and "Oh Baby" also deserved much more.

    I was also quite surprised it got only one 10, that I had to double check and see if there's a mistake on the spreadsheet.
    Though it did get quite an amount of 9+ scores which certainly helped.

    Also, @BreatheBox kindly sent his scores the other day, and they will be used as a 'what could've been' section after the winner is revealed.
  7. I need these gone before the Top 10:
    I've always found "Glitter & Grease" annoyingly repetitive, but I've never heard it in a live setting.
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  8. Help the good non-anglophone sis here because I keep repeating it out loud trying to figure it out but it's not working.

    The fact my first thought when I saw this elimination was "It really sounded better on Monster Ball didn't it?" and seeing my commentary was just the same dd.

    Stache and Brooklyn Nights are... not good. But I'm just sure Brooklyn Nights will manage to hit like top5. Well... Let's see.

    Actually thinking of possible TOP3, is it possible that it WON'T be Nothing On, Out Of Control and like... No Way or Reloaded or Second Time Around... not in this order at all but yeah.

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  9. My remaining average for the rate is a solid 9.87 so I guess I'm happy with anything winning (but Let Love Down is my back-up 11 for sure)
    ursula lipstick.gif
  10. I genuinely thought that that I was the only fan who wasn't into "Brooklyn Nights." I remember all the hype surrounding it and the praise that it received when it leaked, but when I heard it, my only reaction was "That was it?!" It's cute, but vastly overhyped.
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  11. This and also the fact I was perched for the leak. The original snippet with the song all cut was interesting. When I listened to the whole thing it felt so... empty. For sure, the lyrics are really pretty, but I wouldn't trade anything on ARTPOP for it. Worst, no way I'd give Mary Jane Holland away for that dd.
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  12. It's meant to sound like rub that clitoris, queen of self-love.
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  13. @sesita already mentioned it.

    Well, you giving out the most 10's in this rate certainly helped that. But when will your average be down to perfect 10? Or will it be down to that average score at all?

    Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the write up for today's cut, so I'll try to get two songs out tomorrow.

    And here's a very obscure hint for the next elimination:

    C'mon, little detectives, I believe in you!
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  14. Less obscure hint for the next elimination:

    I'll post the explanation for the previous hint in about half an hour (possibly along with the elimination).
  15. I'm happy this one made it so far, all things considered.

    It could have been love, it could have been anybody...




    Average score: 7.794

    Highest score:
    10 x 2 (@Phonetics Boy, @yeRleDanaL)
    Lowest score: 5 x 2 (@sesita, @SyPOPhantic)
    My score: 9.75

    High peak: #12 (5 voters)
    Low peak: #18 (12 voters)

    And our next elimination is another Pre-Fame sessions track - "Rockshow" did consistently well on the leaderboard and having only two sub-6 scores made it steadily remain in the top 20 for the entire voting period. As I've mentioned before, it is also the last track with less than three 10's and/or 11's (meaning that a lot of high scores will start to fall with each song eliminated from now on).
    It goes without saying that I would prefer if "Rockshow" had reached the top 10, since it definitely belongs there, but this is a great placement for it, taking into consideration that some voters weren't a fan of this sound.

    To no one's surprise, "Rockshow" was written by Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari in 2006, but recorded in 2006 and 2007 (for having multiple versions, which I'll get to later).
    The song was made available for streaming on Lady Gaga's MySpace and PureVolume in 2006, which is why it's name has been familiar with the fans since the very beginning. Some sources say that the song was included on a cassette Gaga sent to a radio station in 2007, but it's not confirmed. Also, the song title was used on a T-shirt during Gaga's clothes merchandise in 2009:

    @Phonetics Boy and @yeRleDanaL found ordering the shirt.

    As I've mentioned, the song has multiple versions - four of them, to be precise (Mix 2, Mix 6, Re-remix and 80s version), which means they spent quite some time with this song. I'm not 100% sure, but it appears that the re-remix and Mix 6 versions (which both sound exactly the same, meaning that I made a mistake and just put the same version twice in the playlist) were recorded in 2006, while Mix 2 and 80s mix were produced in 2007, which doesn't really make sense (since Mix 2 logically should precede Mix 6), but that's the info I found online. It could've easily been the case that Mix 6 and Mix 2 are swapped in that timeline, though you get the point.

    Anyways, I love all versions/mixes of the song. It just is a masterful creation. It's one of the rare songs by Gaga that threads a thin line between the pop rock she used to do with her band and the synth pop she was leaning towards with Rob at this point (but also some tracks from "The Fame Monster"), yet has kind of an angsty edge to it, which makes it stand out. Sonically speaking, I can easily match it to "Love Sick Girl" / "Yay Ha", which is another one of my absolute favourite unreleased tracks. Actually, it can represent the other side of the same coin. The dark and moody vibe full of suspense is carried and executed more than successfully. This really rings a bell when I compare it to some of the dark cuts from "The Fame Monster". Heck, there are so many (amazing) production details scattered across all three versions, such as the breathing, guitar flicks, drama-inducing fake string(?) instruments and synth appearances... I could just name them for hours, so I'll just try (emphasis on "try") to concisely describe each of the versions and reasons why I love them. Basically, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

    Mix 2 is a bit more bare-bones compared to the other two versions, with acoustic-y guitar being more prominent and the middle-8 being more stripped down. A bit of an rawness is more noticeable here, too.
    Re-remix/Mix 6 is my favourite version of the song, just because it captures the overall feel and lyrics in the best possible way. The piano, the guitar and synths are all amazingly put together and produced. That chorus is a classic, but the verses preceding it aren't weaker at all, as they create the perfect build-up for it to explode. Oh, and the moment that does it for me is that sad little angelic "ooh-ooh-ooh" she releases in the middle-8, just after singing "please undress her slowly, uh-oh", which doesn't appear on other versions. It's a stunning detail for me and I usually find myself replaying it whenever listening to the song. The middle-8 in general is a highlight for me. The piano flickers, the melody, those gorgeous vocals (and backing vocals!), the fabricated and cool sound effect... just brilliant.
    The 80s version, apart from the additional sparkly synths, has some typical drums of that era incorporated, too. No wonder Gaga later perfected and embodied that era of music on "Born This Way" - the 80s pop sound has always had an effect on her music, even before the debut album. It kind of sweetens up the dark edge of it and makes it more suitable for her debut album, despite still being seemingly out of place compared to most of the songs on it. Also, there is some kind of echo effect on her voice that appears during the middle-8, which is really cool. Also, this version has a different and slightly extended outro, with a fade-out.
    Our versatile synth-pop chanteuse shows her many different sides, once again.

    I must point out that the lyrics are very Gaga-ish in a way, but they are also quite mysterious in their surrealistic glory. A twist on a sad love story (at least that's what I assume it is), it almost evokes a feeling of some type of horror movie. I could just copy-past the all the lyrics here, since there's a lot to pay attention to, so I suggest to play the song again for that purpose.
    Oh, and shout-out to "Freakshow", which she mentions in this song! Queen of recycling lyrics in her early days.

    Funny thing is that I can't remember hearing it for the first time, especially since one version has been around for almost a decade. Such a missed opportunity for an official release, even if it is an outlier in many ways. I truly wish she made more songs in this vein, since all both of them are excellent. Maybe she has - we just can't hear them yet. Let's hope that's the case.

    This was just a few listens away from a 10 for me, so I kind of regret not giving it earlier. But those who gave it a 10, are loving it. For example, @Phonetics Boy (10), who is swept: "A retro moment, wheww!", and expanding on that is @yeRleDanaL (10): "The way that chorus hits... WHEW. I also like how it tells a story, for some reason it gives me a like Lana-ish vibe? Idk why, probably the way that it tells a story because the sound is NOTHING like Lana. I also just think that it is an all around solid Gaga track, and one that is tragic to have never been released." I don't get Lana vibes from this, but I agree it is absolutely unfair that it remained officially unreleased.

    That 80's fans loved that version, I just knew it would be a treat for some.
    @AshtrayHeart (9): "I love the 80s version."
    @pop3blow2 (8.4): "The 80s version is the one here, for me."
    @DinahLee (9): "Both versions of the song are a delight. The 80s mix was a total surprise, still unsure if official but honestly who cares? Issa bop." I'm pretty sure it is official, since they played around with the songs in the studio quite a lot.
    And, on a less positive note, @Seventeen Days (6.25): "Definitely sounds like it had potential. I especially enjoy the “80s Mix”."

    However, @M24 (8.75) prefers another version: "I prefer the re-remix of this. It's pretty good, the chorus pops off." The chorus is amazing in any version, but so are the verses and middle-8, too. Speaking of all those versions, @Laurence (9) says: "This is good. So many versions though. It just sounds nice." I love it in every incarnation, as it has been said.

    I think that @Untouchable Ace (8.4) will have to explain what they mean by this sentence: "Less rock and more spaced out in style.", while @spaceship (8) just goes straight to the point: "I love this. There is a real edge to it" I agree. @Pat (7.5) is loving the relentless drama: "I kinda like how this builds up.", but @DominoDancing (6.5) ruins the mood here: "There are some interesting ideas scattered among all those different versions, but the chorus remains uninspired and boring in all of them." Yeah... no, I'll just move along without saying anything else regarding this.

    It's very hard to please @berserkboi (6.6) with something that has a rock edge to it. He rated the Re-remix version and says: "Alright! Feels like it needs proper finishing though… " Demos usually need finishing, that's why they are called demos.

    I do advise you to re-listen to this song, it's really so damn good.

    "She waited for love / But there wasn't anybody..."

    (couldn't find links for the other two versions)

    Next up: From the final song with less than five 10's/11's, we go to the first song with more than five 10's.
    Pray for your faves.

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  16. And to explain the connection of "Rockshow" with "Paparazzi":
    "Paparazzi" contains the song title of "We Are Plastic" within its lyrics (in the middle-8), which in return the uses the title of "Rockshow" (hence the second hint I posted).

  17. crying this is one of my favorite gaga tracks of all time.
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  18. Mix 6 of course...the OG and the best version but I like the vocal take she used on the other two version more...still TOP TEN WORTHY CMON YALL..
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  20. I think because it has "Rock" in the title you'd assume it's genre was rock.

    By "style" I meant genre.
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